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My word of the week is:

because we have crammed so much in for the last week. We started with going on a day out on the Severn Valley stream train followed by fish and chips, perfect!

We then needed to sort out buying uniform for my youngest who will be started reception on Monday, eek. What a drag it was to get a uniform mind. We had to go to several different supermarkets to get all the bits and bobs. That was not fun and then we still ended up ordering online anyway. I am glad that it is all done now.

Still, not all doom and gloom we did treat the boys after weeks of begging from the youngest we took the boys to see The Incredibles 2. It is a brilliant film and was not disappointed, because I thought being the second one might be a bit rubbish but no was a bit disappointed.

Hope you had a good week.

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Back to school mum wishlist

Hey readers,

How close is it to September and gulp both my boys now will be at school. Obviously, I could do a back to school wish list but I thought I would make it fun by doing a twist with focusing on what I want, haha! Let’s face it, it is a massive change and I as a mother need to adapt to the change that is an academic term.

mums wish list

Let’s kick off then with the most essential item that I was a mum I think is important when you have children at school. It is no other than a diary, I can’t do digital ones so going to opt for the lovely paper version. I am one of the people that like specifics with regards to diaries. I basically like diaries that are a day a page, mainly so I can doodle. Let’s forget though there seem to be tons of important dates that if I didn’t have a diary I would totally forget to pay for or remember to bring something or other.

I really like this design, because nothing says you have your sh*t together then a posh looking diary (preferably with loads of stick notes popping out of the pages making it appears like you know what you are doing when really you know jack sh*t.

I am in love with this academic diary from getting personal . You can look all fancy and have your name on the bottom and it comes in a pretty design which tickles my pickle. I also like a page day kinda diary and what is even better is the other side is for notes, amazing.

Of course, to go with your diary you need pens as you can never have enough pens. There is something beautiful about buying new pens as it is a new academic year, which feels like a fresh start to all. Check out these gorgeous pens by with the playful words along the pen. Sweet Talk Assorted Pen Set

Now that both my boys are at school I an more tine so what better thing to buy then a new notebook. This is my change to get them ticks off my to-do list whilst catching up on all the non-child programmes you have missed because of the summer holiday. I love this fun A5 notebook from Ryman not just because it made me laugh because of the quote on the cover.

Obviously with all the free quiet time now would be the perfect time to crack on with reading some of them books you have been eagerly waiting to do. For me I really want to check out this newish novel by Sayaka Murata called Convenience Store Woman. It is basically a fiction book all about a woman’s experience of working in a inconvenience store in Japan.

Convenience Store Woman (Paperback)

With school term means making sure you are time to drop of your children and make sure you know what time is to collect them. That is why this lovely Swatch colourful watch would be perfect to jazz up your mum outfit for the school run.

Cheers for reading X

P.S. This is not sponsored, I just love the stuff in this post.


Hey, readers,

my word of the week is:

because it is now officially summer and boy does the weather let us know. This weekend has been busy with clubs and kids parties, my eldest has been super exhausted during the week due to hectic weekend shenanigans.

DS1 also got to see his school artwork on display in a local public venue last night and he was super chuffed that he got his work chosen for it. Not just that but this week at beavers he got his gardening badge, which he loves because the design on it involves a watering can.

DS2 has been enjoying nursery with seeing the dentist giving our information and an exciting visit from the fire engine. He has been so chatty now to everyone so it is lovely to see his confidence grow. He will soon be leaving nursery next month and start school in September with his brother.

Cheers for reading X

Father’s day gift guide 2018

Hey readers,

Guess when Father’s day is this year….17th June. I know, eek right?! So, I thought if you’re struggling you may like some of the ideas that I have chosen for the Father’s in your life.

gift guide.png

1) First of is this funny book designed in Ladybird book style, all about how the Dad works and explained in a humorous way. It is from Amazon.

2) Next, who doesn’t love a good scratch especially when it is somewhere you struggle to reach? Not anymore when you have this extendable back scratcher from The Works.

3) Naturally, you can’t go wrong with some chocolate, check out this ace Father’s day gift set from Cadbury’s hamper full of the old classics of Dairy Milk and Toblerone.

4) Now, check out this perfect little mod con from John Lewis …The Amazon Dot that answers to all your requests, such as what the weather is like or put some tunes on, you won’t be left disappointed.

5) Finally, the piece de resistance…. the wonderful nostalgic Sega mega drive with 81 games built inside. This will win dad over and help bring back some good old memories, with classic games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Compact. You can get your hands on it at Argos.

I hope that has inspired you and whatever you do I hope you have a special day.

Cheers for reading  X

*This isn’t sponsored post, I just love compiling gift guides, haha!*