Let kids be kids!

Hey readers,

“Aw isn’t she cute” is something I hear a lot when people talk about my youngest. You see he has long blonde hair and apparently people assume that means you’re a girl.

I mean boys cannot possibly look cute or pretty, this is the society we seem to live in and quite frankly it sucks.

What annoys me is why does it bother people so much, why are people asking me why don’t cut his hair? I’m sorry boys are not allowed to have long hair or pig tales or pink no, well f**k you my sons do.

I even have dresses for them and they are not even dress up, like proper dresses from Sainsbury’s and boy that is one way to get a reaction from people.

It is not something I do to get attention. I have social anxiety for crying out loud. I don’t like attention but what I do like is giving my sons the choice to choose what they want and give them opportunities as I would want if I had girls.

My son has a spotty swimsuit for swimming because he wanted to have one because his friend who is a girl had one and he liked it, simple as that.

It is a strange thing this idea to have to dress a boy or girl a detain way. It seem ‘s that if they have a penis then they can’t possibly have a dress or whatever. The same goes for girls wearing blue and trousers.


We need to  break down this silly rules, stop dictating us in shops with the two different departments. Let’s allow children to be children and give them the opportunity to choose, this will give better equality for all regardless of their sex.


I don’t want my sons to think they can’t do this or wear that simply because they are a boy. I want them to have the choice because they want to and having that freedom to do so.

We need to break down stereotypes and just accept that it doesn’t matter if a boy wears pink or girl wears blue it doesn’t stop their identity. They are still the same child.

Cheers for reading X



I hate the term girl gang

Hey readers,

There is this term knocking about on the internet called GIRL GANG and I hate it with a passion. Let me tell you why, well for a start I don’t need people to help me and nor do I like a person based on their gender. It is really not important to me and as sickly as it sounds I like a person because of who they are and not because they have a vagina.

girl gang

I don’t want to be an arse licker and you get that sense with this whole phenomena  of the term girl gang. I chose who I like and some girls quite frankly are twats where as others are my idols.

I don’t belong in gangs, it gives a sense of threatening and I don’t believe in ganging up on people to like you or others.


The whole term of girl is condescending anyway, like we are not allowed to be called women because they are too hostile. But that is what we are and we should celebrate it. But also we don’t need to have to push our gender out there surely, shouldn’t we just forget about that and celebrate the actually person.

There are all these kind of ideas of the people in a girl gang whereas if it is men they don’t go on about their gender but merely just get to the point. Which is what is much more attractive. Some great women are not bold and assertive that doesn’t make them less of a female and any less of a reason to celebrate them. You only get certain type of person in these gangs but there is so much more to a person then a title.


I class myself as a feminist in the sense that everyone should have equal opportunities regardless of your gender. It should be fair and not sticking silly labels to an idea of empowering others when really all you are doing is excluding others. If you want help then cut the sectioning off and let’s just celebrate people regardless of whether they have a vagina or not and see them as a person in their own right.

Cheers for reading X

No selfie day

Today is no selfie day, would you believe it. I think it is good to do something that quite often we all do regular because of the influence of social media. I think it is good to stop now and again from following the desires of our self-indulgent narcissistic ways and just not do something.

selfie 2

So, therefore today in celebration of no selfie day I am going to go all day without taking any selfies of my gorgeous face, haha. As I cannot take a selfie, therefore I cannot post one in this post I am going to argue why it is good to not take a selfie all the time. As we all know everything should be treated in moderation as ultimately is the key to getting that balance of equilibrium in our lives which makes us the most happiest.

It is lovely not to think about all our imperfections and trying to be this unrealistic desire of perfect. I for one am guilty of trying to get that right angle post so I don’t look so fat. It is a breath of fresh air to not have to worry about how I appear in a photo. All I have to do for the day is just slop about for the day with no thoughts or worries about how I turn out in a photo 😉

selfie 1

It is not always fun trying to get a selfie, as you’re not in the moment because your constantly worries about what you look like. As I am a bit of a lover for mindfulness it is a great opportunity to embrace being in the moment and not worry about a sodding photo but just what other things are happening around you instead.

selfie 3

The main advantage of not taking a selfie all day is not worrying about other people’s reaction and on a superficial level how many likes you get from complete and utter strangers who know nothing about you in real life.


Cheers for reading X

Barbie is a k**b!

Hey readers,
I will be honest  with you here I think Barbie is a k**b and she is not a very good role model for youngsters. I have stated my reasons below ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇



  1. She is so vein, all she seems to care about is what she looks like.  Given girls this warped up sense that to get anywhere in life in order to be popular you have to be pretty.
  2. Barbie has unrealistic expectations around body image.  She makes out that you can be or do anything you want as long as you are blonde, tall and skinny.  To me this sends out a negative message and can cause anxiety. Lets not forget the dodgy ratio which us so ridiculous it is laughable.
  3. She is so sexualised and it is about looking sexy with the short clothing, heals and tits out, come on let girls be girls, childhood is short lived so let them just have fun and and be innocent.
  4.  Barbie does not look her age, she is 57 years old people !and in really life properly would have some serious surgery to keep her youthful looks.
  5. Her feet are not designed for heels 👠 which is a bit weird anyway. Let’s face it flat shoes rule, fuck you beauty standards.
  6. Barbie dolls make out they are thick and have little intelligence. Let’s look at an example; Mattel brought out a book which features Barbie in it called I Can Be A Computer Engineer. Which portrayed Barbie as lacking the skills to know what the hell is happening and a need to constantly rely on male classmates for help.
  7. She things she is perfect in everything but this bollocks as we all know that perfection is NEVER going to happen as it does not exist!
  8. She is materialistic and all she cares about is buying clothes, cars and having a good time. Shouldn’t we be teaching kids more deeper stuff instead money makes thew world go round.
  9. She has weird body ratios that are mind boggling. Her neck is super long. Her legs are longer then her arms by 50% compared to normal a average women only being 20%.  Her 16 inch waist would leave only room for the liver and a few inches of intestines. You get the idea of just a the few examples I provided.

So yeah, Barbie sucks and OK dolls are for imaginary play so therefore some leeway. But there is Barbie programme now sadly which I have sat through. All I get from this programme is how pretty I am and look me. This clearer is being televised for young viewers to watch which as they clearly venerable at that cage with getting sucked in the message of these stupid ideas. It can have psychological effects with anxiety and self consciousness with who you. So, even though Barbie may come across as in innocent toy be very careful of the subtle messages she sends out.

Cheers for reading X

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