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My word of the week is:

that is because my eldest has been to Beaver camp with his dad at the weekend. Therefore it has just been me and my youngest at home so completely different routine however it was only for one night as well. I and the youngest had a lovely day together on Saturday where we went out despite the rain. We went for a wonder played in nature went to the park and even at an ice cream at an ice cream parlor. who cares if it was raining we still had a brilliant day.

This week my eldest got to go check out Kenilworth castle with his school. He loved it and couldn’t wait to tell me all the things that he had learned. He absolutely loves facts so was totally in his element.

I hope you have a had a good week.

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Lapland Mailroom Personalised Santa Letters

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I know we are fast approaching the end of September so it is safe to say the C word…. Christmas? I mean it is less than 100 days to the big event of the year.

I got given the opportunity to check out the buying process of  Lapland mailroom.   The website offers personal Christmas letters from Father Christmas to your child, making the experience of Christmas extra special for your child/ren.

Image result for lapland mailroom

 When going onto the website it is clear to navigate and know where to begin. At the top is a header with three options (magical offer, order a letter, view letters). To start the order you need to click on the obvious order a letter.

lapland mailroom.pngAfter clicking on order a letter the next page consists of the buying options and what they involve in the package.

Mail package 1: The letter only £8.95 – basically just the personalised letter and a nice child certificate that will get sent to your child.

Mail package 2: Will include the personalised letter, nice child certificate, and the activity sheets with Christmas based craft such as the bell cute out, the colouring in sheet to get your child feeling all festive.

Mail package 3: is the same as mail package 2 however it is tailed for a newborn as a keepsake for the child’s very first Christmas.

Choose which package you want and at the end of each description, there is a box that says buy now.

Next is a page that shows you 3 different types of personalised letters and the baby’s first Christmas. You then have to decide which type of style writing you want for your letter from Father Christmas. When I did I chose the first one but the choice is yours.

The next step is you can check out what the personalised phases on the letter by clicking personalised or you can head on buying it now to type your child’s details in.

letter 1.png

So, when you click on the buy now you can type in the details regarding the personalised questions as you can see below. It includes a special friend, what you left out for Christmas last year for father Christmas and anything that the child has done special good during the year.

order details for lapland mailroom

** the name and address have been changed for security reasons. ** 

The next step is to fill in the box with the name of the person buying the letter, email and if you have a voucher code.

At the end of all filling in the form, you click on preview letter and you can see what the letter will look like when you review it in the post.

letter from father christmas.png

Now at the bottom is the option of editing the letter if you wish or if you are happy then you can continue and pay for the item.

You can pay through the ease of PayPal or you can simply put in your bank details, you will get an email notification once the bank details have gone through.

Below is information also on when you will receive the letter through the post.

chrsitmas delivery dates.png

Overall the process took me less then five minutes, really self-explanatory and straightforward, which is just what you want if you are a parent.

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I have been gifted a letter in order of an exchange. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 


Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

This is because my youngest has coped so well with starting school and he’s even got, special person. This is where two people in the class are special person of the day and are chosen for good behaviour. f

Funny enough on the same day my eldest also got special person of the day so they both met each other when they handed the registration as that is their job to do.

My youngest has now started to bring books home which I know he will absolutely love because he loves reading so much. I love reading to them as well because it’s a way for me to connect. I’m not always good with social and play so reading gives me that change to connect with my children.

However, my eldest seems to be having problems with sleep again which I think it’s to do with anxiety. Therefore it is all fun and games when you got two ratty children to deal with. Hopefully, it is just a phase and my eldest sleep pattern will return back to normal.

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Why I am against smacking children

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Last week The Association of Educational Psychologists said that they want to ban parents from smacking children at home.

Smacking is banned in schools however parents can smack their child at home as long as it is deemed reasonable.

silhouette photo of boy standing near glass wall

I 100% agree that smacking anywhere should be banned because it is physical violence regardless of the amount of strength you do it. I don’t see how children learn from being smacked by their parents, all it does is make them lie better. To me, that is not good for anyone.

I don’t think children learn from smacking if anything I think it can have an impact on their mental health and increase the chances of anxiety. This is because they will be scared in case at any moment the risk of doing anything wrong and that to have negative consequences.

Having this form of violence (in my eyes) can make a child feel really sad. This can make their home life feel crap because of knowing that if they do anything wrong regardless of it was intentionally an accident there is the risk they get hit.

I think hitting is a negative way to parent and it doesn’t solve any problems. It is much better to have other ways to teach the child right from wrong.

If children learn from their parents then they will believe that it is ok to hit someone and then there is the risk that they too may one day hit another person.

girl sitting on vehicle seat while looking at window

I don’t think it is fair that someone bigger then the child can go along and imitate and inflict pain on another. When will it stop, how will it end if it continues where do parents draw the line? How do you know if the parent gets fed up and thinks well got to hit the child harder to get the message through? This situation can escalate in a very toxic homelife impacting on the child’s mental health and other areas such as education.

I think if you want to earn respect from a child it doesn’t work if you hit them if anything it could result in the child hating the parent. It certainly wouldn’t want them to come to the parent and talk about any concerns they may have, as they don’t know how the parent will respond. Then this may cause a negative relationship between the child and parent, that can be damaging for the child.

I myself have been in similar situations and there is nothing worse as a child when you are petrified of going home to the horrible environment. You literally are scared and anxious at school. The anxiety gets worse closer to the end of the day. For me, I couldn’t probably concentrate on my school work because I was filled with dread and worried if I had done anything wrong therefore leading to being hit. It is the most horrible feeling in the world. The anxiety doesn’t just stop there it carries on all the time constant in the background. It is horrible to live like that and that is why I want smacking banned in the home.

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