What You Can Expect When You Stop Smoking And Start Vaping

Quit Smoking And Start Vaping

Recently there has been a lot hype going on about the host of benefits that people are able to enjoy when making the choice to change from traditional tobacco products to the vaping electronic devices. But before you make the choice to change to an electronic cigarette, where you aware, that the changes begin instantly?

Below is a timeline that will give you information on what happens inside your body when changing from smoking onto vaping:

8 Hours

8 hours from your last cigarette, your body already starts to improve. In fact, in the first 8 hours, you will start to experience noticeable effects of giving up smoking. The first thing that happens is that the oxygen levels inside your blood will start to go back to a normal level, even when you have already started vaping.

This is because vapour that is produced by the electronic cigarettes are free from carbon monoxide that is present in tobacco-cigarette. This offers your body with a way to start detoxifying from carbon monoxide that you use to inhale, which means you can enjoy the benefits of higher oxygen levels inside your blood, which translates into feeling better in a variety of other ways.

24 Hours

One day after you have stopped smoking and started vaping, your body has rid itself of any residual levels of carbon monoxide which was once present inside your system. By now your lungs will start to detoxify as they start to work on removing the toxic mucus and debris that has accumulated when you were still smoking.

These processes occur as you are no longer taking in these toxins and adding to what was already present in your lungs and body. You are now giving your body the chance to start cleaning and healing itself. This is also possible as the vapours produced from our electronic devices are free from toxins present in the smoke from traditional cigarettes.

48 Hours

After 2 days, your body will carry on thanking you for making the decision to change to vaping as well as finally kicking your habit for cigarette smoking. By now your taste will start to improve, so drinks and food will start to be more enjoyable. In addition, your smell will also improve, and you may start to notice more and more fragrances that you have been missing out on when you were still a smoker.

This occurs because the body naturally starts to repair receptors in the nose and the mouth that were damaged from toxins present in the tobacco cigarettes that you used to smoke.

72 Hours

After experiencing all these improvements in just 48 hours, it should not be surprising that within 3 days your body will continue to get stronger. Most people that have made the switch to electronic cigarettes typically notice by day 3, that their breathing has started to show significant improvements.

Your breathing by now should be easier when compared to when you still smoked as you have stopped exposing your lungs to tar that was once irritating and clogging the bronchial tubes. As the tubes start to relax and as they clear, previous smokers start to notice that their breathing is easier, and their energy levels start to increase.

3 To 9 Months

If you manage to quit smoking cigarettes and you stick with vaping for the next 3 to 9 months, you will start to notice that shallow breathing, coughing and wheezing should have significantly reduced or even gone away.

You will experience these important changes because your lung functions have improved, and your body has now naturally cleared away dangerous debris which built-up while you were a smoker.

5 Years

Now it is time to look over the long-term affects you can expect when you stop smoking. Within 5 years, the risks associated with heart attacks would have reduced by as much as half. If you are still vaping at this time, you also don’t need to worry about the vapour produced by the electronic cigarettes as they won’t cause any damages to the heart cells.

10 Years

Within 10 years the risks associated with lung cancer will reduce by half of what it would have been if you continued to smoke. This is again because the electronic devices are free from carcinogens that are present in tobacco cigarettes. By now your risks of a heart attack is also reduced to about the same as people who have never smoked. If you continue using e-liquid that contains nicotine, the effects of this form of nicotine on your heart can be compared to those associated with caffeine.
Keep it Up
The longer that you are able to stay away from tobacco cigarettes, you will start to notice even more health improvements. You will start to feel better overall and the risks you used to have for various illnesses will also start to dramatically reduce. In addition, the people that are always around you will also not be exposed to harmful effects produced by cigarette smoke.

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Dream wedding photography tips.

Hey readers,

When you think about planning your wedding you want it to be amazing because of how special it is for you and your partner.

One area to consider is photography as it is one thing that can hold special memories from the big day.

Something that most people don’t think about when it comes to wedding photography is sharing guest photos that have been taken of the day.  One way to share the photos with everyone is an app that allows everyone to connect and come together. Check out wedding photo sharing comes up with an ingenious way to share your images with others. It is an app that allows a live feed so that guests can instantly put the photos on to the app and is accessible for everyone. With the app, you can invite the guests from the wedding invitations making it less stressful for the big day. The app is also available for Android and app stores. I think using a photo share app is a great way to not have to worry about losing photos or if people delete them as they have instant access and then you don’t worry about losing precious photo memories.



I think if you are doing your own photography making sure that you are prepared beforehand is so important. Preparation is key, so consider things like having a tripod so that the camera is secure and photos are crisper without getting shaky. If a tripod is not your thing then definitely make sure that there is a strap so that your camera is safe and not run the risk of breaking the camera.

Something that is so blatantly obvious but with all the other things you need to prepare and remember the big day you may forget. My biggest tip is to make sure the camera battery is charged. Another thing is to have an extra battery so that you are safe and not suddenly have the camera die on you when you may have a beautiful moment you want to capture. I like to follow a motto, it is better to be safe than sorry.

A brilliant tip for taking wedding photos is to make sure that there is more than one person taking the photos, as it gives a more diverse range of shots.

When taking photos don’t just take them of the bride and groom but look at all the other elements that are happening in the area. A good suggestion would be to take snaps of guest reactions because a picture can tell a thousand stories.

I personally would suggest planning beforehand how you are going to do the main bulk of photography.  Obviously, the plan does not have to be set in stone but if you get the main shoots that are important for the groom and bride, say for instance a shot of the hands after the rings have been placed would make a beautiful shoot. If you have an idea beforehand of where you want to go with taking photos then you don’t have to panic as you know what you kinda looking for. Therefore making it less stressful and you can feel more comfortable in the role of the photographer.

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My own dream home improvement wishes

Hey readers,

There are so many things that I dream about constantly with regards to having home improvements to my home to make it look more better for me and my family. There is so much to think about and wish you could do if you had the money or time to do them. I am going today talk about the kind of things that I wish I could do to make my home more homely.

I would love to have a door from my living room to the outside area that can be folded and create a bigger space so that the air could be more moveable around my living room. I like the idea of bifold doors and they are reasonable with the prices. You can take a look here and you will see how much is a bifold door for yourself.  I would definitely go for the six door design because I just love having as much possible fresh air as I can get,  especially during the summertime. It would be perfect to have that open space when doing a BBQ or just allowing the kids to run and back and four without having to worry about the door opening and closes. It can just be folded back in an open positive making less stress in the family home because I don’t have to constantly should about leaving the door alone. Having the bifold door would create a lovely feel for the room to have the outdoor world come inside.  Because I live in a small place having a huge area of glass will make the room look bigger and brighter. It will also provide more space which is always a blessing when you have children.

6 Bifold Doors Configuration Option
bifold 6 door

The bifold door is made from toughened glass and comes with a 10-year guarantee, giving you that confidence that the product is protected. It is made from aluminium meaning that it shouldn’t, in theory, have to recoat it ever. There is also the financial gain with it being cost-effective with keeping the heat contained in the room for longer during the colder seasons. Having aluminium doors can be saving money as they need less material used to make then timber.

I feel that it would be lovely to maybe have also a skylight so there is more light coming in. I love nature and looking outside to see the sky would be a lovely way to feel relaxed at home. As my living room is quite dark it will help bring in light especially as my eldest is my hot on Lego, so making it much easier to play. Having a skylight is energy efficacy more so in the colder season because they allow more light and heat, therefore, saving money on your heating bill.

With both the skylight and bifold door they have a positive effect on your health because having more natural sunlight into your home means that it can help with your mental state and give you the feeling of energised. Therefore reducing anxiety and stress.

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Age is a wonderful thing 

Hey readers,

People knock being old, for fear mainly. However, age happens to everyone. So, let’s celebrate it because it can be wonderful for many reasons and here is why.

With age, you become more confident because you have lived on this planet longer and you know what the crack is. You know most people in front and you learn to not give a s**t in some respects. You change and you learn to grow into a different person, with different needs. With age you slowly don’t give a monkey’s about peer pressure, you can wear what you want, listen to what you want and it doesn’t matter who you know because you can do your own thing.

Now that I have become older I care less about materialistic things that were much more important when I was younger. Not because of money more the fact I put more meaning on to them.

You are wiser with age and have learnt more so you have that experience. Which comes in handy sometimes as we all know knowledge is power.

I think we age certainly with myself I am less likely to judge. I am much more understanding and flexible with my thinking, understanding that people are different.

Let’s celebrate wrinkles as a positive because they indicate that we have lived, experienced and still here to tell the tale. If we stopped worrying so much about looking younger then the messages would slowly stop with trying to get us to buy wrinkle what not because it wouldn’t be working because no one would buy their products.

I like the fact I can get to see my children grow as I get older. I don’t fear it or get sad but happy and feel blessed that they are alive. As so many parents don’t get this opportunity.

What reasons do you have to why ageing is good?

Cheers for reading X

Father’s day gift guide 2018

Hey readers,

Guess when Father’s day is this year….17th June. I know, eek right?! So, I thought if you’re struggling you may like some of the ideas that I have chosen for the Father’s in your life.

gift guide.png

1) First of is this funny book designed in Ladybird book style, all about how the Dad works and explained in a humorous way. It is from Amazon.

2) Next, who doesn’t love a good scratch especially when it is somewhere you struggle to reach? Not anymore when you have this extendable back scratcher from The Works.

3) Naturally, you can’t go wrong with some chocolate, check out this ace Father’s day gift set from Cadbury’s hamper full of the old classics of Dairy Milk and Toblerone.

4) Now, check out this perfect little mod con from John Lewis …The Amazon Dot that answers to all your requests, such as what the weather is like or put some tunes on, you won’t be left disappointed.

5) Finally, the piece de resistance…. the wonderful nostalgic Sega mega drive with 81 games built inside. This will win dad over and help bring back some good old memories, with classic games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Compact. You can get your hands on it at Argos.

I hope that has inspired you and whatever you do I hope you have a special day.

Cheers for reading  X

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7 ways to be happy everyday

Hey readers,

Sometimes we can forget to find the joy in the simplest of things and life can drag us down. But we can do something about that and gain some control back. I have got seven ways that aren’t difficult to help find happiness in the ordinary stuff. I hope you find this helpful.

1) Take time out and do something that you love doing, whether it be listening to music, reading whatever it does it! Even if it is just for ten minutes a day it will be worth it in the long term for your wellbeing.

2) Write down something that you are thankful for each day. It doesn’t have too big it could be as simple as hearing the birds. There is a way to train your brain to look at the positives in your life.

3) Go out and connect with nature, go for a walk and just be, take in the trees, the sky because we live in a beautiful world and it has a lot to offer.

4) Laugh – it produces chemicals in the brain to make you feel good and has brilliant healing properties as well.

5) Take some time out to be present and just sit and be. The world goes by so fast that you may miss out and just sitting and slowing down can really be beneficial to your health.

6) Do something for someone else and spread the happiness on. Some suggestions are making a hot drink, taking time to listen to the person and what they are saying.

7) Write down your feelings and work out how you can help reduce the negative and increase the positive.

Cheers for reading X

What Mindfulness Can Do For You

You may very well have heard of mindfulness before. The word alone might make it sound like just another wellness fad that sounds good but has no real effects. That couldn’t be further from the truth, however. It’s more a tool than anything else, one that can be used in a variety of different ways. It helps you become much more aware of what’s happening in the moment, including what’s going on around you but also your own immediate reaction to it and the kind of actions that certain situations encourage you to take. Here, we’re going to look at how this can really help you.

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How do you use it?

As a state of being or a cognitive tool, mindfulness isn’t easy to simply “switch on” whenever you need to. At least, not a first. There are different ways to help yourself achieve it. Taking part in a repetitive activity that focuses on concentration, whether it be yoga or colouring, can help you get to a mental state where you’re much more aware of the body and the world around you. Meditation can help you become much more mindful of your thoughts and your past responses to certain situations. Even physically, breathing exercises and focusing on the part of your body causing you pain can help you control your mental response to that pain, making it feel much less unbearable.

Reduce your distractions

We all have distractions that get in the way when we’re trying to be productive. Whether we’re at work, trying to relax, or focusing on a hobby at home, our mind can be pretty cluttered. Mindfulness can help you grow more aware of what issues are plaguing your mind. Deep breathing exercises can help you remove mental chatter by taking a short break to become much more cognizant of your own background noise. By addressing it, you can tuck it away for later, leaving you free to focus.

Improves cognition

Mindfulness can even potentially make you smarter. As you become more used to meditation and achieving mindfulness in the moment, it can have much stronger long-term effects. This includes the ability to use that sense of distance from a problem in real time. Rather than stress in response to a difficult question or situation, you’re more likely to take a mental step back, look at it from afar, and try to gain a new perspective on it in order to find a solution. In scientific terms, mindfulness meditation has been known to show serious grow in grey matter, particularly in the hippocampus region which plays an important role in learning and memory. You’re more likely to be able to focus in the moment, think creatively, learn new skills, and recall information much more easily.

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Changing your most destructive habits

One of the reasons mindfulness is most often used in therapy is that it can help you become much more aware of what causes you to engage in self-destructive habits. From self-harm to dependency on substances such as alcohol or drugs, you can become more aware of the mental processes that lead you to engage in such dangerous behaviours. If you’re suffering from the effects of dangerous coping mechanisms, take a look at the details of any treatment plans you might see. Beyond helping to separate you from the temptation of those habits, you might want to ensure that is cognitive or mindfulness therapy that can help you identify the steps leading to them.

Learning why you do what you do

Whether it’s engaging in the destructive coping mechanisms mentioned above or simply learning why you might have an emotional overreaction as a response where it isn’t warranted, mindfulness can help you become much more aware of why you do what you do. These are becoming much more widely known as emotional triggers. By practising meditation, therapy, breathing exercises, or other mindfulness methods, you are likely to become more mindful in real time. This can help you work backwards, whenever you feel a craving for a certain habit or a strong emotional response, you can identify and start to recognise the triggers. This can help you avoid said triggers as well as learning to anticipate them and to have much more control over your immediate response.

Taking yourself out of your emotions

When you’re looking to quickly relax, having practised mindfulness in the past can help you get out of your own emotions and take a much calmer look at a situation. One of the reasons that deep breathing is so effective in helping you calm down isn’t just that it slows your heart rate and physically relaxes the body. It encourages you to take a mental step back. You can gain some perspective on the feelings of stress or anxiety you’re having, including what triggered them in the first place. Instead of being in a “doing” mode where you are focusing on your immediate response to stress, you are in a “being” state of mind, where the inactivity can help you better manage your emotions.

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Look back with a new perspective

As mentioned, mindfulness isn’t just good for managing your emotional responses in the moment. It encourages you to take a relaxed step back in time to better study your own behaviour and responses. Often, dwelling on the past can come with a sense of regret of unease, because we have the urge to “correct” the mistake. Using mindfulness, whether through meditation or through apps, allows you to take a more objective look with the aim of simply better understanding yourself rather than trying to actively do something about it. This helps you respond a little better the next time you face a similar situation.

Mindfulness encourages you not only to become more in control of yourself but also to recognise why sometimes you might engage in behaviour that you know isn’t healthy. It’s become much more widely used in the world of medicine and therapy, but you can take steps to make your own personal life more mindful, too.