Life is mundane sometimes 

Hey readers,

Parenthood is a strange old thing where there never seems like a state of equilibrium. One minute it is so busy my head is spinning to the next when it is dame right mundane you are bored to tears.

The role of mummy is hard, dame hard in fact. I am so bored from seeing Mr Tumble for the umpteen time that I want to rip his face off!

If that is enough to deal with then comes creeping in MUMMY guilt when you are moat vulnerable. Why do I feel so guilty because you have constant messages tha you can’t enjoy every minute and at the end day sometimes it is a but crap. I do love being a parent and it is a wonderful experience but sometimes I sit in the bathroom and want to cry  at 7am dreading the day ahead. Then I feel worse because I feel I am not good enough.

Where the boys are bickering non stop and I have to plan three meals a day, entertainment, drinks, potty training, washing etc day after day the same thing over and over again it can become tedious, boring and soul destroying. You lose a part of you, you feel like a robot and feel you are just a person looking after two small people.

If that isn’t bad enough having  a partner who is laid back and takes everything in his stride gets right under my skin. OK, it is more jealous why do I worry so much when hubby can take it or leave it, you absolute bastard.

It is all too overwhelming, too much information, too much pressure, too much judgement sometimes I just want to say fuck it to it all!

It is so frustrating 😤

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Liberal parenting

Hey readers,

I am writing because I am bit of pissed off. OK, now and again I test my sons listening skills. He’s two sometimes he is co-operative now and then he is not. Learning from my past with my other son who has gradually become more mature and listening. I believe that you have to give them some power in order to gain trust. Maybe because that is how I felt as a child. I have been in all different environments so experienced many different types of parent styles as I have been in care etc so feel gave me broad understanding and experience. I digress so I let my son freely run around the shop, I know bad parent. But learnt to grab his hand and he stayed with me then. But properly best not to have done it in the shop or when I was having crappy day. But what the hell in for a penny. Still I pop to this shop today and got talking to the shop keeper. I took offense when he called them terrors and the fact he said that the boy liked running around the shop. I don’t know maybe I am sensitive but really pisses me off. I was on my own with two kids trying to shop. I am crap at multi-tasking  or maybe I am just a shit mother. But at what point do you give them power. When do they learn?!  Now just going have the lead on him at all times. It makes me sad though cause I believe they have to learn at some point and yeah they are kids. But it worked with my eldest. Slowly little bit at a time he learnt to be more mature and listen. Anyway I am proud of being a liberal parent not full hog but definately swing that way. Though I do believe in some boundaries but giving trust as well. Anyhow I needed to rant. It’s fucking hard making decisions and love gown quick it is for people to comment and make judgement. Like you don’t know what is going on through my head.

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Weekend Box Club Research

Hey readers

I have previously reviewed Weekend Box Club Review and now I have looked at the research carried out by 1,214 parents across the UK. The prominent message taken from the research is the importance of spending quality time with their families.

With this in mind this has motivated the weekend box company to push forward more fun activities at the weekend through the boxes.

I know myself as a parent how hard it is to plan fun things with kids. The boxes are great in providing structure and ideas. It is also gives parents the opportunity to get inspired  with the boxes. All the materials are provided in the box for you. Therefore you don’t have to think about too much so you can concentrate on the activities and spend time together as a family.
Time can be sparse with having children what with  the endless to-do-lists so the Weekend Box Club provides time schedules and level of difficulties where you can plan in the fun. You feel like you are winning as a parent because you have incorpated fun, learning and spending quality time together. This is backed up with the research done by the Weekend Box Club who found in a survey of 1,200 parents 90% of them would love to spend more time with their children. We all know parenthood can be mental not to mention the pressures making it that much harder to spend time as a family. As you can see below the info graph from Weekend box club research shows visually the positive benefits.


If you are interested in the Weekend Box Club and details about the subscription can be found here: Weekend Box Club

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*I was asked to write a  post on Weekend Box Club research though personal opinions are entirely my own expressed*.

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