Where to get free stuff for your kids!

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As a parent, especially after a child, reaches five years it can be expensive business paying for this and that. Nothing makes me happier than finding things for free. So, let me tell you good places to source free stuff your kids.


I love my local library, it is one of my favourite places now that I am a parent. There is so much on offer for children and it is free. Not only can you get books out you can also get DVDs and audiobooks for children. Audiobooks are perfect to get on loan if you are going on a long car journey to keep little ones entertained. The library also offers rythme time and story time for children. For the older children, there is coding club as well or free, perfect!

A fantastic site to check out current products for free for children is www.wowfreestuff.co.uk great place to see the latest free stuff you can get your hands on. From free crafty activity boxes to free toys. It is definitely worth a gander to see what you can get!

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If you’re looking for free events then I would suggest that you check your local council who advertise free events or festivals in your local area.

A lot of companies have an option to sign up for membership to their products. A brilliant example would be Lego where you can get a free magazine or if you have young children Pampers frequently send coupons in the post if you join Pampers club.

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Another brilliant website for finding fun and educational workshirts is k5learning fantastic for if you are teaching writing, reading or maths.

Are there any suggestions that I have mentioned where you can get free stuff for children? I would love to hear what you have found.

Cheers for reading X

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


Why playgrounds are ace

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If you are a parent you would have experienced taking your child to the playground. I think they are brilliant resource for everyone to use and here is why.

They get you out the house and get you away from the four walls or watching too much tv.

Playgrounds are a great way of getting a change of scenery and be surrounded by green. Sometimes, just getting away from the same places is a blessing in disguise.

If there is one thing I love more then anything in the world as a parent is finding fun things to do with my child that are free because let’s face it children come with a bloody big price tag, especially when they hit school. So, if I can save some money somewhere then going to the playground is one. Plus it helps with keeping children entertained and stop complaining for awhile that they are a bored.

 kids ouch slide ow playground GIF

Playgrounds are great for exercise, playing chase, walking or even pushing a child on the swing all contributes to keeping you active.

Going to the playground allows you to blow some cobwebs of and get some much needed fresh  air. It also provides a mental boost, and helps clear your head. It really is amazing such a small and simple activity can have a huge impact on making you feel less crap and giving you the change to think more clearer.

Visiting a playground outdoors gives the child the opportunity to get vitamin D from being out in the fresh air and  help build strength in their bones.

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Playgrounds encourage free play, where the child decides what they want to do, they can even make up their own games or use their imagination on the playground apparatus. This next  point coincides with the above one in the fact that a  child can test out there communional skills with socialising with other children at the playground. Therefore possibility  of working together to establish what they want to do. There is also the positive effect of finding a person to share the enjoyment of play with someone who has similar interests in what they like to do in the playground.

Therefore I conclude that playgrounds are ACE!

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Reasons to celebrate woods

Hey readers,

I love forests and they just beautiful scenic places to explore, especially with children. Let me tell you why…

woods 1

Being around in a space just full of trees and walking around is magical. I find it so calming to see all the different trees that nature has produced.

Walking around is really good for the lungs, as it feels fresh and breathable.

Woodlands are a great place to escape form it all, it feels like you are in a different universe where other people are not around if that makes sense.

Taking kids to forest is  brilliant  in creating fun memories and what more they have a blast running freely around the trees.

They are free to explore, which makes it a fab way to get out and explore. You can take a picnic and even a natural sheet for a fun packed day out.

woods 2

Walking is great for the soul where better than the tranquillity of woods.

Sometimes, you can find disregarded branches which is a suburb way to make dens and helps build teamwork if you do it with children. It is a great way of teaching children how to plan and listen to one another.

Woods often are found to have streams close by so it is easy to take advantage and have fun doing pooh sticks.

Of course you can go out in the rain with waterproofs and still have a brilliant time in the woods. You can find some cracking puddles and who doesn’t like playing with mud when they are little.

You can find all sorts of wildlife and going down to your woods a perfect opportunity to close to wildlife.

woods 3

Finally, woods are suburb location to use for photography and capturing nature stunningly. It is also great location for fashion bloggers to use the natural setting to great a certain atmosphere within the photo.

What do you think about woods? What do you like to do in woods?


5 Minute Fun website (Review)

Hey readers,

Sometimes there is so much pressure to be constant and be an ‘entertainer’ to our children. But let’s face unless your superwoman or have the funds for a cleaner, we haven’t always got this magical stuff called time.

I was asked to review and test out a website called 5 Minute Fun, it is an extensive if you like from Cbeebies. It gives fab ideas of fun or educational activities to do with little ones all under five minutes and free to access. You can also sign up to the site to get regular newsletters of new ideas.
The website is really clear and easy to navigate around. The subsections and can easy locate something that appeals to you.
Some examples of activities you can do with your little one is discuss your child’s friends favourite toy or if your crafty make toilet roll monsters. I like the simple ideas such as drawing faces on leaves. They don’t require a lot of material and hassle free.
I do find some activities are a bit more complex and I don’t always have the ability myself to do them task. That said there is a host of ideas from easy to difficult and you can decide.
It gives you inspiration and for me I like the fact that there is videos accompanying the tasks so gives me a better understanding of what to do.
I find it a really good educational tool for parents and even for people working in young children’s setting.
I chose to do circle drawing with my five year old son as it was easy to follow and my son enjoys doodling.

 Here is a step-to-step guide to circle drawing

1. Get any round type objects. I used cellotape, washi tape, lid of a bottle, money pig lid. Everyday objects I had in my home. Blank paper and colour pens.


video on website giving you a visual idea to understand.

2. Simple use all the different objects one at a time, make patterns with your child. If they struggle to hold or co-ordinate just assist with holding the object so they can draw around.

3. Then get your colour pens fill it in with colour or some random shapes/doddles.


4. Hey presto you have a funky circle design.

img_5610 This is a great activity to do with your child, you can be creative, work as a team and have special time doing something fun. Plus it is so simple and effective to do.

Cheers for reading X

I was asked to write a review for 5 minute fun website but all reviews expressed are my own.  

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