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Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

because I got through another week, as someone who is going through a depressive episode this is an achievement. Small things at the moment are a real struggle and if I could I would stay in bed all day. I literally, have to egg myself to get up to do something such as getting the clothes washing done. People who have never experienced depression will never know the struggle, it really is a mental battle.

I am struggling financially with things when my income has changed as I now have no carers allowance nor do I have disability benefits. It is really tough and trying to muddle on is a challenge in its self. Trying to find the money for milk or paying for a school trip makes you feel the worst parent ever. Small things but they all add up. When you dread how you are going to pay for and look after your child whilst not getting in debt with the electricity is all fun and games.

Cheers for reading X

Benefits of reading 

Hey readers,

I love reading most of the time, unless I am depressed then I can’t even have the motivation to look at anything. I think reading is such a good thing for people’s mental health. I think people don’t realise how beneficial reading something can be. There are many benefits of reading and I have only selected a few that strikes a chord with me.


Firstly, books are knowledge and knowledge is power. Books are so vital to learning and there are so many topics you can explore.

One of the main attractions to reading for me personally is the escapism. I am a huge fan of psychological thrillers and they just give me that opportunity to get away from the daily grind.

book 3

Books are a great tool for helping to use your imagination skills, I almost feel like I am with the main character and can get a tad sad when my bookends and they have vanished from my mind.

Books help you focus and concentrate on reading the words. I really struggle to sit down for long periods, so taking a book I can literally lose myself in and focus on what is being said on each page.

Reading has helped to improve your memory when you are trying to remember key details that you need to go back to at a later date. Retaining that information is a skill and the more you practice, the better you will get.

I suffer from anxiety and depression and reading really does make me feel so good and something I enjoy, especially when it is enthralling.

book 2

Nothing makes me happy than taking a trip to the library and getting a ton of new and exciting books to explore. What is even better is that it is cheap entertainment, it is free and it is helping my health, win-win.

Finally, one of the most beneficial reasons why reading is good for me is that it helps me sleep. There is nothing finer than going to bed with a book and getting all cosy, a perfect way for me to end the night. I always sleep so much better when I read, it just really helps get me in a relaxed state to settle me for when I go to sleep.

Cheers for reading  X

Those that make the loudest noise get heard!

Hey readers,

Those that make the loudest noise get heard. I know this totally the opposite of a similar saying and agree that you don’t always have to make the biggest noise. However, in some situations, you need to speak out and make that bloody noise to be noticed. This is a lesson that has taken me years to work out. I used to be reserved, even on my blog I worry about what to write and scared that if I am too honest people won’t like it.


 I suffer from mental health conditions (OCD, anxiety, depression, social anxiety) and some of the thoughts that I have scared people. Living with mental illness is a very dark place to be and them thoughts that are taboo, I have to live with every single day. The kind of thoughts I have is thinking about not being here, the world be better off without me, I can’t cope anymore I just want to die. I dread getting up and having to get through another day. This is real life for me, it’s not pretty, it’s tough and I don’t chose to feel this crap if I could wave a magic wand I would be there like a shoot. I want to be More open and raw on my blog because that is what I like to read from others. I am not looking for solutions or sympathy, it is just my little place to express myself. Sometimes, just writing it down can be so cathartic and really beneficial, instead of bottling it in.


I need to stop feeling so ashamed or worry I talk about anxiety or depression a lot. because you know what it is there in my life a lot. It is part of me so naturally is one my biggest influences on the content I make. One major thing I worry about is being open about my mental health on my blog and then maybe at a later date not getting a job because of it.

I think this conservative sort of keeping quiet and carry on mentality stems from childhood and the way I was brought. My earlier years I was brought a Roman Catholic which is pretty hardcore.

calm 2

So, I am slowly changing my thought processes and the way I communicate. It may not be to everyone’s cup of tea but someone may stumble across it appreciate that they do have similar feelings they are not alone. Mental health is very isolating and gets bad press because you know I have come across people that think I am being a drama queen, but accepting that is OK. The more we talk about mental illness the better chance of breaking down the stigma. I believe that mental health should be treated equally the same as physical health.

Cheers for reading X


Hey Readers,

Today has been hard. Well not the whole day but in the morning where for the first time I took my eldest swimming. My husband and youngest were also there. I struggle with social anxiety, autism and a fear of drains.

The first half was ok as it was just me and my eldest. The swimming pool swimming features weren’t switched on so, therefore, a lot, lot quieter, phew! My hubby was with my youngest in a different area as my youngest was having a swimming lesson.

Close-up Photo of a Flowerr

However, the moment when the features got turned on and the crowds appear I am shaking. Then the youngest and husband come into the pool. If that isn’t hard enough my eldest has a friend who I didn’t expect to be there so that is another stress.

Before too long I was struggling, had a panic and all I wanted to do was crawl into a dark hole.

I didn’t manage the whole time arranged as I just couldn’t cope. The husband recognised that it was too much so suggested leaving early. Now I have the rotten mother guilt to boot.

Photography of Trees Covered With Snow

I feel rubbish, and I am literally shattered. It does not help that I spend most of yesterday feeling really anxious. All adds up – my mind and body are aching. Luckily hubby looks after the children when I sleep for a couple of hours. When lying down and sleep I just felt all the physical pain.

I hate anxiety!

Cheers for reading X