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This is because I am consciously aware of the fact that we are fastly approaching the summer holiday. I am not good at adapting to change due to my autism, so I need to plan a system in place with how I am going to get through it. Previous years I tend to get quite obsessed with it but this year I am trying to be general and just have options of things to do when I feel like tearing my hair out.

I have also been to the library and withdrew some books out. I have lost my mojo to read physical books recently so purposely took the time to find some good books to get my teeth stuck into.

My youngest gave me a scare this week, whilst at nursery he fell on a balancing beam and the beam sprang up into his face. So, he has a gorgeous massive brush on his nose, close to his eye socket. Luckily his eyesight is ok and mainly superficial bruising rather then any damage.

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Never Alone by Elizabeth Haynes (book review)

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Today I am going to do a book review of Never Alone by Elizabeth Haynes. It is an adult thriller fiction book.

elizebeth haynes never alone

The main plot is about a woman called Sarah who was married to Jim but he died in a car crash.

Sarah is struggling with debt in her home up in the Yorkshire Dales. She had a visit from a university friend of Sarah and Jim’s called Aiden. He needs a place to stay and Sarah offers him a room her home. He insists on paying rent which is an incentive as she really needs the money and the fact that she is struggling with loneliness.

Sarah and Aiden get friendly and after getting close after a night out at the local pub and the end the night having sex together.

Over time feelings between Sarah and Aiden grow for each other.

There is one problem with the situation between Sarah and Aiden is that everyone other than Sarah knows that Aiden is a masseur and provides organisms for women as a job.

They have fallen out and it progresses that it is purely a job for him. He has been honest with every question Sarah says. However, over time Sarah accepts this and trusts him.

There is another friend called Sophie who is having relationship problems with her husband and gets to know a friend of Sarah’s called Will.

Sophie and Will have a fling but Sophie wants to continue it further. However, this point will I’d obsessed.

He gets threatening towards Sarah because she had a one night stand a whole back causing him to blackmail Sarah.

Sarah has two older children called Louis and Kitty. Kitty is at university and comes to stay over the holidays at Sarah’s.

Louis has fallen out with his mum due to his dad’s death, blaming Sarah for not driving when the night his dad died.

Sophie at this point has told George about will and his obsessive behaviour. He tells her to vanish for a while to try and make it cool down. However, this only leads will to lead on to darker plans.

I won’t spoil the ending but with weather turning for the worst with heavy snow and we find out the lengths people will go for the one they get attached too.

I loved Elizabeth Haynes previous work and so naturally was delighted to see another title that I had not read yet. I found the book a real page turner and engaging. I like the fact that it wasn’t dragged out but there was enough balance for the beginning, middle and end section. Definitely worth a read if you enjoy a good thriller that keeps you guessing.

I give it 5 stars out of five.

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Mother's Day Guide

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We are now in March and that means it is fast approaching Mother’s day (26 March 2017). Sometimes, it can be a struggle to get gifts especially as most of the stuff in shops tends to be a bit lovie-dovie stuff. Which is fine if you are into that stuff but if you are not it can be a pain to find something suitable. So, I have come up with a gift guide to help inspire you.


mother day

1. Combine Spring with Mother’s day with this beautiful heart shaped wreathe from Matalan (£8).

2. Get something personalised with this rotating photo frame from  Matalan for (£6).

3. If your mum is not into girly type stuff then this is a winner, It is The Girl On The Train DVD from Tesco (£15).

4. If you have a book loving mum and what something humous then you should definitely checkout this Ladybird classic with a twist from  Tesco (£3.85).

5. Who doesn’t love a candle, so this is a lovely little gift set of 6 Yankee Candle green votive gift set from Asda for (£5).

6. For an uplifting read check this book all about finding happiness in the small stuff by Fearne Cotton. From Waterstones for £11.99.

I hope you have a lovely time celebrating Mother’s day.

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Why libraries are good for children

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Today is take your child to the library day and therefore I want to write about why I feel it is a positive activity to do regular with your child.

Via Pixabay


Firstly, if you make it a fun day out for your child, such as getting on a bus, grabbing a drink and checking out the books that are available at your local library. This can be a positive influence on the way that child views reading and furthermore can create excitement and a sense of adventure.

The library is such a brilliant place as it is open to everyone no matter what your background. At the library there is so much choice and diverse range of books to take out for free so you don’t have to worry about how much it is going cost buying books.

Going to the library can give your child the sense of independence in choosing the books that they like the look of.  This can also help your child to get motivation to want to read them as it is something that they are interested in the first place.

With getting your children to join up with the library, they have their own library card, meaning that they have there own responsibility.  It teaches the child to look after books and also makes sure that the books get back on time or they will quickly learn that if you do not follow rules there  will be consequences. Personally, I feel this is such a valuable lesson to learn for the child to learn in life that with choice.

Giving the child the opportunity in accessing the library services allows that child to learn, understand and create imagination.  It can help with their education, learning and allow the child to explore. It can also give the child confidence in themselves as they learn more and more information.

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10 things I can not live without

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Today I am going about the things that I can not live without and help me keep my shit together.

Firstly, paracetamol because I suffer from frequent headaches (thanks mum) and they can be really crippling which is most inconvenient especially looking after children.


Heated blanket is the best invention ever, especially during the colder periods. Honestly, there is nothing better then getting into a  warm, cosy and snug bed.

Music can make you feel less alone. I mean I don’t get lonely in the traditional sense but to feel words and know someone else is also out in the world and feels the way you do can make you feel less isolated. Alternatively, I just love a good beat to wiggle around in the kitchen cooking tea.


My blog as it has saved me when I went through a depressing period and heartache. It saved my sanity and it really helped me to focus and forget about the other noise in my head.


YouTube I love you so much, albeit not as much nowadays (sodding adverts) but sill amazing the stuff you can find and great way to cure boredom.


Lip balm – particularly during the colder months, my lips get so dry and peely. I find Boots one really good as it also has a tinted moisture to it.

Tea makes my heart go boom, boom, boom. I can literally drink buckets of the stuff and it makes any problem manage with a cup of Rosie Lee in my hand.


Books are my saviour and help me escape. Nothing beats a good thriller to lose yourself in.


Pad and pen because I have so many ideas swirling in my head that I get so overwhelmed. Therefore,  writing down them ideas on paper helps me think clearer and identify with where I need to go and what I am doing.


Phone – I know third world problems but it is a lifesaver and such a useful tool. You can play music, send emails even write blog posts when your bored at the bus stop in the cold. I heart technology and no I am not ashamed about it but celebrate it 🙂


Cheers for reading X

Things I like about Winter

Hey readers,

Winter is upon us so let’s embrace it for all it’s worth. Here are my favourite things about winter that make me pleased that we are in this season.

Christmas sales – soon,next Monday will be Boxing day, AKA sales, got to love a good bargain or pick up something you don’t really need but hey it is 50-70 % off so I have to have it obs!

Sale, Sign, Discount, Price, Offer

I love painting my nails, I feel it gives me a way to jazz up my style. I am in love with dark colour nail vanish that is brought out this time of year, from forest green to maroon or even black!

Nail Polish, Fingers, Hair, Manicure

It is blinking cold at night and if you have never experience a heated blanket then you have not lived my friend, it is the frigging dream of a lover of cosiness.

When it is grim and cold outside nothing beats coming into the warmth and tucking into some stodgy, comfort food such as bangers and mash or anything with gravy hits the spot with me nicely.

Image result for bangers and mash

If we are lucky enough to be blessed with snow then the best thing to do with kids is snow angels.

Kid, Snow, Angel

The colder days make me crave soup so much with some nice warm bread to dunk into your soup, perfect!

Pumpkin Soup, Soup, Orange, Chubby, Food

As it is so dark during the day this time of year, I love curling up on the sofa with a good book and a hot a brew.

Read, Book, Girl, Study, Learn, Sofa

This weather is all about the coat and wrapping up warm when out and about.


During the early mornings gives is a great time to appreciate nature with getting the change to see a sunrise. I always feel calm watching the sunrise and a moment of tranquillity before the mayhem beginnings.

On a winter’s day going out for a walk early in the morning and see the rays of light over a frosty field, beautiful.

Frost, Sunset, Field, Sunrise, Winter

Happy winter,

Cheers for reading X

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