Spooktacular Halloween gift guide

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Looking for ways to get you in the mood for Halloween then look no further as I have compiled some items to make you have a magical Halloween this October.

First of for my first item on the Halloween gift guide is this awesome peel and reveal ghost from Grafix. It is a great game for young children or anyone for that matter especially if you are having a Halloween party or just some Halloween fun with kids at home. It unravels to release 8 spooky gifts and it is a fun game to get your kids feeling excited. Don’t forget to remember to put some Halloween music on for and starting the game.


I picked these creepy crackers up from Poundland as a bit fun to add for when we are having a meal. I have brought the crackers the previous year and they were a big hit especially as the kids love the explosion sound plus what child doesn’t like a bit of Halloween tat what with a Halloween bloody finger or.


I love these Halloween lights that I have purchased from Primark because they just have one character on them but THREE (pumpkin, ghost, and bat). They are a simple way to add a touch of decoration to your home. I used to think that you have to go over the top with all the decorations but sometimes simplicity is enough to add a feel to a room. My kids really enjoy these lights because they are fun but they really like the low light when they are relaxing with a Halloween film.

I received this t-shirt in the post and it is lovely and cute design. I love cats and it is something I will probably wear through the year (however, they are a tat on the tight side so might be best to order a bigger size so there is more room if that is your thing). It comes from a company called Lush tshirts so that sell different themes with logos and humour based. This t-shirt is specifically have a Halloween section with cute designs for Halloween.

If your looking for a sweet treat when I have got the answer for you with Bakerdays personalised cakes. They have many designs including Halloween, I love this cute design, you can add your own personalised text. You receive the cake in the tin through the post. It tastes delicious and moist so it really will hit the sweet spot.

Online there are many recourses that are free to download and create that spooky Halloween theme. Both my boys really enjoy colouring in now so printing off a few Halloween based pictures is a cheap way to get the little ones in the Halloween spirit. I have used this site but of course, there are many more online.

I hope that if you do celebrate Halloween that you have a gruesomely good time.

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I have been gifted the Bakeaway cake and the cat t-shirt in order for a review. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Lifemax Infrared Massage Hairbrush review

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I have autism and one of the things that has helped me when I am going through a meltdown or need something to help me calm down when I am very emotional is sensory, whether it is something like a heavy quilt, low lighting or something that is tactical.

Lifemax Infrared Massage Hair Brush 1

Testing out the Life max infrared massage hairbrush really helped give me something to focus on when I was feeling not good.

The hairbrush is battery operated and takes two AA batteries. It uses infrared light and heat, together with vibration massage to help give some energy to the scalp when brushing through with the brush.

This help to promotes hair growth and health by increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles. It uses seven lights to deliver infrared heat while brushing. It has an ergonomically-shaped handle for maximum comfort and my hair brush that I received was in a black colour however it does come in silver as well. The brush has three settings, off, heat and massage.

I have used it over several nights for approximately 10-15 minutes with using the heat and has really helped with the pressure on my head. It has also helped make my hair feel more glossy and feel slicker. I think it is too early to comment on the hair growth but there has been positive feedback to say with the help of circulating the blood and stimulating the hair follicles it has been beneficial. The vibration element helps with stimulation to the blood flow in the scalp.

My son is also autistic so giving him a massage has helped calm him down to as he really likes the sensation of the bristles and massage working on his scalp.

The brush also is used for people who have issues with mild hair loss as this helps and can help with that.

You can find out about the product from Careco.

Overall it is a great way to keep your scalp healthy and make your hair feel glossy and nurtured.

Cheers for reading X

I was gifted the Life Max infrared massage hairbrush in exchange for a review. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

3 Little Buttons

Review of the Biscuit Baron.

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There are so many different subscriptions to chose from if want to see something exciting in the post every month. However, have you heard of The Biscuit Baron, well if not let me tell you it is something little bit different.

The biscuit Baron is a subscription box that provides biscuits from different countries every month. The company knows that biscuits are a love for British people and they want to explore further with how different countries like their biscuits.

What does the subscription box contain?

  • 5-8 full-size packets of biscuits (with one savory option included).
  • A score chart to rate each biscuit on a scale from 1-10, a great activity to do with family or friends.
  • A fact sheet with information from the country and a little bit of history.


There are several opinions you can just from a one-off plan with no renewal to 1,3,6 or 12-month subscription plan. Subscription boxes start from £15 per box, coming down to £13.33 for long-term plans and that includes the delivery in that price as well.

My verdict.

At first, I thought it was a bit expensive but then I thought of other subscription boxes and what you get in them (some of the miniature items) this was good value. I received five items and them full size as well so I thought it was a great way to try out new foods from different countries with a twist.

I like the fact that you get some new information from the country and I really had great fun scoring the biscuits on the chart with the family.

I liked the different varieties so you got a mix including savory. My children got to try something new and learn something about the country of Italia.

They would make a fun Christmas present and something different for someone to try.

This is what the box looks like with all the items included in the Italian box.


Ringo Cookies.

A cookie that is a two-toned biscuit with a creamy filling that is packed full of energy but not too heavy. Brilliant texture for dunking and would make a great afternoon snack after school.

Testing out the duckability and get 100% perfetto!


I think these biscuits were popular, the taste was beautiful with the lemon flavour and the texture was soft and crumbly, beautiful!


Biscuit galore!

Pan Di Stelle.

These biscuits are a cute design. Pan Di Stelle translates to Starry Bread. They go really well with a glass of milk because they taste of cocoa and hazelnut and a chocolate pastry.


Millefoglie is a multilayered pastry with a sweet topping, funny enough it works really well dunking in a glass of milk and when dunked keeps the firmness without breaking apart.

Taralli Pizza Style.

These are the savory item. They are small ring-shaped products with twisted ends typical for the southern regions. They had a lovely herby flavour though for me personally a bit too salty for my tastes. That being said my boys absolutely loved them.


These biscuits are beautiful in flavour with the almond and have a lovely firm texture to them. They go perfectly with a perfect with a coffee.

Finally here is what the rating card for the biscuits below.


Cheers for reading X

I have gifted a subscription box in exchange for a review. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own

Scratch your way to a win

Hey readers,

Shall I let you into a little secret….I love now and again having a go on scratch cards. To me, they are an ultimate treat because they are a great way of getting the adrenaline going. I don’t smoke or drink so this is my little vice, because you know sometimes it is good to treat yourself. So, when Scratchcard-winners asked if I wanted to review some of their scratch cards winner I was like hell yeah, so much fun because let’s face I have nothing to lose.

If you have not heard of Scratchcard-Winners they are the number one blog page for all UK National Lottery Scratchcards past and present. We regularly feature information on new scratchcards and their availability in shops, as well as posting images of big winners on our social media pages. We love to run competitions and giveaways, so come and follow us on our website, Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news.”

Here is a selection of my scratch cards to test out.

Super 7s.



This card is called Super Seven and cost £3. You have nine changes of winning. First, you have to scratch the top box to reveal the winning numbers. Next, you have to check to see if the three numbers in each seven block match with the top winning numbers box.  Prizes range from £5.00 – £250,000. Sadly I did not win on this card.

Jewel Smash. 


This next scratch card is Jewel Smash which cost £2.00. You had to scratch each box and you could either win when you found three of the same symbols horizontal or diagonal. Again I did not win anything and this was probably my least favorite scratch card out of the punch that I received.

Red Hot 7s Doubler. 




This scratch card was all about the number seven hence the name Red Hot 7 Doubler, which costs £2. I enjoyed playing this card as it is something a bit different. The rules of this scratch card are to scratch each line to reveal the numbers and you could win prizes if you got three black number sevens in a row. You also could get a chance to win again if you got three red number sevens. I did not win on this card, boo!

Get Lucky. 


pic 1

This card is called Get Lucky and cost £1. You can scratch boxes to reveal the symbols and if you can match three of the same symbols. Depending on the symbol is the amount you can win, you can see on the box on the left-hand side what prizes go with which symbol. I did not win anything on this card.




This card is called 5X and cost £1. The rules to this game are scratch the boxes to see if you have a 5 to win a price or a 2X to win 2 times the price and then finally the big price is 5X to win 5 times the price. The top price would be £10,000. Gutted that didn’t win the top price nor did I qin any other price.

Top Prizes of. 


pic 2

This is my final scratch card to play with and be pleased to know that I won, even if it is £1 it is still a winner in my eyes and now I can buy Freddo, whoop! Anyway with this game you need to match three amounts of the same value of money to win a price. I got three £1, hence the £1 winning. There is also another win with finding the fingers crossed symbol to win £5.

So, there you have it that is my experience of scratch cards.

Thanks for reading X

I have been gifted the scratch cards in exchange for a review. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 



Jouellerie Review

Hey readers,

Jouellerie asked if I wanted to review some jewellery pieces of their website. On receiving the jewellery which was placed in a black pouch, which was a lovely touch to make it feel that extra special.

If you don’t know who Jouellerie are recently new internet jewellery site that offer a wide range of jewellery from earrings, necklaces and bracelets. They are normally in colours silver, gold or rose gold. So the choices really are yours. Not to mention the great news if you place an order over £20 then delivery is free plus the jewellery is reasonably priced.


Below are the items I have received and going to review.

Artemis necklace – Lovely solid necklace with a magnetic clasp. I am not massive fan of love hearts so was pleased when it is easy to take off, so you have the option of taking it on or off.


crown earrings -are pretty earrings and subtle in design. They are silver colour which is by far my favourite colour to wear in jewellery. I like the fact that they are not in your face. They are perfect for wearing if your going out for a meal say in the evening.

Ice set – is a gorgeous set of the bracelet (which is elasticated meaning it is more flexible to fit any wrist and be comfortable). The bracelet is chunky in size and made up of tiny little crystal. The crown earrings are delicate and small, perfect to add a sparkle to your outfit. Also, would make a lovely gift set for someone as well.

5 row pave bracelet – is a beautiful bracelet that consists of Rhodium plated for a high quality white gold finish. It is made up of five rows of encrusted glitter stones making sure you feel that extra sparkly.


Classic Onyx bracelet – is a very sparkly bracelet. I really like the rings in the middle of the bracelet offering a unique design. I also really like the magnet clasp and found it very strong in strength at keeping the bracelet secure on my wrist.


Cheers for reading X
I was gifted the jewellery in exchange for a review. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Craft review

Hey readers,

I was lucky enough to get sent through the post some lovely art and craft items to review from PrintKick. If you have not heard of Printkick they are small UK business that started of selling ceramics, like cups and things in 2001.

With a recent upgrade to their website they have extended the range of products they offer, now they include kids/arts and crafts. Printkick has a new range of eco-friendly items with the focus of informing clients about the impact of the products on the environment.

Below I will give you a review of each product that I was sent.


First of my son tried out an apron that you colour in yourself. The apron also comes with colouring pens. The material is great to work on and the colour is bright enough to be seen. He really enjoyed personalising the apron and it helped kill an hour in the morning when it was too wet to go outside.




The art set is a lovely compact item, it includes a small paint set, pencils, crayons, rubber, and a sharpener. Perfect in size so you can take it away or also makes a perfect little gift for someone.

The colour in glasses I think was my sons favorite. The design was based on an island with coconut trees. The glasses also came with colouring pens and the pens were bright enough to see on the wood. The glasses were really sturdy and well made. Both boys did them together and they did it whilst I was cooking the dinner one evening. It kept them entertained and stopped them from squabbling, which for me as a mum was a blessing.




A lovely little treat for adults is this adult colouring book, it is compact with being all together in a holder (crayons and book). The designs are really pretty. It is great to put in your handbag and the cover is used from a reusable material which is great for the environment.

here was also a child’s colouring book and this is one of my son’s favorite things to do as he has autism so this helps him calm down when he is feeling angry. I actually had to go to A&E the other day and the boys had to come. I brought along this colouring book and it was perfect to keep them entertained whilst they waited for me to be seen.

inally, something a bit different is these colour in magnets. They are so cool and the boys loved colouring them in and placing them on the fridge. A great way to show off their artwork.

So, overall I am pleased with the products especially during the summer holiday as they have come in handy to help keep my boys entertained. I like the fact that the crafts aren’t too complicated as I have a 4 and 6-year-old plus both my eldest and myself have autism. So, these crafts are ideal as they are calming and don’t cause much stress, which is what you want during the holiday.

Cheers for reading.

I was given the items discussed in this post, however, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Review of The Selfie Bag

Hey readers,

Have you heard of the selfie bag?…..  me neither! Well, that was until recently when I had the opportunity to review the selfie bag. The bag is designed by a company called Cotton Bag Co who focus on eco-friendly reusable bags.

So what is a selfie bag?

The bag in all it’s glory!

The Selfie bag is bassically a bag but with extra customised pockets – one for your phone and the other to keep your selfie stick in, perfect for any selfie lover out there that want to take selfies on the go. What I like about the pockets is that they are easy to access to get your mobile and selfie stick because you never know when an opportunity to take a selfie will come.

As you can see the two different pockets – one for the phone and the other to keep the selfie stick secure.

The bag also has a mirror sheet to help the light bounce off and onto your face giving that much more natural feel to your selfies. Sadly, the one downside to the sheet is that it gets easily crinkled causing a water effect if the company could change the design to make it firmer not so easy to get crinkled then that makes the bag perfect.

The mirror sheet.

What I like about the bag is that it feels super soft canvas material. There is plenty of space to carry shopping plus bits and bobs. The arm handles are really comfy and they are just the right size, Some bags have really small handles and then they fall down constantly. So, this bag is really comfortable to hold when out and about. It is well made and you can tell from the quality of the material that should last a long time. Therefore saving you money and also looking after the environment.

Loads of room in there for shopping and other bits.

The design of the selfie bag is a black background with a gold pattern making it feel stylish and not just for the main purpose of holding your technology.

Sun Worshipper.
Shameless selfie.
Me and the boy in the bright sunshine.
Testing out photos without the stick.
Snap, snap!
Me checking out the bag, whilst the boys are knocking about.

One last crucial bit of information is that when you buy the bag, you do get an information sheet with the do’s and don’ts when it comes to capturing the perfect selfie.

Cheers for reading X

I have been gifted the bag in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.