Benefits of reading 

Hey readers,

I love reading most of the time, unless I am depressed then I can’t even have the motivation to look at anything. I think reading is such a good thing for people’s mental health. I think people don’t realise how beneficial reading something can be. There are many benefits of reading and I have only selected a few that strikes a chord with me.


Firstly, books are knowledge and knowledge is power. Books are so vital to learning and there are so many topics you can explore.

One of the main attractions to reading for me personally is the escapism. I am a huge fan of psychological thrillers and they just give me that opportunity to get away from the daily grind.

book 3

Books are a great tool for helping to use your imagination skills, I almost feel like I am with the main character and can get a tad sad when my bookends and they have vanished from my mind.

Books help you focus and concentrate on reading the words. I really struggle to sit down for long periods, so taking a book I can literally lose myself in and focus on what is being said on each page.

Reading has helped to improve your memory when you are trying to remember key details that you need to go back to at a later date. Retaining that information is a skill and the more you practice, the better you will get.

I suffer from anxiety and depression and reading really does make me feel so good and something I enjoy, especially when it is enthralling.

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Nothing makes me happy than taking a trip to the library and getting a ton of new and exciting books to explore. What is even better is that it is cheap entertainment, it is free and it is helping my health, win-win.

Finally, one of the most beneficial reasons why reading is good for me is that it helps me sleep. There is nothing finer than going to bed with a book and getting all cosy, a perfect way for me to end the night. I always sleep so much better when I read, it just really helps get me in a relaxed state to settle me for when I go to sleep.

Cheers for reading  X


Why daily routines are good

Hey readers,

I love having a daily routine. There are times in my life where things happen such as Christmas where that routine goes out of the window. During these times it really makes me appreciate a routine even more. I literally pine after that routine and get itchy feet to put down a to-do-list for the day.

A journal open to a blank page on a table with three pens and an eraser

Here are some positive reasons why having a daily routine can be really beneficial to you.

Because it creates automatic habits over time that you don’t need to think about. Therefore, leading to not having to use your time to think about it means you are being more efficient to do other things.

Less need to plan when you have a regular routine because you subconsciously just do it, in turn, leads to healthy habits that you automatically do over time.

Routines help creates motivation to keep going because you can see the benefits that a routine is having on your life.

A woman sits on a bed with an open book, holding a mug and her cell phone

Once you have your s**t together you will be quicker. Therefore more time to relax.

Less likely to procrastinate because you wire your brain to do the things that need doing as you have a plan and know what to expect.

You will feel more in control as you know what you are doing, giving you the confidence to get stuff done.

Having a plan for the day can help you get a better night sleep when you know what to expect without having to dread the night before what the day will happen.

It gives you a sense of security as you know what to expect and can make you feel comfortable about life.

A pencil on top of an open notebook

Routines help reduces stress levels as you feel more confident, in control and having that sense that you can get something done in a day.

Having a routine can help give you a structure to your day.

I hope that has inspired you.

Cheers for reading X

Ways to deal with stress

Hey readers,

I am a person that gets easily stressed especially when I feel overwhelmed and have too many balls to juggle. Here are some of techniques that I have used to help reduce the feeling sof being stressed.

First one I think that is crucial is to allow time out from all the to-do lists and do something that is just simply for me to enjoy. For me, personally I love having low lights, sitting in my warm bed and reading a book. That is my idea of bliss –  total escapism!

The next tip to help with stress is something so simple but at times the hardest. I have been guilty of this, bottling things up and thinking I am strong enough. It is important to talk to someone, even if they can’t offer solutions, just knowing someone can listen can be a Hugh relief.

Image result for problem shared is a problem halved

I love a good list, it is so cathartic to write out what may cause the stress and if you can find ways to help reduce the stress.

We all know sleep is vital for your mental wellbeing and can help make you think clearer when you get a good night rest. One of the main things you can do to stop you getting distracted when going to sleep is to turn your phone off and leave it in another room. Less distraction and light is a fantastic way of stopping you thinking and give you change to shut down your brain and drift off to sleep naturally.

There is so many free resources online or even at your local library of mindfulness/guided walk through meditation to help train your brain to relax.

Writing a  a mood diary over a few weeks can help establish what may trigger stress and trying to put techniques in place to help reduce the feeling.

Cheers for reading X

Ways to stop boredom eating

Hey readers,

I  be honest with you there have been times where I have eaten something simply just because I was bored. I eat my emotions regardless of what the occasion is. It is just so lovely to eat food and put in your mouth, not so good on the waist mind. Therefore, I have written some techniques that have helped combat boredom eating. It is amazing how taking a step back and exchanging your behaviour can really make a difference.

1) It is easy to instantly think that you are hungry because you are feeling light headed, I get muddled up sometimes between dehydration and hunger. I find if I am mindful of making sure that I have drank throughout the day it can also help with satisfying the hunger.

2) Instead of grabbing something to eat, distraction can help take your mind of thinking about food. It can be something as simple as organising a draw or painting your nails.

3) I always feel that it is better to sit down at the table whilst eating as it can help fill you up and less likely to cause indigestion.

Planet, Discover, Fantasy World, Voyager

4) Taking your time to chew your food can be really beneficial. It can trick your brain that there is more food then you have, making you feel more satisfied.

5) If you can play the waiting game, say 5-10 minutes make stop you in your tracks from immediately eating food to thinking whether you really need that piece of food.

6) Now and again it is ok to simply eat something. If you refuse something all the time it may make you desperately find that item a hell of a lot more attractive, moderation is key.

Water Plant, Green, Fine, Layers

7) Try chewing gum or brushing your teeth before eating something as the smell of mint can be off putting and make you want to not eat something.

8) I have noticed that when I am super duper tired I eat more, so before you decide to tuck into something consider having a snooze to help cure them hunger needs.

Cheers for reading X

Sleep is for winners

Hey readers,

As parents life can be challenging and emotional at the best of times. Sometimes, you feel like you have the whole world on your shoulders. One way especially in the earlier days as a parent for me to manage as a parent was making sure that I got a good nights sleep.

Firstly, how I helped myself get a good  night sleep was by making sure that I turned off all of my electronical devices in order to switch off your brain I believe is really vital.

Making sure the environment that you sleep is comfortable, such as getting the right temperature, comfortable mattress and reducing the amount of distractions in the bedroom.

It is important to do something to wind down to help you relax for bed. I am know for having an over active brain so I always make sure that I have a note pad by my bed to write down  all of my thoughts, making it easier for me to relax. Another tip would be to read a book as it helps get you into sleepy mood.

Some people enjoy a bath to help relax their muscles so they can be comfortable before bed.

I am also a huge fan of having music on when I go to sleep. Something that is calming and that will not make you think too much is always a winner for me.

Did you know a study done by Consumer Reports says that 68% of Americans struggle with sleep at least once a week. That’s approximately 164 million people. For Better Sleep Month Leesa, a online mattress company, want to help you get a better night sleep.

Below is an info-graph highlighting what happens when you are sleep and how your body works at different intervals depending on the time.


As you can see visually through the graph sleep has a vital role to play in looking after your body. Obviously becoming comfortable and sleeping for longer periods has a much more positive result with getting better and deeper sleep (delta waves). This is important  because it allows the  body to repair muscles, tissues, stimulates growth and boost the immune system. Therefore allowing you to be more productive the following day which intern helps with productivity and happiness within your life.

Cheers for reading X