Moshi Monster Mystery Box

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Have you heard of Moshi Monsters – it is basically a virtual game for children between the ages of 5-12 years old. You have a pet and customise your pet then you can go on the game and complete tasks and get rewards. You can personalise area and communicate with other players.

Moshi Monsters have brought out a mystery box that you receive in the post. I am trying it out with my five year old.

Well first and foremost you can personalised letter sent to your home outlining that you are on a secret mission and that in the coming week you will get send a personalised box that you need to complete the task.

When receiving the Moshi mystery box there is a enclosed letter with a Moshi monster stamp making it very realistic and fun for the child. It is an introductory letter outlining what the child has to do and also details about codes and the Moshi monster app. Also a special code on the bottom of the letter to get your next Moshi mystery box. On the other side there is fun activities for the child to do, a word search with all words relating to Moshi Monster. Then the second activity is to spot ten differences between two pictures. PICTURE OF MOSHI LETTER / BLUR OUT PICTURE

This is what the box looks like below.

DSC_3477DSC_3476Point Blur_Jun262017_091125Point Blur_Jun262017_091522

A few days latter a lovely designed box with my son’s name on arrived in the post, which made him super excited because he doesn’t normally get post for him so it makes him feel super special and all grown up.

I love all the charters and the playful design. When you open it is a small letter and then the main section is a map of Moshi city which is another genius idea.

In the box contains several activities, which is such a cool idea to keep children entertained (perfect for rainy days or the summer holiday). It is a subscription box and it all links together.  There are codes that I believe you need to collect or open up online in order to get more boxes. You have to visit the Moshi Monsters site here.

One of the items is a comic of story which is continued in the next month’s box. It is called The Poached Egg (so it is great for practising your reading skills). The story is left open until you get the next subscription  box.


There are two fun activities you can do with your child. I like the fact all the materials are provided and that they are in a yellow or green envelope which is associated with the same colour instruction leaflet. For someone like me who gets in a mess easily this is a top idea. On the instruction also it indicates how much time it takes, how much mess and how difficult it is so you can plan around what works for you.

One of the activities is an arty type theme activity called monsterific moshling egg. You can get creative and allows the child to help cut, glue and paint (all things my child loves) cue best mummy ever!!! It is really easy to follow and not as stressful as originally thought. Step by step guide with pictures is a lifesaver, making it less stressful for me. It allowed quality time with my child and he really enjoyed working together as a team.



The other activity is the the frozen moshling eggs which is a fun way to learn about science and the different properties of water. My son was really excited and enthusiastic with this one, as he loves learning and seeing how things worked out. We got a balloon put each Moshi monster into a balloon. Then filled it up with water and tied a knot in the balloon. Really straight forward and fun. We had to then put the ‘eggs’ into the freezer and wait three hours so they got frozen. Then the fun really began for my boy when he snipped the balloons and released the frozen egg. He then put the sachet of salt onto the egg and also with the pipette but warm water on top of the egg. Both my five year and three year old enjoyed watched the frozen water turn to liquid water. The best bit for them was getting the frozen water shall, AKA the egg and smashing it up. Nothing beats playing with water for my boys. The loved finding the Moshlings and this was such a fun and different way to do something with your child.


We also had to put a sticker on completion of activities which was a great way to praise a child.

Inside the actual physical box is a A4 certificate where you can write your child’s name in to say that they have completed the tasks set out by Buster BumbleChops – one of the characters in Moshi Monsters. This is a fantastic way to encourage and praise your  child, making them feel really good.

Point Blur_Jun262017_092139


There is also two pictures on one piece on either side of Moshi monster related stuff to colour in. So there is an element of creative and imagination for the child.


There is a sheet with pictures of all the Moshi Monsters and a brief overview of what each character is like.


There is a sheet with jokes on based around Moshi Monsters (probably more advanged for the older child)  but still an element of fun for the younger child.


It such a fun and creative way to do something with a child. If you struggle with thinking for ideas then the proscription gives you all the ideas/instructions plus materials so there is less stress.

The only thing that I would say and this depends on your child as well is the online game and some of the material like the jokes were not really age appropriate for my son. I think he found it quite difficult to understand. But this is a wide age range from 5 to 12 and definitely the online game is more marketed towards the older end of the age range. Some of the basic games my son can play and enjoyed. He also liked creating a personalised chatrater, giving it a name (poppy) and designing hte room.


Also there were trading cards, where you can scan the code, found on the app and you can get special characters, diamonds or other type of rewards. The trading cards also game in the box and you had to scratch the box to find the code, which is something my son really loved doing.


Overall, it is a fun way to play with your child and get them excited because it is personal to them, making them feel extra special.

Cheers for reading X

I was given a Moshi mystery box. However, all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. 

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Children's CozyPhones Review

best and Hey readers,

As a parent sometimes I wish for a bit of quiet time, especially if you have listened to the Gummy Bear song for the umpteenth time. Well here is a solution by having some CozyPhones headband headphones to give to my child to plug into tablet time. I don’t have to worry about them falling our as the earphones are inside the headband giving that extra security.



Firstly,  I absolutely love the concept of the headband and as I have child that would constantly be pulling the ear phones in and out this is a helpful product to stop that from happening. Not to mention the design is soft, fun with the bright green frog character (although other characters are available). The only downfall sadly is the size is a bit too small so quite fiddly to put on my son’s head, however this  could be the fact my son has a big head.

Once we mastered getting the headband on and making sure the speaker part (is a round circle type thing, proper technical term there) in place they were good to go.

My eldest loves the headband because he feels all grown up as he has seen mummy with headphones when she goes out for a run.




The stitching is really good quality and the material of the headband is soft fleece material. The cord has a 35mm plug so is compatible with a lot of different devices. The 36 inch braided cord comes in 36 inches  and can manage the wear and tear of a normal child life.  There is free shipping and cost $19.99. If you not a happy then a money back  guarantee.

Overall they are brilliant and much better then ear plugs. My son said they were really comfortable and he could hear really well through the headphones. Another positive about the headbands is that they are perfect for road trips when you need something to distract your child from asking are we there yet over and over. Giving you time to concentrate on a relaxed journey. They can also make great gifts for birthdays.

You can find more details about the product here – CozyPhones.

Cheers for reading X

I was given a pair of CozyPhones in exchange for a review. However, all opinions expressed are entirely in my own. 

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Things I would like to change

Hey readers,

I love my blog as it is place where I can track my thoughts and a way to express any worries I may have. Some things recently I would like to change to help make me life little easier.


Recently I have been struggling with tiredness. It normally occurs around the end of the week and think that it is just because that it is a knock on effect of all the week has on me. I get tired anyway because of how much energy it takes to deal with my autism difficulties. I think just being kind of and not so demanding on myself. Taking it slower is better for me and my health and that is what I want to achieve. I am a firm believer in taking small steps or else it can be risky to lose motivation if I push myself too hard.


I also want to try to be more experimental in the kitchen and try new recipes to help with getting more confident or at least giving hubby a break from the wonderful cooking he does. However, I do love trying new recipes, even if it is just once a week, it really does help with my confidence and esteem when I achieve good results.

Because of my tiredness and anxiety I dip in motivation to go out and about. I am hoping with my YouTube and the lighter days get more encouragement to go out. The thing is when I am out I feel good but my downfall is getting past the first step.

I know so cliché but someone with an anxiety condition it has to be to try not to worry so much. I panic about my parenting and how good I am. Sometimes, just accepting situation can reduce that great big weight of my shoulders.


Cheers for reading X

Breakfast with The Easter Bunny at Wyevale Garden Centre

Hey readers,

We were fortunate to be invited to have breakfast with the Easter Bunny at our local  Wyevale Garden Centre (Stratford Upon Avon).  The whole event lasts for an hour and half.

When we were led to our table it was lovely layed our with a card addressed to myself and the family members. Also little name tags with Easter stickers on for the boys which I thought was really cute.
At the table there was a tub of mini eggs for the children to enjoy and colouring easter activity sheet. Which was a great touch to keep the children entertained whilst we waited for our food to be cooked. I also have to mention that the boys culturly was plastic and a great size for young children to use.

You first start the event with an English breakfast being served to you.We opted for the two adult Great British breakfasts for myself and husband. However, if you have a smaller appetite there is the option of adult mini breakfast.

Our breakfast consisted of toast, baked beans, hash brown, grilled tomato, flat mushroom, fried egg, black budding, X2 bacon rasers, sausage. With either a filter medium coffee or pot of tea. Hubby had the filter and said that his coffee was so smooth that he drank it black, which was rare for him to do.  The breakfast very good quality items, not greesy (maybe because we were late and had time to dry).






The children had a children’s breakfast which was scrambled egg, sausage,hashed brown, soldered toast, baked beans. We thought the portions were massive for the children with plenty of variety – ours loved black pudding so they had some of ours off our plate. With the drink for my boys they had unlimited squash in either blackcurrent or orange flavour.

We were greeted by Alice who was happy and friendly throughout the morning making it a great service for all. My sons loved the dress up and it felt special and something different to the norm.

I felt there was plenty of time given for us to eat food even though we were late. So I didn’t feel rushed.
After food we had time to say hello to the Easter rabbit and take photos.
Next on the agenda was to hunt for Easter egg (pictures) outside and inside the garden centre. It was done as a group and when your child found a picture of a easter egg they would then receive a small packet of sweets from Alice in her basket. Once my boys got used to the situation they really enjoyed hunting for pictures.  I found that hunting fot four eggs was just the right amount  to find to keep the kid’s occupied but not get bored. I felt that it eas very organised with the route oF finding of the eggs between Alice and the Easter bunny.


Finally, to end the day we went back to our allocated table to decorate an Easter egg biscuit. My boys had really good fun in using their own pipping bag icing and sprinkling. As they love to be independent and get the opportunity to do their own design. Then whilst doing this activity the Easter Bunny came round to say hello and give you the opportunity for photos. Also each child was given a gift of a cuddly bunny toy.









I think for the cost for what you get is worth it for a great fun day out. I felt that the event had the right amount of activities and fun to make it a great day out.

Also I just want mention that the prices at Wyevale Garden Centre are reasonanable compared to other garden centres that can be overly priced.

If you are planning to do the Easter bunny visit there are two options; breakfast or tea with Easter Bunny. It is available at certain Wyvevale Garden Centre so check out if it is at your local one. It is on until 28th March.
The cost of a child’s breakfast is £9.99. This includes a cuddly toy, Easter cookie decorating, mini chocolate eggs and a fun filled activity sheet.
The adult Great British breakfast cost £7.99 or alternatively their is a smaller adult mini breakfast £3.99 which involves a freshly baked pastry with a tea or coffee.

I definately recommend it as an alternative Easter activity that children will love.


Cheers for reading X

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Beets Blu KeyFinder Pager Tag

Hey readers,

When I was approached to review the Beets Blu key finder wireless Pager Tag I was more then happy to do so.

What with being a mother and trying to remember to all the stuff for my two boys there is little left for me to remember for myself. Therefore I have a tendency of losing or misplacing something frequently, #mummyproblems.

So what is the deal with this product then. Well it is basically a Bluetooth wireless key finder with a keychain to help you find something that you forget. It does have an alarm whereby you press the button on a app that is linked up to the device to sound an alarm so you can find the item. The Pager Tag is attached to say your keys so you will never be in a situation where youn won’t forget your keys! However, bear in my mind the alarm is wireless and has a distance of up to 33feet (10 metres).

All you have to do to set up is put the battery in the gadget. Then download the Beets Blu Finder on the app store ( just type in Beets Blu and it will come up straight away). Make sure you press start up button on the app. Then attach the Pager Tag to the item you do not want to lose. When you think you might have lost something and want to find it press the alarm on the app to make a sound and you go quickly to the noise and there you have the item. It is simple as ABC.

If you want to reset the Pager Tag all you have to do is take the battery out of the Pager Tag and it will then automatically reset it’s self.

Also it is really easy to swap the Pager Tag to a different item. All you have to do is remove the land yard and put on to the new item.



This is what the Pager Tag looks like in the box.This is the instructions, Pager Tag and land yard.


Let’s get down to the nitty gritty off the product.



Packaging is really good mostly with being in a secure shell within side the box.It is really simple to download and not a grievance to set up.The Pager Tag is really lightweight so great for putting on keys and staying in the bag when not using.Can attach to almost anything you want; phone, purse, keys (sadly not your child).The alarm is clear and loud to hear even in another room with TV.The Pager Tag is wireless Bluetooth so there is no faffing about and you can simply use it on an app on your phone.The Pager Tag is compatiable with Iphone5, 4s, iPad3 and later versions. Android device with Bluetooth smart. (Can find the list of all devices that work with the pager tag on with a battery, which I also love to have cause it can be annoying if you don’t already have the available battery at the time. So you can use the Pager Tag straight away.



The land yard is loose within the box.On the Pager Tag there is no symbol for negative and positive to indicate where the battery should go. Would be easier for me if it did without the hassle of testing till I got it right.On the app itself the symbols are not light up to indicate what you are doing on the app, for example turning the volume up therefore not  so knowing what exactly is happening or not.


Overall a great product that can be easy to set up. It is useful to help track down a lost item. It is also wireless and a dongle is not required. The noise is clear and loud. I like the fact also simple light design and not that noticeable to others, unlike the rape alarm that was really heavy and bulky. You can use it on a host of stuff and it is compatible on a range of devices. Definately recommend if you constantly losing something and saves the hassle of hours searching.


If you want to know more about the product you can check it out here: Beets Blu Key Finder Pager Tag


Cheers for reading X 

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Weekend Activity Box Club

Hey readers,

We were very fortunate to receive a mini weekend box to test out. A little bit about the product, well it is an activity box of fun activities to do with your child/ren which will entertain them at the weekend.

The activities consist of four areas:

Something to make (arts and crafts)

Something to bake (cooking activities)

Something to explore (sensory exploration activities)

Something green (things to plant and upcycle)

With the mini activities they consist of two of the above category activities. The mini activity box was introduced at a later stage in 2013 as a direct reponse from the feedback from the customers. The main concern found with the full activity box was that the customers did not always have the time to complete the full activities.

The cost of the mini activity box is just £4·95 and the bumper activity box cost £7.50 including free p&p. The activity box arrives every fortnightly with all the bits included.

What I found with the box is that it was lovely to receive something special for the child. I felt the personal box motivated my son to want to join in with the dedicated activities.

The design of the box was colourful, playful and it also had four animal characters each with their own different personalities.

The instructions were really clear and easy to follow step by step including pictures which is great for a visual learner.

My son enjoyed the knowledge facts which were education and enough snippets to keep my son engaged.

I love the concept that each week is a different themes. For example I had all about rainforests so we did a rainforest activity (explore green) and a parrot mask maker (art and crafts).

The activity sheet state the time frame and the difficulity of the task. I found this really useful for planning in the activities that fit in the day.

Personally my son is 4 and the art activities using scissors where a bit advanced for him. I suppose being an age range of 4 to 7 it can be tricky to cater for all level approate learning. Though my son did enjoy help stick down the paper so therefore still able to engage him in the task.

Each activity came with a sheet and nicely colourful wrapped packages with all the required accessories for the task. Boh the sheet and package were colour co-ordinated so was easy to know which one goes with what.

Finally my son enjoyed getting positive reinforcement with receiving a sticker at the end each task. When all activities were done he received a certificate which really made his day and proud to show off to other family members.

I think the project is great in helping educate children in a fun way. It helps build the child’s confidence and nurture their development.

The activity box  helped provide quality time with my son. The box helped encourage great life skills such as working together, listening and communication.

If you are inspired by my review and want to try your 1st Weekend Box for free – use the promo code SAM321 when signing up here for a Weekend Box Club But you can pause or cancel your boxes if you’re not completely satisfied at any timethe .


The items included in the mini activity box.
My son sticking down paper for the parrot mask.
Putting the soil into the bottle to make own rainforest
Planting seeds to get them ready to grow.
By completing both activities my son was rewarded with a certificate.



Cheers for reading X

**please note that I was given a mini weekend activity box in exchange for a review. Though all my opinions expressed are entirely my own. **

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