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my word of the week is:

because I have had a right stinker of a cold. As I haven’t had one for awhile it really knocks you off your feet.  I suppose it was bound to happen when your child returns to school and all them germs everywhere. It has been so hard to have the energy to do anything other than collapse on the sofa, which is extremely hard when you have two little children that have a lot of energy.

Still, you have to get up don’t you because no one cares on you know if you have a cold and you feel rubbish. Early mornings are a killer! But at least it’s Friday now and the weekend is here, so I can relax a little bit in between doing the washing and homework.

I’ve also lost my mojo for writing in my blog which happens now and again. Maybe because I’ve got no energy and you got to force yourself to do it just to keep it going otherwise you lose sight of wanting to succeed for yourself.

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January blues

Hey readers,

Can you believe that it is the 6th January already, ugh! Looking out of my window it is wet and miserable and I currently feel a bit pants, I think it is the case of the January blues. I tell you why I frigging hate this month.

  • Firstly, lets start with the fact that  you are now skint after the holidays after you have spend all your money on presents. Not to mention the amount of money you have forked out for them sodding rides, especially in my town they seem to overdosed the area in them. The one’s your little darlings can locate two miles away and because you have to go shopping with sodding the kids you can’t avoid them, ugh!
  • You are fat, because you have over indulged and put on another half a stone, of course it was fun at the time when I was stuffing my face with mince pies without a care in the world. Now I have to work my even bigger fat ass off because I can’t afford to buy bigger clothing because I am skint, init!
  • You have to deal with the mega sugar withdraws when your cold and skint.
  • It is back to normality and routine where lie-ins or lazying around are NOW not acceptable! Let’s not forget the dreaded the school run and silly o’clock, it is an absolute disgrace I tell ya!
  • The comedown from Christmas and the sense of magic has gone.
  • Everything feels bare and all the pretty lights have gone away. So now all I see is unattractive concrete.
  • It is cold, wet and generally boring because all the excitement of December has vanished.
  • Then there is them New Year’s resolutions that evaporate after the first week of  January casing you to go deeper into the blue mood.

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You Baby Me Mummy

Things I like about Winter

Hey readers,

Winter is upon us so let’s embrace it for all it’s worth. Here are my favourite things about winter that make me pleased that we are in this season.

Christmas sales – soon,next Monday will be Boxing day, AKA sales, got to love a good bargain or pick up something you don’t really need but hey it is 50-70 % off so I have to have it obs!

Sale, Sign, Discount, Price, Offer

I love painting my nails, I feel it gives me a way to jazz up my style. I am in love with dark colour nail vanish that is brought out this time of year, from forest green to maroon or even black!

Nail Polish, Fingers, Hair, Manicure

It is blinking cold at night and if you have never experience a heated blanket then you have not lived my friend, it is the frigging dream of a lover of cosiness.

When it is grim and cold outside nothing beats coming into the warmth and tucking into some stodgy, comfort food such as bangers and mash or anything with gravy hits the spot with me nicely.

Image result for bangers and mash

If we are lucky enough to be blessed with snow then the best thing to do with kids is snow angels.

Kid, Snow, Angel

The colder days make me crave soup so much with some nice warm bread to dunk into your soup, perfect!

Pumpkin Soup, Soup, Orange, Chubby, Food

As it is so dark during the day this time of year, I love curling up on the sofa with a good book and a hot a brew.

Read, Book, Girl, Study, Learn, Sofa

This weather is all about the coat and wrapping up warm when out and about.


During the early mornings gives is a great time to appreciate nature with getting the change to see a sunrise. I always feel calm watching the sunrise and a moment of tranquillity before the mayhem beginnings.

On a winter’s day going out for a walk early in the morning and see the rays of light over a frosty field, beautiful.

Frost, Sunset, Field, Sunrise, Winter

Happy winter,

Cheers for reading X

Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs


Hey readers,
My word of the week is

No surprises why, but it was lovely this year to watch the fireworks with the family.  I live on 16th floor so can stay at home and watch it all from my balcony.  Last year, there was hardly any for some strange reason. But this year it seemed quite spectacular. It was particularly good now that my youngest is a little bit older to appreciate them.

Both my boys loved the way the fireworks lit up in the sky with all the different colours.  We also had hot dogs and it has turned into a bit of tradition here so it was great way to end the evening. I am so glad that we can see them at our home because how cold was it on Saturday night, blimey the heating was working overtime that night. I have to really motivate myself to leave the home as I much prefer to be at home all warm and snugly.
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