Why I like Twitter

Hey readers,

If you haven’t heard of the social media platform Twitter then where have you been?

Twitter has got a lot of bad press recently what with the likes of Trump using it as a medium to communicate to everyone. Of course we can not dismiss t trolls but let’s face it there is bad in everything. So, lets have a look at some positives about the popular social media site.


1) It is a great way to connect with like minded people.

2) I love it when you are watching live programme (I know right shocking in this day and age) and jump on twitter and there is that community of other people watching the same programme, it is great way to watch something and discuss the programme with others.

3) Hash tags are great tool to grow your audience, get more people to notice your tweets.

4) You can find out information via news reports or blog posts.

5) It is a great way to get your frustrations out.

6) You can do all sorts of forms of communication, whether that be a tweet, gif, poll, video.

7) You can find some cracking memes and a good way to kill some time.

8) You can find up to date news coverage.

9) you can follow famous people that you enjoy reading about their thoughts. Let’s face people are on twitter nowadays.

10) It can be fun with hashtag games and play on words.

11) You don’t have to be serious and can just write random tweets if you so wish to.

So let’s all praise twitter and get on tweeting.

Cheers for reading X

10 reasons why Facebook sucks 

Hey readers,

I hate Facebook, don’t get me wrong Facebook has a place for instance, I like the selling pages and promoting my blog. However, there are some things on Facebook that really gets on my goat, so let me share them with.

1) the first one involves the selling pages, when you’re scrolling through what people are selling and the price is free and then you go into the description of the item and it says make an offer. To me this is misleading as you think it is one thing and it turns out it is something completely different. I would much prefer it to be free or have a price tag, know where you stand.

 frustrated fuck my life head desk bang head GIF

2) Facebook friends that promote pyramid schemes such as Younique beauty products. I don’t want you spam on my timeline with advertisement for this scheme nor do I want your request to buy a £23 mascara, enough said.

3) The need to portray a false perception of life where everything is Rose-tinted and perfect. This can make you feel crap when you’re at home and your life is nowhere near as beautiful as their false perception. I believe that this is not healthy just to constantly see the positive, you got to have the ying with the yang.

Cheezburger facebook memes social media sad but true GIF

4) When people statues are cryptic with messages about having enough or can’t coping anymore and then when someone asks why they say oh it’s nothing don’t worry about it. reeks of attention seeking behaviour so don’t bother or if you want to talk to someone in private then direct message them.

5) The constant gamers requests, I do not want to help you harvest your field in FarmVille. I will not change my mind even on the 5000th time.

weinventyou animation facebook animated gif social media GIF

6) When you get friends request from Rita, Sue and Bob who you haven’t heard from for 20 years, suddenly decide to want to be your friends on Facebook, thank you but no keep your sticky beak out of it.

7) Over the years Facebook has changed. Facebook now appears to focus on commercial ads or sponsored content and it’s just something that’s not appealing to me. If I wanted to shop I would go and hunt for something, I don’t need any recommendations.

 facebook crying cry thailand annoying GIF

8) Now I know there is Pinterest which is the modern time waster but Facebook still has a place in this role. You can lose valuable time getting lost in random stuff.

9) The fact that Facebook app uses so much RAM and kills your battery and you need another app for Faccebook Messenger.

10) I have questions around how much power Facebook has over data and how they store in that information.

Cheers for reading X

Why social Media is good

Hey readers,

We all get bogged down in the negative side of social media, so let’s for today celebrate all the good aspects of social media.


The internet is a good way to express yourself. I know for me I find verbal communication really, really difficult due to being autistic. Therefore, writing things down on my blog has really helped. There is also a great autistic community on twitter for example where you can openly discuss topics, it is great to get responses back. It can help other people understand you and help get more personal awareness out on specific topics.

As a parent and someone who struggles with mental health, loneliness is a feeling that has occurred over the years. I find the internet fantastic to connect with other similar people, whether it be through blogging, reading other people’s experience, tweeting or even discussing worries/feelings in forums. Also,the internet can be a useful way to distraction yourself from focusing on negativity. It really has helped me get out of that funk.


The internet is a splendid place if you want to get lost. With so much information out there, it is great to enhance your learning. You can even find scholarly type materials on google or good old YouTube.

The internet is definitely one way to get free entertainment and to do stuff without breaking the bank balance.  There is so many options, some examples are; watching YouTube videos, listening to radio, using social media and evening writing blogs 😉

interent 1

If we look at recent events from this year especially in politics it demonstrates that the internet has a powerful voice. The cyber world can influence for the good and make positive changes. A example of this would be with the way the internet has evolved politics with such matters of politicians being more transparency, though it is a slow process, it is something that is being taken seriously, especially with the way that majority of people get their information from the internet. Gone were the days when it was a two leadership battle, with having the internet it opens doors for more choice. Therefore, politicians have to work harder to get them likes and ultimately the power to change the lives of the ordinary public.

What positives do you find in social media?

Cheers for reading X

how to improve your mobile battery


Hey readers,

Do you suck the energy dry form your phone. Let me give you some tips to help extend the amount of battery phone.

mobile 2

Firstly, turning down the brightness can help reduce the amount of battery.

When using wallpaper as background for you mobile chose a darker themes as less light is used and can help reduce your battery usage.

Turning off vibrate can increase talk time for an extra 10 minutes, If you go into your settings of your phone it is very simple to switch over.

Turn off additional settings such a GPS, location and anything else that might not be used.

One of the easiest ways to help reduce battery time is to turn down the brightness as this contribute to your battery life. This is one of the most popular and effective ways used by people.

Looking through the apps on your phone and work out which ones are using up more battery then others, then turn off the irrelevant ones.


Now again go through a clear out of apps on your phone that you do not use anymore, this will help with reducing battery.

If you are not worried about constantly getting notifications with emails and any other notification form apps. Then my suggestion is to turn off them notifications will be a big help in increasing your battery life.

I have found that being on Android that using apps constantly comes with updates that never seem to stop. Well a way to deal with this is turn of your notifications. Therefore saves a lot of battery and if you need to update an app it is easy to do manual through the app store.


All this tips may seem little improvements but when achieving all these actions then they soon add up to longer battery life, making you get more out of your mobile during the day.

Cheers for reading X

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No selfie day

Today is no selfie day, would you believe it. I think it is good to do something that quite often we all do regular because of the influence of social media. I think it is good to stop now and again from following the desires of our self-indulgent narcissistic ways and just not do something.

selfie 2

So, therefore today in celebration of no selfie day I am going to go all day without taking any selfies of my gorgeous face, haha. As I cannot take a selfie, therefore I cannot post one in this post I am going to argue why it is good to not take a selfie all the time. As we all know everything should be treated in moderation as ultimately is the key to getting that balance of equilibrium in our lives which makes us the most happiest.

It is lovely not to think about all our imperfections and trying to be this unrealistic desire of perfect. I for one am guilty of trying to get that right angle post so I don’t look so fat. It is a breath of fresh air to not have to worry about how I appear in a photo. All I have to do for the day is just slop about for the day with no thoughts or worries about how I turn out in a photo 😉

selfie 1

It is not always fun trying to get a selfie, as you’re not in the moment because your constantly worries about what you look like. As I am a bit of a lover for mindfulness it is a great opportunity to embrace being in the moment and not worry about a sodding photo but just what other things are happening around you instead.

selfie 3

The main advantage of not taking a selfie all day is not worrying about other people’s reaction and on a superficial level how many likes you get from complete and utter strangers who know nothing about you in real life.


Cheers for reading X