Coffee shop chill

I’m sat here in the coffee shop looking out the window watching the rain drizzle down in a race to get to the bottom. It is an early afternoon in October where it’s not cold but it’s not hot either but a jumper wouldn’t go amiss.

I sit here with my hands wrapped around a hot cup of coffee thinking about what to do with my free time. I don’t normally have enough a lot free time to do something on my own, so this is a luxurious for me. I shall indulge in this moment and enjoy it without the presence of guilt.

I can take my time to take it easy as there is no rush to hurry. I don’t need to do anything but enjoy this moment. I am going to sit here for a while and just soak up the atmosphere.

The place is quiet, all I can hear is the coffee machine bubbling  away whilst the chatter goes on in the background. I feel warm and relaxed sitting back reading my book. I feel safe and there’s music playing in the background, soft coffee shop type of music nothing that promotes any sort of emotional feelings towards it.

coffee sho

 I’m just in this moment enjoying what I have, reflecting about what I could be doing but then not really bothering because it’s ok to do nothing. We forget in this day and age but it’s ok to do nothing,it’s ok to be lazy and just watch and listen and drink. Frequently you see strangers out of the window rushing about, not having a moment to stop and take note of life.

It is good to take a moment in life you just sit back and smelling  that lovely Lava Java coffee making sure your belly is all warm, happy and content knowing that there’s no rush to do anything. the only thing I have to worry about next is to think about what cake I would like what goes well with coffee maybe carrot cake or lemon drizzle simple choices simple boys I’m happy in this moment no demand no need I’m just sitting in a coffee shop by myself minding my own business and not worrying it’s good to be alive right here right now Peace by myself

Why coffee is badass! 

Hey readers,

I never really fully appreciated coffee until the day I had children and it was a complete lifesaver. It is now a close friend who I engage with regularly. Why do I love the hot beverage ☕ so much, I tell you why:


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  • It saves life’s when you suffer from sleep deprivation. It helps pick you up when you feel like crashing. It holds your eyelids open when all you desperately want is to shut them tight.
  • It is warm, fuzzy and makes everything bearable.
  • It helps guide you to productivity.
  • It makes the early Sunday mornings look much more prettier.
  • It tastes so good and comes in a variety of flavours to hit them taste buds.
  • There is something amazing about the hot wiff of freshly brewed coffee that a cup of tea doesn’t really match.
  • This may come as oxymoron but there is  something relaxing about taking it easy and sipping a cup of coffee even if it is a stimulating with the caffeine.
  • Apparently it is coffee is really good at reduce the risks of getting type 2 diabetes.
  • It’s satisfying and can really hit the spot when much needed.
  • It gives you focus for when you are demotivated. Which is very helpful if you are a blogger and struggle with writers block.

Hope that has helped fill your coffee cup.

Cheers for reading X

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