Hey, readers,

my word of the week is:

because it is now officially summer and boy does the weather let us know. This weekend has been busy with clubs and kids parties, my eldest has been super exhausted during the week due to hectic weekend shenanigans.

DS1 also got to see his school artwork on display in a local public venue last night and he was super chuffed that he got his work chosen for it. Not just that but this week at beavers he got his gardening badge, which he loves because the design on it involves a watering can.

DS2 has been enjoying nursery with seeing the dentist giving our information and an exciting visit from the fire engine. He has been so chatty now to everyone so it is lovely to see his confidence grow. He will soon be leaving nursery next month and start school in September with his brother.

Cheers for reading X

4 ways a lawyer can help you with human resources related matters.

With the rigorous training and strict regulatory standards, lawyers have fully developed their abilities to read, understand and interpret laws with accuracy. Even if it is outside their field of expertise, they are still capable of handling legal interpretation and counseling effectively. One of the less complicated yet productive fields that lawyers specialize in is employment laws and human resources. Aside from being knowledgeable about the rights of both the parties of an employer and an employee, lawyers are also trained to handle different matters related to the human resources field. Learn more about the 4 ways a lawyer can help you with human resources related matters whether you are an employee or an employer. Visit to find out more about the best human resource lawyers in the United Kingdom.

1. Human resource lawyers can help you review employment contracts.

Many employers tend to overlook the importance of employment contracts during the hiring process. Some of those contracts may already have existing loop-holes while others may have already been outdated with respect to the current legal terms. It is therefore important for companies to have their employment contracts reviewed by a lawyer at least every year to avoid future complications.

On the side of the workers, employment contracts can also serve as their references of their rights while working in the company and of their entitlements in case the contract has been terminated in the future. Lawyers can help applicants review job offers, getting them into secure positions while working.

2. Lawyers can provide viable options to settle work disputes.

While there are existing laws that are enforced to avoid different work issues from happening, instances such as abuse and discrimination on the part of the employers and underperformance on the part of the workers are just unavoidable. Things just like these happen in reality and getting a human resource lawyer can provide you with the possible options to the benefit of the two parties. Employment lawyers can also help employers to use strategies in conducting disciplinary actions to employees and in improving the overall performance of the team as well.

3. Human resource lawyers can help in business remodeling and employee exits.

Businesses continue to evolve in order to adapt and compete better in the market. Most of the time, abrupt changes can negatively affect a number of their employees. At times, employees also want to develop their careers, exploring new opportunities in other fields. Whether you are an employer planning to make major changes in your business or an employee who wants to seek a new role in another company, human resource lawyers can provide strategies that will make these transitions gradual and favorable to both parties.

4. Employment lawyers can provide help during termination of employees.

Losing a job is definitely one serious issue that can make an employee go sleepless for days, weeks, or months. Termination, when done improperly, can also be a big problem for an employer. To make sure that the employment contract is properly honored and the employees are provided with all of his or her legal entitlements, always seek the help of an employment lawyer.

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