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my word of the week is:

this is becuase my son has spend a large proportion of his time at school and home practicing for his singing performance at school on Wednesday.

Due to his autism his anxiety was through the roof so we have been finding ways to calm that done. He loves the singing element. Thank goodness for YouTube for where he can listen to the song and practice at home.

In other good news he went to London on a school day tps and loved it. ever since he was he was younger he has been obsessed with London.

DS1 also receded his star of the week for reflectioning and looking back on how much he has improved over the school year.

DS2 had started his swimming lessons this week and it has really helped him with his confidence. He also went to his second induction for his new school which he is super excited when use his nursery friend that he plays with all the time is going to be in the same class.

I have been enjoying the cooler end of the week and to be finally getting to sleep at night after it being so muggy at the start.

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Why museums are important

Hey readers,

Today I want to talk about why museums are important. Well first of they tend to be free which means it is gives opportunity for everyone to access and explore history and culture with the world around us. It doesn’t matter on your background, race. gender or financial the museum is open for all to access if they so desire.

Looking at the display

It is a great place to take the children especially, like myself who does not have loads of money. It is a good way to education a child and to learn through visual ideas and artifacts found in the museum.

They offer free events which is a great way to connect within the community. It allows you to appreciate the different types of expression people can do. It allows you to explore freely with like minded people who also enjoy art.

Children enjoy learning about history and how different peoples lives are or how they used to live. It is an alternative way to learn and it allows a fun way to communicate with children and grasp the complexates of people.

Often the free activities available at the museum can help inspire children to express themselves and get creative. It is a safe place where they won’t be judged and encouraged to do as they wish and with what t hey feel comfortable doing. Children can learn different forms of art and can get excited with the information they have learnt meaning they can expand further when at home or school.

It is a Breathe of fresh air to go to place like the museum that it is not just based on modern information but alternative ideas of thinking.

Museums are a place to remember the past and celebrate the achievements of others have done and created history for it.

Thinking about the important of the museum for a society then there are financial benefits of having museums in places because they can help boast the economy. They provide reasons for other people that don’t live in the area to come and explore the museum.

Also, if you have some money you can be tempted to check out the local shop or go for something to eat and drink therefore back into the economy. Therefore keeping the attraction open for all to explore and have the opportunity.

Do you enjoy going to a museum?

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Ways to help your child to sleep during the heatwave

Hey readers,

We are in the midst of a heatwave and it so hot in the evenings. It can be a real struggle for kids to settle and get to sleep. There is nothing worse than a miserable child that has not had a good night sleep. There are ways to help cool your child and make it a more of a breeze to settle them for the night.

Below I have come up with some suggestions to help keep kids cool and to sleep at night during a heatwave.

Get rid of all the layers and just have pants or nappies – whatever is appropriate for the age of the child.

Make sure you use the right bedding – either a light tog quilt or what I do with my boys simply uses a thin sheet. They enjoy the comfort but the sheet won’t be heavy to make them, even more, hot then they need to be.

Image result for melting

Giving a cold lukewarm shower or bath before bed can help reduce temperature but it is important to make the time in the shower or bath quick because you don’t want them to get too cold. I have found that covering your child in talc is a good way to keep the child cool.

I find blackout blinds brilliant at keeping the light out as we are now getting dark nights a lot later. With having the windows open before bedtime can keep the room cool and if you can keeping them open during the night helps keep the temperature low. Also, if your child is not distracted by the noise then it might be worth considering a fan to add that extra coolness in the room. During the day you can also keep the whole of your home ventilated by having doors and windows open to keep the air following and making the rooms cool. Another trick to keep rooms cool is to have the curtains pulled two thirds away to keep that sun from making the room boiling hot.

If you are like me having a temperature thermometer that accurately measures the room temperature is useful as it gives me that piece of mind to know I can get the room right.

Image result for heatwave

Before putting your child to bed a good suggestion is swapping the usual hot milky drink that they have before bed and swapping it for a cold milk drink. This way then they will help keep your child’s body temperature cool. In addition, you could consider putting the bottle or cup into the fridge to keep it at a cool temperature.

It is important to keep the child calm before bed because if they get too excitable that can also increase the child’s temperature. Making sure you do activities that are calming for the child such as watching a relaxing tv show, having some quiet time and reading a book can all help keep things calm and settled.

What things help you keep your child cool during the night of a heatwave?

Thank you for reading.


Hey, readers,

my word of the week is:

because it is now officially summer and boy does the weather let us know. This weekend has been busy with clubs and kids parties, my eldest has been super exhausted during the week due to hectic weekend shenanigans.

DS1 also got to see his school artwork on display in a local public venue last night and he was super chuffed that he got his work chosen for it. Not just that but this week at beavers he got his gardening badge, which he loves because the design on it involves a watering can.

DS2 has been enjoying nursery with seeing the dentist giving our information and an exciting visit from the fire engine. He has been so chatty now to everyone so it is lovely to see his confidence grow. He will soon be leaving nursery next month and start school in September with his brother.

Cheers for reading X

Reasons to love summer

Hey readers,

It is officially summer time now so let’s get celebrating this hot season. Here are my reasons why I love summer.


Washing Line

As a parent, nothing excites me more than to put out the washing on the line, to have that fresh feel when you bring it down. Nothing gets me more excited than getting four loads of washing washed, hung, got down and put away in a day – that my friends are some achievement.  Not to mention the buzz you get of feeling all domesticated and winning at life.

Al Fresco.


Eating outdoors is ace when you have  children because you can leave all the crumbs behind and don’t have to hoover. It is fresh air and being around nature no better place to be when eating. I finding having picnics less stressful then eating at home, maybe kids too and they seem much more relaxed with this option to the alternative eating at a table.


Sunset in UP

With the above point about picnics this can be incorporated with going outside, as I have young children it tends to be the park, which that it was my children every really want to be honest. They can burn off steam while I can get a moment to read some of my book, it is a winner and everyone is happy. It is also cheap day out, the kids get sleepy and everyone is happy to come home and chill out. Going out side mess less bickering and the boys get on better without each other wanting to pull each other hair out.

Schools out.

Family at the lake 

During the summer period of late July and August the boys have broken up from school and nursery. It  feels much more relaxed because there is a unstructured schedule but that sense of urgency to do homework or get out of the door early in the morning. It allows my eldest to be a bit calm as he hasn’t got the added anxiety of spelling tests (this might not affect every child, however my eldest is autistic and performance activities effects him greatly). If we have a day out somewhere on a Sunday or during the week we can take our time without having the thoughts in the back of the mind that we need to get home so the boys don’t get tired the next day for school or nursery.

Holiday away from home. 

The girl and stuff in the open trunk

Of course holidays tend now to occur during the summer holiday as it is the best time to break up the six weeks of summer holidays. Getting away from it all, exploring new surroundings and taking trips to the beach all make up create memories for the family.


Boy in sunglasses and hat eating popsicle outdoors

With summer normally means warmer weather, therefore the choices swing to lighter meals and anything that cool to help get through the heat. I spend a fair amount of money stocking up on the ice creams and lollies, of course a magnum or tip top are signs that summer has officially arrived.

What do you enjoy about summer?

Cheers for reading X


Introverted parent

Hey readers,

Sometimes I worry that I am not good enough parent simply because I am an introvert. I accept I am an introvert and there are some really good qualities that come with that type of personality.

When I look back as a child I saw people judge me because I didn’t always have a voice or couldn’t find the words to say what I needed to say. I believe that this was a mix of my personality and having autism. Communication is not my strongest point. However, I remember feeling bad because it kept getting mentioned. You see some points in my childhood I lived in the care system and there really was a lot of loud children that wanted to be heard. I was judged because I was not the status quo and then it made me question am I good enough?! I used to think that because I was quite, I was kinda of philosophical in the sense I liked to reflect and ponder over things. People notice loud people, that is fine it takes all sorts to make the world go round. The problem is at such a young age I interpreted the messages I was getting as I was not good enough. Bing quiet wasn’t good, I wouldn’t get anywhere in life because I couldn’t form friendships. To me communication meant opportunity. I still believe that to some extent. Nonetheless, I have come to accept who I am and that world needs both quiet and loud as they both in their own right carry brilliant attributes.

Sadly, there is also a downside, like everything I guess. Sadly, you can’t change who you are, I love quiet time and crave time alone where I can just be left alone to think. When I have time alone it gives me the opportunity to not have to think about the socialising which coincidently my husband thrives off it.

I am lucky in the sense I have a supportive husband that understands my needs and that yes it is selfish but selfish can be good, especially when it keeps the family home life calm.

I find social interaction exhausting with my children at times. I am not saying I hate my children most of the time I enjoy it and find it really fun and amusing. However, it can be really mentally draining for me. I suppose it doesn’t help that I am autistic as well so uses up a lot more energy trying to read the social situation. and trying to work out how to respond correctly. Not to mention my eldest is also autistic and has his own needs on top of everything else.

I think it takes a lot more energy for introverted parents like myself as I spend more time processing emotional stuff and probably over thinking. This can be good but also can be exhausted as it takes it out of you, let’s face it generally parenting is hard work so there is not much energy left for much more.

One good aspect of being an introverted parent is the fact that it can be a positive role model in the sense that shows that it is ok to have quiet time and do your own thing. It can also teach children that not every moment someone wants noise and that sometimes people need space.

Cheers for reading X

Activities to do during a rainy spring day

Hey readers,

I know it Spring and edging towards to summer but as we are all aware we still do have wet days. it can be a pain when it does get so wet that kids get bored, so here are some fun and simple activities you can do when a crisis hits.

Egg crest heads.


Egg crass heads empty the head out of an egg and put some cress seeds a bit a soil and add water. Leave on the side to grow and Watch your little people’s faces light up.


Rear View of Boy Sitting at Home

There is nothing better than getting lost in a book to keep their imagination going. If they are a little older you could always get your child to read to you, whilst you still back and relax!


Image result for baking kids

A brilliant way to get your little ones in the kitchen and help bake something delightful like gingerbread men or cornflake cakes,then you can enjoy your yummy treat with your afternoon film.


Watch a movie is a great way to relax in the afternoon. Who doesn’t like a cuddle with a throw when it is dreary outside. Also a perfect excuse, if you can, to get five-minute shut-eye, ssssshhhh don’t tell anyone.

Jumping in muddle puddles.

Sometimes we need fresh air to keep our sanities intact. One fun activity to do outside is to jump in muddle puddles. There is nothing finer in life then coming back from a wet excursion and getting into some warm and cosy clothing.

Board games.

Bored games are a great way to spend with the family indoors, whether it is card games, pass the sausage or playing shopping lists it is a great way to kill an hour or two.


Iowa man sits at a messy table while holding paint covered pencil and brush

Crating can in many ways, fir ny boys they love colouring in or getting out the paint a picture. It is a brilliant activity when it is wet and you’re stuck indoors. Don’t forget though the ultimate luxury for little ones is decorating a cardboard box.

What things do you like to do with your children to keep them entertained when it is outside?

Cheers for reading X