Strawberry Picking at PYO

Hey readers,

One of my summer bucket list activities was to go to a pick your own farm and pick some strawberries with the boys. Well I can confirm we have achieved that and though we did in late August, I finally got the time to sit down and blog about it now, better late then never eh!

So where do I start; well the location was and I may be a bit dumb but I just assumed that it was just strawberries. There is so much more you can pick; sweetcorn, courgette, tomatoes the list goes on.


The boys natuarrly loved being little helpers and being independent with their own box going along the field and picking out strawberries.





We also went to the sweetcorn field which was great fun to get lost in as the plants grow so tall. It feels like a little world of it’s own in there.

The boys loved playing chase down the isles with each other and was lovely watching on by seeing them be free and just playing like a typical child.


It was really relaxing getting away form the hustle and bursele surrpouned by fields ans we were luckily that day as the sun was shinning beautfilly down on us.

I dod love doing something a little bit different and giving thre boys a new experience.

I can confirm that the fruit tastes amazing and so much more flavour then the shop brought fruit. It ewas surpissing a little bit cheaper as well at the farm which is always an added bonus.

If you have not been to a PYO farm then I definately recommend it as it was so much fun so much better then a noisy soft play area *vom*!





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Dudley Zoo

Hey readers,

This week me and the family went to Dudley Zoo. We did go a couple of weeks ago but you get a free return ticket so that is what we did!
We also returned during term time as it was quieter for me to deal with as I am autistic.
If you have not been to Dudley Zoo it is absolutely massive and it does include Dudley Castle. You can pretty much spend the whole day there. Also if you look around you can get offers for 2-4-1. The zoo is not far form Dudley train station so great if you use public transport.
Anyhow there is array with animals to explore at Dudley Zoo so if you haven’t been I definately recommend.

We also got to catch the time slot to pet the farm animals (rabbits, goats, genuine pigs,  etc). It was lovely to get close to get to the animals.


This lovely goat is super friendly and adores a tickle under the ear.


I really wanted to take a baby goat home. They are super cute bouncing around and you can’t help smiling when watching.

Plenty of play areas throughout the zoo for the children to have a break and just play. So it gives a variety of stuff to do for Children. I also like the fact they are themed based around animal design.


I like that the vehicle above looks onwards so you see the lions. You feel like you are on a wild adventure and great for imaginary play.

Our favourite animals were the orangutans snow leopards, giraffes, Monkeys, peacocks.

We also got to witness the peacock giving his lady friend a display to try and attract her. Though not entirely sure she was convinced. But was lovely to hear the sounds and display of feathers.


There was also a section for reptiles which was great to the diverse range of creatures on display.

For a parent it was a great place to let your kids to wonder. It was also safe enough to leave pushchairs whilst looking at the animals and not have to worry whether the pushchair.




       The boys, AKA checky monkeys.



Can’t go wrong with fish and chips at the café.


Here is the local seal expecting some food!

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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Snow day

Hey readers,

Well after all the publicity it has finally arrived, SNOW ❄

It was lovely to see my boys super excited and my youngest this year taking a real interest in the white stuff even with caution!

Whilst having a little walk with my eldest around where I lived we had fun exploring the snow.

My son was really interested in why the snow is hear and why does it melt. So we spend quite a while discussing the snow formation and the clouds being heavy and tempatures causing it to frost.

We had fun building a snowball and a fight, brrr! My son wanted to take his snowball home which I said yes but making sure that once it is at home it will start to melt due to the temperatures. Which to be fair to him he was really good and accepting that explanation.




I love the way snow can alter smothing ordinary even if it is just grass I find specular. Yeah I have a sad life but I enjoyed our little walk capturing the moment as you can see below.

Hope you have enjoyed the recent snowfall 😁

Cheers for reading X

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall