Five activities that won’t break the bank 

Hey readers,

Today I want to talk about things to do when you’re skint because that’s my situation right now.  I thought this may be of use to parents who struggle to find cheap entertainment when you have lack of funds.

1. The first thing that I would suggest is the most obvious thing and that is just to take a ball, frisbee or anything that is suitable for the park It can be just the local Apr down the road  but it is still fun. Not to mention getting some fresh air and a break from the four walls of your home.

2. If you are bored, skint and at home then pick film. You can even find a ton of free films on YouTube. Such a easy activity  to kill a couple of hours especially when it is rainy or to stop the never ending.

3. If you are desperately needing to escape the Doom of mummy prison then I suggest get your wellies on and go out. Even if it is to just simply collect leaves, sticks and stones. All I can be fantastic material to paint with at home. It is free and a real winner in my home.

4. I love my library, it is such a fabulous service within the community. It is  free to loan books and children’s audio books. There is free activities such as rhythmtime and story time – in the latter they provide  free activities with all their materials such as paper and colouring in pens. It  is a great day out for everyone and you’re learning, what more could you want?!

5. A classic activity to do when you’re skint is to get the board games out or jigsaws. You will be amazed at how much it can kill an hour or two and it us great bonding time. plus, it helps teach children patience and to share!

Is there anything I have not mentioned that is a real winner in your home that doesn’t break the bank?
Hope you have found this helpful and whatever you do I hope you have lots of fun.

Cheers for reading X


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Sleep is for winners

Hey readers,

As parents life can be challenging and emotional at the best of times. Sometimes, you feel like you have the whole world on your shoulders. One way especially in the earlier days as a parent for me to manage as a parent was making sure that I got a good nights sleep.

Firstly, how I helped myself get a good  night sleep was by making sure that I turned off all of my electronical devices in order to switch off your brain I believe is really vital.

Making sure the environment that you sleep is comfortable, such as getting the right temperature, comfortable mattress and reducing the amount of distractions in the bedroom.

It is important to do something to wind down to help you relax for bed. I am know for having an over active brain so I always make sure that I have a note pad by my bed to write down  all of my thoughts, making it easier for me to relax. Another tip would be to read a book as it helps get you into sleepy mood.

Some people enjoy a bath to help relax their muscles so they can be comfortable before bed.

I am also a huge fan of having music on when I go to sleep. Something that is calming and that will not make you think too much is always a winner for me.

Did you know a study done by Consumer Reports says that 68% of Americans struggle with sleep at least once a week. That’s approximately 164 million people. For Better Sleep Month Leesa, a online mattress company, want to help you get a better night sleep.

Below is an info-graph highlighting what happens when you are sleep and how your body works at different intervals depending on the time.


As you can see visually through the graph sleep has a vital role to play in looking after your body. Obviously becoming comfortable and sleeping for longer periods has a much more positive result with getting better and deeper sleep (delta waves). This is important  because it allows the  body to repair muscles, tissues, stimulates growth and boost the immune system. Therefore allowing you to be more productive the following day which intern helps with productivity and happiness within your life.

Cheers for reading X

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Father’s day gift guide 2017

Hey readers,

Next month (18th June) will be Father’s day and if you are struggling for ideas then look no further, as I have complied a father’s day guide.

gift guide.png

1) Firstly, my hubby is into baking and cooking, I know shock right. But I thought he might enjoy this as he always watches the programme and there is something beautiful about flicking through a cook book when you have five minutes to yourself. The Great British Bake Off Every Day cook book, full of favourite recipes from Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. You pick pick up a copy from Asda (£9).

2) Looking for something amusing and a Star Wars Fan, check out this funny mug with the well know Yoda character printed on it. You can buy this online from Etsy (£6.99 + P&p).

3) Now, this item is slightly pricey but it will be a top hit for the techno man in your life. It is a spectrum solo DAB+FM radio. I like the fact that it looks similar to a Lego piece so something little bit different from your typical DAB style radio. But be perfect to have in the kitchen or even if you opt for a summer barbie in the garden, will create the perfect ambience. You can buy the radio from  John Lewis (£40).

4) If you want something a little bit different check out  Matalan option of growing your own pizza toppings (£3).

5) Always a hit in my household is the old alcohol beverage and this Hobgoblin beer from Tesco (£1.25) will nicely quench any father’s first on the special day.

I hope you have found this guide inspiring and whatever way you celebrate Father’s day, I hope you have a fabulous day spoling the father’s in your life.

Cheers for reading X

 Cheers for reading X

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Today I decided change was here,

for once I felt liberated,

to let go of the past.

The time is now,

let’s evolve and go forth,

I can and I will,

I don’t need that extra help,

Keep being authentic,

if it is meant to be

it will be,

I am sick of worrying

about this and that,

things hold me back,

and it eats my motivation.

This is my turning point,

where I move forward,

and be the person I want to be.


Ways that I de-stress

Hey readers,

Sometimes, for whatever reason it can be hard to wind down, particularly if your stressed out and full of energy. It is good to have a plan to know what kind of things that help you unwind. I know myself, when feeling angry I can not think rationally. That is why it is important to think pre-stress to what helps you calm down. There are many things but I thought I would give you some of my own personal example of things that help and you never know, they may help you.


via Pixabay

  1. Colouring.
  2. Taking a hot shower.
  3. Writing a poem.
  4. Writing blog post about your experience.
  5. Getting distracted by ideas on Pinterest.
  6. Going out for a walk to clear your head and taking yourself away from the situation.
  7. Reading and losing yourself in a story. Helps to focus on something different other then what you are presently feeling.
  8. Painting nails can make you feel better and also it is a physical think which needs your attention.
  9. Watching a comedy and laughing is good for the soul.
  10. Singing some songs can make you feel better and get the frustration out.
  11. Drawing some doodles or sketching can be therapeutic.
  12. Having a sleep and escape from it for a bit.
  13. Doing some exercise can help kick out some of that pent up frustration.
  14. Being kind to yourself – positive affirmations. Remembering that what you feel now is temporarily.
  15. Do some housework, something that can make you feel better and in control.

Cheers for reading X

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Wibble wobble jelly 

Hey readers,

I was approached by Naturelly to do a review of there Naturelly jelly juice pouches.
Nautrelly jelly pouches are a refreshing snack made with real fruit juice and natural jelly from lily plants.

It is free from gelatin. gluten, wheat, dairy and other allergies so great for a whole host of diets. There is no added sugar or sweetener and is 36 kcal per pouch. No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. The good news is each pouch only consists of 7g of sugar (1.5 tspoons).

The jelly pouches come in three different flavours; apple & blackcurrant, tropical fruits and summer fruits. You can buy the pouches from Boots, Wholefoods Markets, Holland & Barratt, Amazon and Ocado.

The jelly pouches are school approved, vegetarian society approved and made in Britain.

Testing out the product myself I found the taste really good and not artificial in anyway. My youngest son really enjoyed having the pouch after nursery and was a great refreshing alternative snack.

You could tell that the fruit jelly pouches were made form natural ingredients, as the colour of the jelly itself was not illuminating, which is always a good sign. I thought the flavour was not too strong nor mild so this could not discourage my son from trying the jelly. My son  really liked the fun and colourful design of the pouches. There is something fun for a child to have a snack in pouch, such a novelty which therefore encourages him to eat the jelly.

The lid on the pouch was not easy to chock on so as a parent I could feel safe about that.

They are also a handy size to put in your bag if your travelling or as part a picnic on a day out.

I have a real problem with my son to get him to drink, so giving him a fruit pouch is a perfect way to keep him hydrated especially after school when he so tired.

Overall, super product and it is brilliant for an alternative snack to keep your child excited. As a parent knowing there is natural fruit and low in sugar gives me that peace of mind.

If you want to find out more information you can find it here Naturally Jelly.

Cheers for reading X

Disclaimer: I was given some pouches to test out in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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The Gifts To Get If You’ve Got An Endless Budget

christmas, gifts, presents

Imagine if you had an endless budget this Christmas. If either you could buy your loved ones whatever they wanted, or they could get you whatever you wanted. Wouldn’t it be a dream? It might even be the case for you, and if it is, this list should be just what you’ve got on your mind.

But, if not, it could be what you’d ask for if you have an imaginary budget to buy whatever you liked with. These are just a few ideas, but if you could get away with anything this Christmas, and get your hands on a gift of your dreams, what would it be?

A Bit Of Bling

Maybe it would be some diamond jewellery? If you’ve always been a lover of glittering gems and sparkly stones, then jewellery would be the best gift for you. Perhaps your Mum or best friend loves her bling. If you had an endless budget what would you buy for her? Take your decision and downscale it a bit, you might just find a gift to get her with the budget you’ve got.

A Whole New Bed

One of life’s biggest luxuries is the ability to go to sleep in stunning surroundings. And no, that doesn’t have to be a desert island. Sleep is something we all do, no matter the paths we’ve walked in life. So, it’s important to be well-rested as best as you can be. If you had an endless budget, who in your life would love a new bed? Or maybe it’s what you’d ask for? Why not even add a new bedding set or quilted mattress cover to the list too. They could even be the gifts you get for those that love their sleep.

A Winter Getaway

Winter sun is beautiful. When you’re fed up of the cold mornings and extended dark nights, you can take comfort in the fact that a sunny paradise is just a few hours away. If your budget has now bounds, play roulette with some of the world’s most incredible destinations and see where you end up. But, if you’re on a budget, see where it will stretch too. You might even decide to scrap the idea of gifts for each other altogether and all chip in on a family holiday in the sun instead.

Shopping Spree

What girl doesn’t love a shopping spree? Gift cards are always a good idea, no matter what anyone tells you. There was a time when it was considered thoughtless to give a gift card as a present. It was if you hadn’t tried hard enough. But now, it’s one of the best presents a girl can get. If your budget was unlimited, you might even go to town n your favourite store with the largest amount you could buy. But, if you’re budget won’t allow that, why not pick up a gift card in an amount that it can? It’ll be the best present any shopaholic could ask for!

Just because your budget isn’t endless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pick (or ask for) some pretty amazing inexpensive gifts. Just be creative about how you choose them, and you’ll be sure to select them.


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Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

Image result for IDEAS

because I just seem to have extra ideas/thoughts buzzing away, sods law being though I never have any paper or pen when I desperately need to write it down. Since being a mother  it takes a lot of energy and brain power to function therefore by the time I come back to the abandoned thoughts they vanish, doh!

In other news, I received a letter from my son’s school about a naivety play that my son will be taking part in. He has been choose to play snowman and it is called Oopsie Daisy Fairy and to be honest as atheist glad to not have religion throw upon him. This is his first performance at school so, should be interesting to see how he gets on with it all. Even better news for me the school provides the outfit, *punches fist in the air*.

Parents can also come along each week to the family assembly. Husband and I  attended the first one last Friday. So adorable when they all the children walk in with the ‘ssss’ finger on the lips to indicate to be quite when walking to assembly. So proud to see my boy with a MASSIVE star for being helpful that week.To be honest he has always been like that.When he was younger he wasn’t that interested in toys in the traditional manner, always wanted to mimic an adult. Hence why it does not surprise me at all him being helpful and being the first to help. To be fair he is a real good helper and it is one way in which I can communicate better with him is when we are working together in completing something.

Hope you too have had a good week.

Thanks for reading X

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34 things to do when sad

Hey readers,

I suffer with depression and sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in feeding into the negative thoughts. What I sometimes find helpful is to stop and do something productive. So I have wrote a list of helpful things (also I go to when complete forget everything).

1.  Read a newspaper.

2. Colour in.

3. Meditation.

4. Go for a coffee.

5. Practice handwriting.

6. Go to the shop and buy a magazine.

7. Read a book.

8. Clean (wash up, hoover, put clothes away etc).

9. Shower.

10. Take a walk.

11. Doodle.

12. Mind map – blog ideas etc.

13. Hot cup of tea.

14. Wear a chunky jumper.

15. Cook a recipe.

16. Brush hair/plait hair.

17. Watch mindful videos.

18. Watch something funny.

19. Write poetry.

20. Play with clay – get creative.

21. Take some photos.

22. Paint nails.

23. Sing a song.

24. Dance your heart out.

25. Walk through woodlands.

26. Watch the sun setting.

28. Stroke a furry animal

30. Light a candle.

31. Watch clouds.

32. Deep breathing.

33. Squeeze a stress ball.

34. Write down three positive things in your life.

Cheers for reading X

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FTMOB – November

Hey readers,

My five year old son never stops rabbiting. Seriously, I mean am not an outgoing and suffer with social anxiety. His dad is friendly and can talk to random people. My son however is on another level. He is non-stop chat from the moment he wakes till he hits his head on the pillow. He get’s very exhausted and just don’t know how he hasn’t suffered from jaw ache yet! Anyone lets get cracking on some conversations shall we:

I live on sixteen floor tower block and my ds1 said to me today, “mummy, we live in a really tall tower block today”. I can’t really capture it through words but just the relavation and astonishment really cracked me up.

Yesterday we went out to a local cafe for some lunch and my youngest has been poorly from a sickness bug. It has resulted him losing his appitite and suffering from hn constipation. Which is very usual for him as a regular poo deliever. Daddy earlier said to my ds1 we needed to get some orange juice to help make his brother feel better. So when my ds1 was choosing a drink he said, “I gave him orange juice because I know he is not well and it would help me feel better”. Seriously my son can really push my buttons and we do clash as we are so alike.  However, ds1 is so caring and thoughtful it really does melt your heart.

Close by near our home there is a single tree with a box round it  but it has gaps where the kids walk into it. My  eldest loves calling it ‘jail’.

On the bus today  me and my eldest were discussing Father Christmas. This is how the conversation unraveled so funny and logical really. Him – “Father Christmas on Christmas Eve travels all AROUND the world to deliever presents to EVERYONE. When he has finished he is so tired that he needs to rest all day”. Honestly I pissed myself laughing, it was such a brilliant thought.

Finally my youngest earlier was playing with our cat with the cat teaser stick. He was bending round to see him and calling him,’Monty, Monty’. Which I think is just adoreable.

Cheers for reading X

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