Five activities that won’t break the bank 

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Today I want to talk about things to do when you’re skint because that’s my situation right now.  I thought this may be of use to parents who struggle to find cheap entertainment when you have lack of funds.

1. The first thing that I would suggest is the most obvious thing and that is just to take a ball, frisbee or anything that is suitable for the park It can be just the local Apr down the road  but it is still fun. Not to mention getting some fresh air and a break from the four walls of your home.

2. If you are bored, skint and at home then pick film. You can even find a ton of free films on YouTube. Such a easy activity  to kill a couple of hours especially when it is rainy or to stop the never ending.

3. If you are desperately needing to escape the Doom of mummy prison then I suggest get your wellies on and go out. Even if it is to just simply collect leaves, sticks and stones. All I can be fantastic material to paint with at home. It is free and a real winner in my home.

4. I love my library, it is such a fabulous service within the community. It is  free to loan books and children’s audio books. There is free activities such as rhythmtime and story time – in the latter they provide  free activities with all their materials such as paper and colouring in pens. It  is a great day out for everyone and you’re learning, what more could you want?!

5. A classic activity to do when you’re skint is to get the board games out or jigsaws. You will be amazed at how much it can kill an hour or two and it us great bonding time. plus, it helps teach children patience and to share!

Is there anything I have not mentioned that is a real winner in your home that doesn’t break the bank?
Hope you have found this helpful and whatever you do I hope you have lots of fun.

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Wet day outings

Hey readers,

When days are wet and you can’t bear another day trapped in the four walls while you slowly go  insane then you must check out my safe list of places to go indoors. They are child friendly, dry and more importantly cheap.

1) Go to the library, read some books, choose some books and let the kids check them out. It is all very exciting and costs nothing.


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2) Your local garden centre is great as it has lots of random tat and they tend to have a coffee shop. Not to mention if your lucky enough fish to see and everyone is happy!

3) Got to love going to IKEA.  Child friendly, free play for 3yo, cheap food and child themed play areas. Both my boys love this place and they can run around causing them to tire them out, #winning.

4) Hit a coffee shop, my boys adore the mini cups as they feel like an adult. I also appreciate the atmosphere as it is a great chilled vibe.

5) McDonalds where you can go get a happy meal and it comes with a toy, what more could child want.  I have wrote a post here why I love this place so much!


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6) Get on a bus for a adventure. My boys love a good trip out on a bus.

7) We live near a free (whoop) green conservatory area for the public. It had plenty of green and a pond full of fish. Beautiful settings and makes a change for me and the boys.

8) Faithful museums are free and educational.


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9) If in dealt go to Pets At Home, it is basically a free zoo.

10) If you want have a sit down in a quite, dark room, go to your local Odean where every morning during holiday time and weekends term time they have tickets for children films for £2.50.

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Christmas Traditions

Hey readers,

We all have them memories of things we did in our childhood, especially for Christmas that we hold on to and want to share with our children. I am going to share some of mine that we do for my children at Christmas.

Let’s start with a golden oldie, leaving a plate with a mince pie, carrot and drink on the night of Christmas Eve. Obliviously, we as parents will have to leaves some crumbs and icing sugar to let child know Santa has been. In the morning when they see the plate they are beyond happy especially as they link to presents.

Image result for christmas plate santa

Having a select day to decorate the tree in December with the kiddos happens every year. It is a challenge for us parents to not want to kill our children due to the chaos but overall it is jolly good fun. That does not stop us adults though sneakily later on in the evening go and rearrange the tree.

Image result for children decorating christmas tree
On Christmas Eve we get into our comfy clean pjs to settle down early evening and watch whatever ‘premiere’ child friendly cartoon is on and this year. I can guarantee this will be no different this year with we are going on a bear hunt airing on Christmas Eve.

Another tradition that we do is write a letter to Santa to let him know that your child has been good and what your child would dearly love this year. This year my eldest basically wanted everything in Smyth’s store 😉

Image result for christmas letter father christmas
Followed by at Christmas we do a reply letter from Santa, AKA mummy to tell my little darling how lovely they have been and let’s forget all about the bad times, because Christmas is meant to be all lovely and warm. This will be left for Christmas Day.

Every year with my children we make a Christmas decoration (brought form the lovely Poundland) to go on our Christmas tree.

Finally, the last thing I love doing with my children is on Christmas Day after dinner going for a walk, more than likely to the park. There is something lovely about going outdoors when the majority of people are indoors. There is a strange type of eeriness to it.

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Chalking About (review)

Hey readers,

I was recently asked to review Chalkola chalk pens. Chalk Markers is a small family business that focus of providing fun and a variety of chalk pens. They are the best selling chalk pen on Amazon in America.

I have got two packs – party pen markers with a 6mm  bullet tip. The colours of the pens are vibrant and fun. The other pens are earthy and lighter in colour with a 5.5mm bullet tip.


The chalk pens are a funky way of decorating an area. The pens can be used on a variety of services such as whiteboards, windows, jars (Chalkola also do specific chalkboard labels  for mason jars as well), menus in cafes, windows etc.

The chalk pens can also be used as a way to celebrate occasions such as mothers day, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, wedding etc.

The chalk pens are non-toxic and water based making it really easy to clean off a service with wet kitchen paper. The pens are also quick drying so making it really quick and easy to use.

If you have children then they can be used from three years old and are a fun way to be creative with them. What I like is the fact that they are easier then traditional chalk and you don’t have to the hassle of cleaning up the chalk dust that goes everywhere. The pens are child friendly and can be washed off clothing.The pens themselves are easy to wash off your hands.


Testing out the product myself I found them they were really easy to use. They have a good grip, however you can not put the lid on top of the pens and leave it there as they do not securely fit. This is a tat frustration but nothing that you can not deal with.

I really liked the fun design of the party chalk pens with the spots on them. My husband really liked the earthy pens with the circuit board style design at the end of the pen. For me who gets confused and mixes things up a lot the different design of pen is easy way to identify so you know which pens go with the style.



When writing with the pens they have a nice flow of chalk and I found them really smooth to write with.

Overall, I can’t really fault the pens, there fab for writing with, easy to clean and fun way to get creative with kids or adults. Definitely recommend this product to friends and family.

Husband’s piece of art with the chalk pens on a plate.

What is better is when you can give the pens to your husband to play with and piece and quite for five minutes.

I have a 20% flat discount on all Chalkola products. All you need is this coupon code:


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I was given this product inexchange for a review. All opinions exchanged are honest and my own. 

Frugal Kids Christmas Activities

Hey readers,

Can’t quite believe we are now in December and I still  feel quite complexed that Christmas  is not far away now and how the heck I am going to get through the festive period financially. So I have drawn up some ideas of some activities that I can do that are cheap and cheerful.

Write letter to Santa – all you need to do is get your little darlings to write a letter to Santa (Here is the address). Use this address and send it by 8th December. Then you are guaranteed to get a free letter back from Santa. How cute eh and the only cost is paper/second class post.

On Christmas Eve you can track Santa in the sky, download the app and play fun interactive games. Great fun to watch and spy  Santa and his movements. You can find out more here NORAD.

Alternatively, you could go visit Santa at his grotto. Bear in mind you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to visit Santa’s grotto as most shopping centres provide free ones, result!

I thought this would be a  bit of fun and a personal touch with this wonderful colour in Christmas table cloth for my boys. They love knowing the fact they have done something and being on display. Such a cool and simple Christmas activity, plus it cost me 99p form good old Home Bargains.



Another wonderful free activity to do with your little ‘uns, is a personlised Santa video on your electronical devices. I did this last year with the boys and particularly my eldest loved it.

A free outdoor activity to do as a family is walk around your local area and see all the wonderful decorations that are on display.

As a family you could make a night together to decorate the tree.

A cosy idea is to snuggle down on a grim day and watch a Christmas DVD. I’ll be honest, one of my favourites is Father Christmas, even after all these years, it’s still blooming good 😉

Image result for father christmas raymond briggs

I be honest with you, last year I did attempt to make a ginger bread house with two boys. It was chaotic and stressful. This year I am going to be different and take the more easy/relaxed approach with making some ginger bread men. No point in getting so stressed that it is not fun and more of a chore.

One of the best things I love is reading books and what better way then to celebrate the festive season with a Christmas book. I love this one adapted to where I live as the boys love spotting the landmarks and it feels a bit more real.


I hope this has helped make you feel festive.


Cheers for reading X


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