How to cope with sleep deprivation

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When I was pregnant with my first child I was often told about the struggle I will face of lack of sleep when you become a parent. But boy they weren’t sh*tting me, I didn’t take any notice at the time because I was more bothered about finding a place to puke. The first couple of months is a killer but you can get through it as so many parents have before. Below I share with some of the things that have helped me when I have experienced sleep deprivation.

It is ok to ask for help, let your partner take care of some duties well you have a rest.

Sleep when the baby sleeps, everything else can wait and get sorted out at a later stage.

Make sure that you are eating correctly as food provides energy that you so desperately will need.

Be aware that your environment has changed, you can’t do everything and you need to be kind to yourself.

Learn the art of delegation – priorities that are important and need to be done urgently and learn to burn things off. At the end of the day, you can always come back to them at the end of the day.

Sometimes a walk outside can do wonders with getting some fresh air. It is amazing how just a walk around the block can be really beneficial. It helped me a lot in the early days when I felt like I was going insane looking at the four walls.

I know it is hard to believe but remember there is light at the end of the tunnel and it does get better. Soon, the baby will grow in the amount of time it sleeps through and before you know it you will experience a night where they sleep a solid seven hours straight and it is bloody amazing. I still remember that first time.

Is there anything that has helped you with sleep deprivation? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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The power of sleep

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I love to sleep and I can not lie. I think sometimes especially as parents sleep can go on the back burner or not taken seriously. As a person who suffers from mental health problems I fully am aware of the importance of sleep. There are so many good reasons why getting forty winks is really important and can have an impact mentally and physically for your wellbeing.

sleep reduces stress, it allows you to have a break, a rest and time for your body to naturally heal after a long day.

When sleeping the immune system is activated and helps to give the body the healing process, that is why it is so beneficial to sleep when you a cold or flu.

Sleep is the best meditation ~ Dalai Lama

Sleep can help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated allowing you to feel creative and the energy to face the day ahead.

Sleep helps us feel better and less irritable. We are more patient and less likely to ‘loss it’ because we have more energy to think things through. We are much calmer because we have more free space to think as we have the energy to do so, making us more patient and allowing to take time to think logically.

Sleep helps us regulate positive and negative emotions and sleep helps us less likely to respond to emotional stimuli giving us time to enjoy the day.

Having a good night sleep improves memory and performance which ultimately gives us more free time if we do things quicker. Therefore getting more out of the day.

Sleep has many benefits to your physical help with reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, your immune system function and helping keep your heart healthy because it gives the body time to process correctly.

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Sleep is for winners

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As parents life can be challenging and emotional at the best of times. Sometimes, you feel like you have the whole world on your shoulders. One way especially in the earlier days as a parent for me to manage as a parent was making sure that I got a good nights sleep.

Firstly, how I helped myself get a good  night sleep was by making sure that I turned off all of my electronical devices in order to switch off your brain I believe is really vital.

Making sure the environment that you sleep is comfortable, such as getting the right temperature, comfortable mattress and reducing the amount of distractions in the bedroom.

It is important to do something to wind down to help you relax for bed. I am know for having an over active brain so I always make sure that I have a note pad by my bed to write down  all of my thoughts, making it easier for me to relax. Another tip would be to read a book as it helps get you into sleepy mood.

Some people enjoy a bath to help relax their muscles so they can be comfortable before bed.

I am also a huge fan of having music on when I go to sleep. Something that is calming and that will not make you think too much is always a winner for me.

Did you know a study done by Consumer Reports says that 68% of Americans struggle with sleep at least once a week. That’s approximately 164 million people. For Better Sleep Month Leesa, a online mattress company, want to help you get a better night sleep.

Below is an info-graph highlighting what happens when you are sleep and how your body works at different intervals depending on the time.


As you can see visually through the graph sleep has a vital role to play in looking after your body. Obviously becoming comfortable and sleeping for longer periods has a much more positive result with getting better and deeper sleep (delta waves). This is important  because it allows the  body to repair muscles, tissues, stimulates growth and boost the immune system. Therefore allowing you to be more productive the following day which intern helps with productivity and happiness within your life.

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Beautiful sleep 

I am so unbelievably tired right now, that I even fantasy about closing my eyes, even if it is just for five minutes, the thought is beyond wonderful.

I suppose when you are a parent you instantly lose the right to sleep whenever the mood takes you. Ironically you only appreciate sleep when you can’t do it, which makes it much more appealing.

If I could give my younger self one piece of advice it would be to enjoy sleep and get as much as possible, saviour it, never, ever forget that sleep is absolutely beautiful thing to do.


Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

Image result for knackered

This is because i have been sleeping badly due to my son going through a horrible period waking up several times a night and over time really dampens everything.

However, we did get to go to the pumpkin farm and have fun picking our own one. We have a massive one, even though cheeky hubby told me it was the same as last years, it was clearly not! Still the boys are going to have fun carving the pumpkin on Saturday.

We also got a green pumpkin as it is the best one for making pumpkin tart,so hopefully that sis something fun we can do in the half term.

Which as it is half term coming up looking forward for a break from the constant letters/homework etc that seems to be continous, jeez it’s hardcore now they are at school.

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The Reading Residence

When tiredness hits

Hey readers,

This week has been a tough week for me with change particularly as both boys are back at school/nursery. So tiredness has been in full bloom and affected me very much so. It annoys me tired and here is my reasons:

  1. I can’t get anything done as I am so tired. makes me miserable when I think all about my bed when I have an endless list of tasks that have left uncompleted.
  2. Makes me over the top with emotions. One minute really happy followed instance with tears, boo!
  3. I have to remake stuff as I make errors particularly the all important tea making when I accidentally put coffee in the cup, ffs!
  4. You can’t think straight and nothing makes logical sense.
  5. You question yourself about everything and want to hide away.
  6.  All your body aches with the exhaustion and lifting things kills.
  7. Nothing becomes more sexier then a nap.
  8. Really affects my self esteem over a long period and influences my depression.
  9. Long periods of tiredness can cause me to lose joy in everyday activities. It is hard to put a mask on to the world.
  10. Low energy and inability to be creative with ideas on things I want to achieve.


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Bedtime rountine for the boys

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final photo .jpg

I was asked by BritMums to write about my bedtime routine for my sons as part of the #Bepanthen Bedtime Challenge.

Well we all know routine is good for kids as they know what to expect and they are creatures of habits which makes them happy and content.

My sons get very tried at the end of day, that is why I try to create a calm and slow downtime when it is getting close to the bedtime.

We start with the bath to get them feeling nice and clean.  This also allows myself or my husband to take it in turns with one supervising the boys in the bath whilst the other gets the room tidy. Putting away toys, getting the clothing ready and making the room darker  with the blinds down. This helps to create less stimuli so less risk of getting the children wound up. Both boys can get very excitable and because they are tired arguments and tears happen.So keeping it simple and as little as possible with what is happening at the time helps  keep a calm environment where everyone is happy.

Then next on the agenda is getting the boys into some pj’s as another signal for the boys that it is bedtime hour so they are prepared and know what is happening. With my youngest who is still in nappies I use Bepanthen to help make sure that his skin is smooth, and as he wees serious amounts and poos at times it has resulted in redness around his bottom. Which is very uncomfortable for him especially when sitting down or trying to get get comfy in bed. Bepanthen has helped ease the soreness and it is really good for his sensitive skin. Also the barrier ointment is not the right consistence and not to think that it doesn’t absorb probably. So applying that with his nighttime nappy I have witnessed a reduction in redness and it has helped make it more comfortable for my son to settle at night. Bepanthen is an ointment designed for nappy rash and to moisturise the skin. It has also been clinically proven to help with sensitive skin ideal for little ones.

Having a hot drink of milk helps fill the boys tummy up as in the past I have experienced times when my son has woken half an hour later after being tucked up and crying because he didn’t have a drink. The milk also warms the belly up and helps the boys get sleepy so they are ready for a good night sleep.

Finally we sit together with cuddles on the sofa to watch a favourite cartoon which currently is Shaun The Sheep. Lastly, we end the routine with a  reading book to help relax and calm them down for when we take them for bed. It becomes less hectic and they know once the book has finished it is time for bed no questions asked.

During the summer the biggest help I would say to help settle little ones when it is so bright outside is having a black out blind. I have also over the years of being a parent noted that keeping the room minimum with the least amount of clutter helps the boys not get distracted and can focus on getting their heads down for a sleep.

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