Getting out of a funk

Hey readers,

You probably are aware if you read my blog that I suffer from mental health issues, mainly depression and anxiety related.

It appears that I seem to take a lot of energy every day to try and lead and some sort of existence in my life.One of the problems is that I have days where I just cannot get motivated or I just walk around feeling meh.

The days when I really have to force myself to get up and carry on with day-to-day living.I think it’s one of the hardest challenges you face if you have depression.It’s lack of incentive and desire to do anything that is the trouble. So if you like me and have days like this then I’m going to tell you some of the ways I find helpful to ease the pain and to get out of that funk.

The first thing is to step away from social media because that can suck up all your energy especially if you have a habit of comparing yourself to other people. Just remember that we all on our own journey and what you see is not necessarily what is happening in someone’s real life.

I find that if I have a hot drink and some breakfast and take him half an hour to have a relaxation without the pressure that can help too.

Having the main to-do list and then focus on one or two things to do off that list eases the day ahead.  I don’t then put pressure on myself but if I get a couple of things done then at least I have achieved something, then I won’t be so hard on myself.


instead of sitting dwelling on your thoughts and your feelings doing something to distract yourself away from thinking can be really helpful and give you a fresh slate to think about something different.

I hope this has helped you is there anything that you find helpful to get you out of the funk I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Cheers for reading X


Why is it 

Why is it 

I feel numb 

Or crying 

But never anything


Some days 

I feel like a robort,

When the next day,

I feel everything. 

Selfishness can be good

Hey readers,

I know when you hear the word selfish it dipicts  a negative picture but I want to share with you today why it is actually good for you SOMETIMES to be selfish.

Firstly, because you are listening to your needs and not others. Sometimes, we need to say I want this because I need it for my saniety.

It gives you assertiveness and feeling of comfortability to talk about your feelings to others. It is healthier because of not ignoring your needs and doing something about it can help you feel good. Asking for something should not be shamed upon, asking for help is ok, for me asking for timeout is important. It calms me down and others so in the long run everyone is winning.

You are listening to your needs and doing something constructive about it. As long as you are polite then I think it is ok to say look I need this for me becuase of XYZ.

You will help build your self-awareness skills in opening up to what you need. It will help increase your self-worth because you are being constructive and doing something to help you feel better.

It could mean better relationships because you are finding a solution to a problem, for example if you cook a lot and say to a housemate I need one a day a week off and you need to do the meal for us instead. Even though they might object it gives you the change to discuss issues and talk about how you are feeling. There is less anger and being open will be benefit making the situation more harmonious compared to if you sat on it and didn’t raise your issues. At least  then this could mean  something productive has helped and lead to more positive relationships without any negative impact because you have talked about the situation

Cheers for reading X