Hey Readers,  
my word of the week is:

because for most of the time this week the weather has been lovely so it has given us opportunity to visit places outside, which is fantastic for me as it’s much cheaper to go visit the park. Not to mention the fact that visiting the park is it’s free being and it is pleasant being in the open air. 

The boys have a lot of energy in the summer holiday so it’s been great to be outside to burn off for the energy playing outside. I also get some quiet time to read my book which isn’t often at the moment.

Also went to a field to check out to see if our  tents are still usable, ehich we haven’t used for 7 years to see if it’s still usable. Good news is that the tent is still usable and can fit us all. Therefore meaning we can go on holiday soon and use the tent. The boys are super excited as it is the first first time for my boys  camping so that should be a fun experience.

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Hey readers,

My word of the week:


This is becuase about a month ago my son broke his three-wheel scooter and we have been promising to get him a two wheel scooter, because he’s a big boy now. I was having a gander on Facebook the other night and I came across 2 two- wheeled scooters for a small price so I got them on a spur of the moment type thing. 

So,  this week the boys have been enjoying going outside on their scooters.They adjusted really well with their new scooters  with the whole balancing thing. 
I am impressed with how well my 3 year old is doing. We thought he would really struggle but he’s managed it and absolutely loves it. 

Therefore, I have been mainly watching them scooter about around the block and playing chase with one another, simple pleasures.  
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Mummy and Me #2

Hey readers,
Here are some recent selfies of me and the Boys for you to have a look at.
It is a miracle that for once I have a non blurry picture of me and my DS2. He normally loves going for the lens but I like this shot as we look relaxed and just messing around at home.
I love this photo of me and my boys. Almost got us all looking in the right direction, we all know how hard that challenge is when they are young 😉
Yes I was caught of guard when this photo was taken and a little bit worn out. But still keeping entertainment resumed nontheless.
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