Five activities that won't break the bank 

Hey readers,

Today I want to talk about things to do when you’re skint because that’s my situation right now.  I thought this may be of use to parents who struggle to find cheap entertainment when you have lack of funds.

1. The first thing that I would suggest is the most obvious thing and that is just to take a ball, frisbee or anything that is suitable for the park It can be just the local Apr down the road  but it is still fun. Not to mention getting some fresh air and a break from the four walls of your home.

2. If you are bored, skint and at home then pick film. You can even find a ton of free films on YouTube. Such a easy activity  to kill a couple of hours especially when it is rainy or to stop the never ending.

3. If you are desperately needing to escape the Doom of mummy prison then I suggest get your wellies on and go out. Even if it is to just simply collect leaves, sticks and stones. All I can be fantastic material to paint with at home. It is free and a real winner in my home.

4. I love my library, it is such a fabulous service within the community. It is  free to loan books and children’s audio books. There is free activities such as rhythmtime and story time – in the latter they provide  free activities with all their materials such as paper and colouring in pens. It  is a great day out for everyone and you’re learning, what more could you want?!

5. A classic activity to do when you’re skint is to get the board games out or jigsaws. You will be amazed at how much it can kill an hour or two and it us great bonding time. plus, it helps teach children patience and to share!

Is there anything I have not mentioned that is a real winner in your home that doesn’t break the bank?
Hope you have found this helpful and whatever you do I hope you have lots of fun.

Cheers for reading X

My Top Ten Frugal Tips

Hey readers,

I love a bargain and saving money particularly when hard times prop up. It can be hard to save but here are my tips that have helped me out in dark times.


1. Don’t  buy books before checking out your local library.  They have a wide selection of books that you can borrow for free. If you are unlucky and cant find something that you are looking for then check out Amazon for second hand books at a cheaper price then buying them brand new.

2. If you are looking for days out but want to keep the costs low check out your local council webpage. There are frequent free family events to participate in your local area.

3. If you need a haircut but cant afford the high prices at the hairdresses then check out your local collage. Though they are trainee hairdresses the prices are lower saving you £££s.

4. Check out Ebay or your local NCT sales as you can get great bargain childrens clothes and showes.

5. check out supermarket own brand. Sometimes it’s  better then the branded stuff.

6. When going shopping use a list and stick to it.  Easy way to stay in control and look after your money.

7. Clear out all your unwanted stuff that you don’t use. Sell in on eBay or your local Facebook selling pages and you can make a few quid.

8. When going to the park instead of buying over priced ice-cream from the ice-cream van buy a packet of lollies from the supermarket.

9. Look online for the deals. Particularly Martin Lewis website is a good one. It has the latest and up to date coupons and deals locally and nationally.

10. When making meals use more veg then meat. More healthy and cheaper way to bulk up a meal.

Cheers for reading X

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