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Today I would like to write and make awareness of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.  In March 2016 they have opened the  first phase of a state-of-the-art dedicated research, education and innovation centre. The centre is located right next to Alder Hey’s new Hospital in Liverpool. It is the international leader in the development of safer and more effective medicines for children and young people throughout the world.

The unique Institute in the Park is a world-leading centre for research, with leading clinicians, healthcare professionals and scientists working in partnership with young patients and their families to produce remarkable life-saving and life-changing results.

The Institute in the Park is home to around 100 research, education and clinical staff and has facilities that no other UK or European children’s hospital can offer. Within this building, researchers and clinicians will work with industry to develop safer, better medicines and therapies for children to use in the NHS and throughout the world.

The world class facility also provides the perfect location for all Alder Hey’s teaching and training sessions, along with larger conferences and events. The building features two lecture theatres, a boardroom seating, a state-of-the art Library, dedicated e-learning suite and quiet study room. Video conferencing equipment enables Alder Hey to beam events, meetings and teaching seminars around the world and the facility has technology for live streaming from the hospital theatres.

There is a current charity appeal to help raise vital funds for the next phase of the institute in the park. The main goal is to enhance research for better treatment for children and young people. It will help increase the space available for world class research and innovation.

The research is dedicated to children’s health research innovation and education. The clinicians will continue to work alongside academia, technology and pharmaceuticals to develop safer, better medicines and therapies for children to use in the NHS and throughout the world.

Which as a parent is vital as well all want what is best for our children and more enhanced research should mean less painful times for parents and children.

Innovation - teaching session using laparoscopic machine
Innovation – teaching session using laparoscopic machine

Jack Johnson and his brother
Jack Johnson and his brother 

Research and Education Centre
Research and Education Centre 

You can find more about Alder Hey children charity.

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