How to beat the winter blues

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I know it is not winter yet but it won’t be long before it is here with us. The clocks have already gone back and it slowly getting darker and darker meaning that we will not get as much sunlight as we once during the summer time. The weather is getting bitter with the cold air and this can really dampen some people moods. So, here are some ways that have been useful in beating the winter blues.


I know during the darker evenings there is nothing more appealing than to sit under a throw and curl up. However, one way that can stimulate them feel good hormones such as serotonin is exercise, you can just simply watch a exercise on YouTube you don’t have to leave the home. This can make you feel so much better and it might you go the motivation to do more stuff around the home.

Like I have said previously one of the triggers for a decreased drop in mood is not got getting enough sunlight during the day which means less vitamin D to brighten you up. One thing you might want to consider is getting a sad lamp which helps reduce the sad feelings associated with season affective disorder (SAD). It is a lamp that mimics the day light and the person should ideally be near it to work. It can brighten up the environment you are in and it effects the brain chemicals that is connected to your mood.


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Sleep is so important for your physical and mental health that is why it is important you make sure you get enough. Make sure that you have a comfortable place to settle and always leave your tech in another room, less likely to get distracted and then you can 100% focus on your sleep.

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Another great tip is even though it will be miserable outside wrap up warm and just do it as it will be really worth it. Going outdoors some exposure to light and blow some cob webs off too. You will feel much better after you have done it.

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Eat healthier.

As lovely as it is to eat them gorgeous gluttonous food such as chocolate and carbohydrates it is important to try to be mindful of eating healthy. With the food just mentioned the thing that attracts them is the instant hit and feel good factor they produce. The downfall is that it is instance what comes up must come down. Therefore triggering a slump like state which won’t do your mind any flavours in the long run.  Try snacking on fruit such as apples and grapes that give that sweet sensation but less like to make you feel like poop after.

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Sitting near windows whether at home or at work can help get that natural light needed to boast your mood during the winter periods.

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Do something that makes you happy whether it is having a soak in the bath or going to the cinema, focusing on something enjoyable can help make you feel a lot more positive.

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SeramegYBala ceramic necklace review

Hey readers,

Today I am doing a review of SeramegYBala jewellery. If you have never heard of this name well let me tell more. SeramegYBala is a shop on the Etsy website who offer unique handmade ceramic jewellery and gifts. So, each one is crafted individually which gives it that special quality as it is not just simply from a machine and massed product.

I received my item super fast in the post and the piece of jewellery came in a lovely recycled cardboard box with the stamp of the business logo on it (see pictures below).

jewellery 2

jewellery 1

The item comes as described and it is lovely hand crafted made.

I love the simple design on a hexagon with spots, it adds character to my outfit. There may different designs. This would make a lovely present for Christmas. The piece is well made and sturdy. At the back, the necklace has a clasp so you can keep the jewellery secure around your neck. Giving you that peace of mind that is safe and you don’t have to worry about the necklace getting broken. The necklace its self isn’t heavy which I was thinking it might because of it being ceramic, however, once I tested it out it felt light. Another good thing about the ceramic material as someone who has sensitive skin it didn’t react and it was comfortable to wear off for several days without any irritation. The whole ceramic piece is smooth and no bits were sharp that could cut into your skin, therefore, making it much more comfortable to wear compared to other pieces from different places that have sharp bits that dig into your skin.

I like the design of the necklace with the spots and the subtle colour as it is can be worn with a variety of different colours and not have to worry about it clashing and not completing the outfit nicely.

The necklace can be worn for many different occasions so you can get a lot of use out of it.

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This is an advertisement feature. I was given a piece of jewellery in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Tips to beat insomnia

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I have suffered from insomnia on and off my life to have had some ways that have really helped me and I thought I would share with you. You may find them helpful, obviously, everyone is different.


One of the most obvious things to do is cut back on caffeine as that is a stimulant and that will keep you more alert. I recommend not having things like tea or coffee an hour before you go to bed as this can help slow down the mind and help you get you in a relaxed mood.

person holding white ceramic teacup with black coffee

Cold bedroom.

A cold bedroom is recommended as your body needs to drop below your core temperature to help initiate sleep. It is much easier to get to sleep when it is cooler because your body eventually will warm up. I have always found this really helpful to do. I sometimes open the window half an hour before to get that breeze going through.

Write down how you are feeling.

With insomnia, there could be a psychological reason why you are struggling to sleep. I find writing down your thoughts in a constructive way to help as writing it down is concrete rather than festering and going round and round in your brain. When you wrote down I feel a release and it really does help reduce anxiety, I might not have a cure but seeing it on paper makes me feel less stressed.

Watch something relaxing.

I find if I watch something serious or scary then that can trigger thoughts and cause me to have a restless sleep. I now much prefer to watch something light-hearted and preferably something to do with comedy as laughing is good for the soul and it helps you relax too.


Leave your electronics in another room because they are a devil a keeping you wide awake and alert. Plus it is difficult especially late at night on eBay *ahem*. It is better to read a book in bed if you feel the need to do something (not an e-reader).


Having a soak in the bath is a good way to relax and get you in a sleepy frame of mind. It allows you to soak your muscles.

woman s face on white liquid


Doing exercise is a great way of getting rid of any frustration and can help make you feel sleepy by all the physical working out you do.

Avoid naps.

Now having naps during the day is glorious. However, if it becomes a habit then it can really affect your sleeping pattern and could stop you from drifting off easy when it comes to bedtime. It is best if you can avoid naps as it really makes you want to sleep when it comes round to going to bed.

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Get up.

if you can’t sleep get up because there is no point just lying around waiting to go back to sleep when we all know it is not going to happen. It is more practical to come back to bed when you are feeling more sleepy. They do stay clear of the electronic devices.


Now if you feel that you do have a long-term problem and it is affecting your life then your best option is to go to speak to the doctors as they are the professionals and they can help you on a medical term.

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October tag

Hey readers,

I tried doing this for Tweetober however, I forgot and then I kind of gave up. However, I really like the questions so I thought I would do the tag as a blog post.

1) Favorite fall colour? My favorite fall colour would have to be mustard.

2) favorite fall activity? going for walks in nature when there is that crisp feel in the air then going home in the afternoon into the warm, bliss!

3) Favorite fall candle scent? apple cinnamon.

4) Corn maze or hayride? I think hayride would be much more fun then corn maze.

5) Sweater or hoodie? I prefer sweater much more comfortable though I do miss the hood.

6) Favorite fall clothing item? I love fluffy socks and they way they feel on my tootsies especially when it is cold or during a dark evening.

7 Favorite fall date idea? I like to snuggle under a cosy blanket watching a film and drinking hot chocolate when it is all cold and drizzly outside.

8) Favorite fall drink? I would choose a rare treat that I have now and again and that would be a cheeky Costa mint hot chocolate.

white ceramic mug over brown table

9) Favorite thing about fall? Oh gosh so many good things. Darker nights, cooler weather, the colours of the leaves, fairy lights.

10) What are you grateful for? Though I don’t have a lot of money I am glad for having a roof over my head, food in my belly, feeling safe at home and my boys being happy (especially when they are giggling together).

11) Pumpkins or apples? Apples I loves a good juicy apple.

12) Favourite Halloween costume? I really love Beetlejuice so of course, it had to be him.

13) Favourite Disney villain? Not a massive Disney lover but if I had to choose a Disney Villian it would have to be Cruella de Vil from the film One Hundred and One Dalmatians. I chose her just because she kicks ass at being evil and she has a brilliant dirty laugh.

14) Do you like haunted houses? Yes, of course, I do they look so much fun.

15) Favourite Disney movie? Without a question of doubt would be Beetlejuice.

Image result for beetlejuice

16) Favourite fall memory? Feeling cosy in the evenings.

17) Favourite fall decor item? my Halloween fairy lights from Primark.

18) Favourite Halloween joke? I got so fed up with trick or treaters at Halloween that in the end I turned the lights out and pretended I wasn’t in. Forget the ships. My lighthouse, my rules…

19) Favourite Halloween song? Bobby Pickett Monster Mash.

20) Fire pit or fire place? I love a fireplace and getting cosy. Fire pit sounds like hell, lol.

21) Scariest Halloween memory? Seeing humans, lol.

22) Do you believe in ghosts? No.

23) Pretty little liars or scream queens? Neither don’t know what Scream Queens but not a fan of America type programmes that are saturated on Netflicks.

24) Favourite villain of all time? Hannibal Lecter.

Image result for hannibal lecter

25) Would you sleep in a graveyard? I already have when I was 12. I love graveyards so calming and no f*cker is around.

26) Favourite classic monster? cookie monster.

27) Biggest fear? Humans.

28) What Halloween monster would you be? Frankenstein.

29) The creepiest story you have heard? Jimmy Saville.

30) Favourite Adam’s family member? Cousin It.

Image result for cousin it

31) Halloween plans? eat all the mother f*cking sweets.

Cheers for reading X

How To Fix Damages From A Failed Rhinoplasty

Unfortunately there are a number of reasons for why rhinoplasty can fail. These can include failure to follow the instructions of the patient as well as incompetency technically on the part of the surgeon. What results can be an unholy apparition where the person’s nose is out of alignment or contour. This can take an average person’s facial appearance and make it into something decidedly unnatural which causes emotional pain and embarrassment.

Worse than this, a failed nose surgery can cause a real deformity of the nasal cavities and passages that negatively impacts the function of the person’s nose. Disappointment and anger are natural reactions to problems like these, along with bitter regret for have opting to have the surgery in the first place. In the end, many disappointed rhinoplasty patients will look for a reliable and dependable surgeon who can fix the damage and rebuild the horribly misshapen nose.

Repairing Unnatural Damages from a Previous Rhinoplasty Is Possible

It requires a high degree of medical, technical, and artistic skills to fix a surgically ruined nose. In fact the challenge is far more difficult than the original surgery should have been. There are several reasons for this. Delicate, thin components of the shape have to be recreated in a three dimensional picture. Twisted, collapsed, and shredded remains must be worked over into the new and improved shape.

Every fabricated section will need a true mirror image to mimic the opposite part. The final product has to be correctly and optimally aligned in such a way that the nose looks straight to the casual observer. Joints and seams have to be invisible after the surgery heals. The whole nose structure needs to be correctly proportioned so that it appropriately fits in with the rest of the person’s face. Not only does the outer appearance have to look nice and be smooth. The interior air passages have to be sufficient in size so that a comfortable quantity of airflow is permitted.

Differences Between First Time and Revision Rhinoplasty

The revision form of rhinoplasty requires a great deal more surgery time. This surgery is far more complex and easily needs a minimum of four to five hours of operative time. The recovery period turns out to be far longer as well, thanks to pre-existing damage to tissue and the longer surgery time. Those patients who possess healthy but thin skin could need a full six to twelve months to see complete results and healing. It could even take two years for optimal recovery and results to appear for those who possess thicker skin that is more prone to scarring.

Revision rhinoplasty also needs something besides merely extended treatment and recovery times. It practically always needs graft material for the surgery to be successful. This living material it wants comes from cartilage that the surgeon will have to harvest from somewhere else in the patient’s body. This is then applied to replacing the damaged nose tissue. The human organism only possesses three ample supplies of extra cartilage. This is why the results with the grafted cartilage will range widely from one patient to another.

The three types of cartilage employed for this revision rhinoplasty are from the septum, the ear, or the ribs. The best source is always from the septum because it is straight and comes from the nose itself. Next best choices are the ear and rib cartilage.

Cartilage from the Nasal Septum (Septal)

This cartilage comes from the dividing barrier which differentiates between the left and right nasal passages. The septum proves to be approximately the dimensions of a credit card. The cartilage beyond the outer perimeter of the septum is safely removable for grafting purposes in nose reconstruction.

There are so many benefits that septal cartilage offers surgeons. The only downside to it is that the excess supply of the material is highly limited. A great number of patients may not be able to take advantage of this excellent source of spare cartilage. Those suffering from prior septoplasties, intense septal deviation, or septal cartilage that has been damaged in the past will simply lack an excess supply with which to reconstruct a nose that was badly damaged in the prior surgery.

Cartilage of the Ear (Conchal)

Within the external ear is a bowl-shaped part that is on the other side of the ear canal. This conchal bowl may be harvested via a tiny incision hidden behind the postauricular crease. For most people, the cartilage a size of a quarter can be taken out without changing the look of the outer ear.

The downside to this ear cartilage is that it is curled, thick, and likely to crack under shaping or stress. It does resist infection effectively as well as resorption and warping. Yet the thickness, unworkable shape, and limited amount cause it to be less than optimal as nose grafting material. Yet there are scenarios when the cartilage from an ear can be effectively deployed to improve a nose surgery gone bad.

Cartilage of the Rib (Costal)

Most people think of the rib cage as primarily built out of bone. Yet in the places next to the breast bone (sternum), the ribs are comprised entirely of cartilage. Every person’s ultimate shape, strength, and thickness of the cartilage varies considerably. .Yet obtaining a length of cartilage that is two to three inches long is possible for aiding with nasal surgery reconstruction.

The upside is that this material is often widely available in sufficient quantities. Getting to it is difficult, takes time, and can be dangerous. Besides this, the cartilage from one’s nose has a tendency to be too brittle and weak when the surgeon thins it to the necessary thickness for the nose surgery. It often warps or curls up in only the months, weeks, or even days after surgery too.

This means that noses which a surgeon reconstructs using rib cartilage can be bulky or bigger than desired so that the thin grafting is not necessary in the procedure. This works for men who want a strong nose, but not well for those looking for delicate and shapely noses as these will all too easily warp. Yet for those whose nose jobs were badly botched, using cartilage from the rib can many times prove to be the only practical means of treating the issue.

If you’re thinking of undergoing a rhinoplasty or a revision rhinoplasty in the Beverly Hills area, you may look for or contact Dr. Andrew Frankel. Dr. Frankel is a board certified surgeon in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery & Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Frankel performs a wide variety of facial & neck area procedures.

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Rejuvenate “Tired and Sleepy” Eyes With Blepharoplasty

Firm eyelids and a youthful look, that’s what you want to see in the mirror each morning. Happily, simply by placing yourself in the hands of Dr. Mark Glasgold and his associates, you can soon restore that wide-eyed and vibrant countenance you desire. After all, the eyes are known as the windows to the soul for good reason. Left to droop and loosen, your upper eyelids start to cover your eyes. That hooded, heavy appearance to your gaze, deceptive as it may be, will make you look sleepy and older. Eyelid surgery is the answer, surgery that’ll erase the years that hang above your still very much young at heart eyes.

The youth-rejuvenating results are fully realizable, but the best possible outcome requires the services of a true professional, someone who’ll consider every factor and lead you carefully through the procedure. Are there risks? How long of a recovery period should you expect after the eyelid surgery has concluded? For answers to these questions and more, please read on.

Understand The Procedure

Known by plastic surgeons as an Upper Blepharoplasty, the goal is to skillfully rejuvenate the skin of the upper lids. The procedure uses several small incisions to erase the years, to remove puffiness and that heavy aspect to the eyes that conveys an impression of weariness or apathy. Generally speaking, your plastic surgeon will recommend a local anesthesia. For full comfort and a stress-free experience, talk to Dr. Glasgold about a local, plus IV sedation.

At any rate, with thoughts of discomfort now dismissed, you’re likely wondering where the incisions will be placed. Like any other plastic surgeon, a specialist who views his work with a high degree of professionalism, the doctor directs his actions with great dexterity. Each carefully applied surgical incision is delicately concealed within the lines of an eyelid crease. Excess fat and tissue are removed at this point, and the area is sculpted ever so slightly so that the upper lid area gains a smooth, contoured appearance.

Characterizing Eyelid Surgery Experiences

Sitting in a waiting room, you worry a little. Escorted into the doctor’s office and seated, those worries evaporate like an early morning mist. For every question you have, there’s a reassuring answer. Indeed, you discover that eyelid surgery on the upper lid is considered routine, although the Glasgold group never treats any procedure as routine; as soon as you enter the sanitized operation area, every move, every incision and surgical action, will be made with clinical precision.

First of all, there’s the local anesthetic to administer. A slight stinging sensation is possible here, but that feeling soon passes. A light IV sedative is also carefully dispensed at this moment, all the better to assure a comfortable and anxiety-free procedure, from start to end. Only when the upper lid area is numb and you’re ready does the blepharoplasty commence. The incisions are concealed, perhaps in the fold of your eyelid or in a fine skin crease. Then, when the lid contours are well-defined and the puffiness-causing fat is removed, a few mico-sutures are used to invisibly conceal the work.

In point of fact, after the procedure is over, there should be very little bruising or swelling. The local anesthetic minimizes such post-op issues. Diligently wielding his instruments, your doctor also works hard, and with supreme dexterity, to ensure the incision marks blend into your natural skin creases and light wrinkles.

Who Will Enjoy The Benefit?

If you’re constantly being asked if you’re getting enough sleep, a moment comes when you wonder why everyone’s convinced you’re so sleepy. Perhaps you’re a woman, and your eye makeup would benefit from larger, smoother eyelids. Or, if you’re a man, that promotion you’ve been after is out of reach because your hooded eyes are making you look sleepy and old. Whatever the reason, this eyelid surgery could just be your way out of the eyelid-heavy doldrums.

Of course, you’re not worried about an obstruction to your visual field when you’re on the verge of opting for an upper blepharoplasty, but you’re certainly beginning to experience a different kind of anxiety. Looking in the mirror, seeing the reactions of friends, colleagues, and family, you just want to rejuvenate your eyelids and be able to convey the inner energies you’re experiencing. Thankfully, restored by this procedure, your eyes will look well-rested and significantly younger.

What Are The Post-Op Effects?

Well, a light swelling effect around the lid area is common. That post-op outcome could linger for as long as a week, and it may be accompanied by some localized discomfort, but it will fade. If the discomfort does last longer, please do contact your plastic surgeon. Otherwise, post-operative dressings are not required, and you can resume normal activities when the preoperative narcotics have safely worn off. As for driving, don’t attempt to drive until all narcotics and pain meds have passed through your body. Additionally, consider remaining a passenger until all of that concentration-debilitating eye discomfort has gone.

For more information and an appointment, call the offices of Dr. Mark Glasgold. Board-certified in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Glasgold and his professionally accredited colleagues will work with you to ensure you receive the highest level of care and consideration. Dr. Glasgold specializes in facial rejuvenation techniques including eyelid surgeries in New Jersey. From the moment your consultation begins to the moment your procedure concludes, your path to a positive outcome is our sole concern.

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Scratch your way to a win

Hey readers,

Shall I let you into a little secret….I love now and again having a go on scratch cards. To me, they are an ultimate treat because they are a great way of getting the adrenaline going. I don’t smoke or drink so this is my little vice, because you know sometimes it is good to treat yourself. So, when Scratchcard-winners asked if I wanted to review some of their scratch cards winner I was like hell yeah, so much fun because let’s face I have nothing to lose.

If you have not heard of Scratchcard-Winners they are the number one blog page for all UK National Lottery Scratchcards past and present. We regularly feature information on new scratchcards and their availability in shops, as well as posting images of big winners on our social media pages. We love to run competitions and giveaways, so come and follow us on our website, Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news.”

Here is a selection of my scratch cards to test out.

Super 7s.



This card is called Super Seven and cost £3. You have nine changes of winning. First, you have to scratch the top box to reveal the winning numbers. Next, you have to check to see if the three numbers in each seven block match with the top winning numbers box.  Prizes range from £5.00 – £250,000. Sadly I did not win on this card.

Jewel Smash. 


This next scratch card is Jewel Smash which cost £2.00. You had to scratch each box and you could either win when you found three of the same symbols horizontal or diagonal. Again I did not win anything and this was probably my least favorite scratch card out of the punch that I received.

Red Hot 7s Doubler. 




This scratch card was all about the number seven hence the name Red Hot 7 Doubler, which costs £2. I enjoyed playing this card as it is something a bit different. The rules of this scratch card are to scratch each line to reveal the numbers and you could win prizes if you got three black number sevens in a row. You also could get a chance to win again if you got three red number sevens. I did not win on this card, boo!

Get Lucky. 


pic 1

This card is called Get Lucky and cost £1. You can scratch boxes to reveal the symbols and if you can match three of the same symbols. Depending on the symbol is the amount you can win, you can see on the box on the left-hand side what prizes go with which symbol. I did not win anything on this card.




This card is called 5X and cost £1. The rules to this game are scratch the boxes to see if you have a 5 to win a price or a 2X to win 2 times the price and then finally the big price is 5X to win 5 times the price. The top price would be £10,000. Gutted that didn’t win the top price nor did I qin any other price.

Top Prizes of. 


pic 2

This is my final scratch card to play with and be pleased to know that I won, even if it is £1 it is still a winner in my eyes and now I can buy Freddo, whoop! Anyway with this game you need to match three amounts of the same value of money to win a price. I got three £1, hence the £1 winning. There is also another win with finding the fingers crossed symbol to win £5.

So, there you have it that is my experience of scratch cards.

Thanks for reading X

I have been gifted the scratch cards in exchange for a review. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.