Vicks wins the day #VicksTricks

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Something that is a challenge as a parent is dealing with children who are coming down with a cold or flu. Ever since my eldest was a toddler we have always turned to Vicks vapo rub as we know it is soothing, particularly at night with all the build up congestion. It is ointment based so rubbing on clothing although my eldest found it too strong therefore rubbing some of the rub onto a tissue and leaving it on the radiator helped.  A tip that I found as a parent is making sure your child is comfortable and that they get as much of a good night sleep as possible. I use a pillow under the mattress to elevate the mattress a bit as this has helped create more ease with stuffy noses.

I for one am a strong believe in comfort and making sure the child gets enough rest to help with the recovery. Using throws, watching telly and just generally relaxing has helped.  This is echoed by over half (52%) parents  said rest was the most important thing for making children feel better. *

Britmums kindly gave me a care package with a book and finger puppets. Both of which were tested out my youngest and they were a brilliant tool in helping entertain a child in a fun and gentle way.


The book was a real success and helped create calm and cuddly time for my youngest. It is called The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep. It is quite hypnotic with the wording and imagery, great for relaxing the child and making everything slow down.



I also used the nasal first defence spray which is really easy to use on a three year old and if you get the child involved then they are more likely to comply with letting you spray.  The first defence spray helps works on the first sign on colds by targeting the viruses to help stop the cold in its tracks before the symptoms get worse. It lasts up to 8 hours in a single spray.  I found the spray pleasantly nice and not too overpowering.



I know looking back when I was a child Vicks rub was used to help ease the breathing difficulties of a cold. We also used to have duvet days where we would relax watch a movie and eat eggs and soldiers. Which again I use now with my children who love this particularity when lacking in energy. Vicks have reported from there research they carried out that 75% of British parents put on the TV or a DVD.*

Interestingly, something I did not think about before reading and watching #VicksTricks magic videos was to use magic tricks, but it is really effective. See below for a brilliant and really simple trick to try on your child. It is such a fun and good entertainment  to cheer the child if they are feeling a bit meh. 1 in 10 parents get really creative; either telling jokes (8%) or doing magic tricks (2%).*


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This post is an entry for the #VicksTricks campaign. 

*A consumer survey  by Vicks used 2,000 parents from across all parts of the UK.