I am cool with my son wearing a dress

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My son last week started year two at school. During year one in the summer term, he decided he wanted to wear a dress. I and my husband said yes we have no problem with him wearing a dress. He loves it even though his school friends ask him why. That is fine because kids are curious and I can tell you after the novelty they soon weren’t bothered at all. I also want to say at any time he can choose to change as he has a spare shorts and tee-shirt in his bag.

Now that my youngest who also is a boy started school last week has also asked to wear a dress, he asked we said yes. Now both my boys wear dresses at school.

I have no problem with my boys wearing dresses, trousers, shorts whatever. I don’t see why people get so cut about it. Surely boys should have the exact same freedom as girls and vice versa. I think it is a shame that society is fixated on having to separate girls and boys because really there is no need, it is just beyond silly. I think if we stopped trying to fit out kids into boxes then there would be fewer problems in the world.  Like the old saying goes let kids be kids.


I believe as a parent my children can make their own choices, the only limit is obviously money otherwise go ahead chose what you want to be. I want them to have opportunities to express themselves and be their own person regardless of their gender. To me, if I didn’t let him wear the dress I deem that as sexist. Just because he is a boy he can’t wear it, why not?… let’s face it these gender divisions came from people’s attitudes that is all it is.

Do you know who got offended by my son wearing a school dress at school…. I can tell you this it certainly was not the children but the parents making a complaint. That speaks volumes really because children don’t care normally unless the family members have drilled it into them that this and that is wrong because you are a boy or a girl.

However, the problem of gender stereotypes doesn’t just happen with family and friends it goes deeper into society with the media that perpetuities these gender ideas of what is deemed the norm. Remember there was a time when girls could not wear trousers at school and now it is perfectly fine in most schools.

We Need to stop trying to make gender, it is fluid and kids need to be free to make their own choices and express themselves. It is the sexism in society that holds children back and causes problems with them not feeling good because they are a boy or girl. Why are people so focused on what gender you are. Surely we should focus on the individual and want they can offer rather than the fact my son is a boy and therefore can not wear dresses, it is just completely absurd you ask me. We need to change our attitudes by not focusing on if the child is a boy or girl but allowing kids to be free to be whoever they chose to be.

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Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

This is because it is the return of school and my eldest is going into Year 2 and my youngest started reception.

My youngest was super excited to start school and he absolutely loves it. Although he’s only been doing half days this week until next week and it will be the whole day.

I think one of the reasons why my youngest is so excited because he just loves to be just like his eldest brother. I am pleased to report that he has adapted well and we’ve had no tears which are really good.

For me, it’s slightly strange as it’s so quiet but it is nice to go back to the routine and get things done without having children to entertain. I am amazed at how much easy is to do chores without children about and getting them done in half the time.

I’m not used to the alarm clocks mind and getting up so early so we will slightly tired by the end of the week.

Hope you have had a good week

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Advantages of school uniform

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Thinking about school as we are coming up to the new academic year, it got me thinking about school uniform and why is it so important to have it. I think school uniform is an actual positive step towards a child’s education and I am going to explore my reasons below.


Having a school uniform can teach children how to dress smart and take responsibility for the way they present themselves. This lesson will come in handy at a later date with regards to job interviews and the way that impressions count.

Equal playing field.

Allowing school uniform it gives the opportunity of being an equal for everyone regardless of background because the children are all wearing the same clothing. This can reduce the change of a child is a target of a bully because of what they are wearing or not be having the latest trends.


Children wearing the same uniform means that the children don’t have the anxiety about what they look like, they can, therefore, allowing them to concentration on focusing on their school work and in turn will affect their overall performance.

photo of four girls wearing school uniform doing hand signs


School uniform is designed to distinguish which children go to which school by the design of their uniform they wear. Making children wear school uniform, therefore, brings the sense of togetherness with being in the same school as fellow pupils. This can bring feelings of pride for the school that the child attends. Children wearing school uniform can give a sense of identity because it is something you can see can bring that sense of ownership and the fact that you belong with the same children in your class can help create a safe environment to work.

Morning routines.

The next point for why school uniform is a positive is that it brings a smoother morning for getting children ready for school. This is because the parents and children know what to wear so there isn’t that doubt of what to wear that day, plus the child anxiety about trying to fit in as all children wear the same uniform.

text on shelf


School uniform encourages good disciple as it basically the school rules of what to and what not to wear. Therefore, you have to abide by the rules and follow what is expected off you. Making sure that you follow the school rules on uniform gives that conformity and can put that mindset in place when the child is learning, by listening to and following the commands of teachers. This, in turn, gives can give a positive outcome on the child’s performance with discipline and working well in the classroom. Having a school uniform so that everyone has the same in regards to clothing reduces the conflict that happens within the classroom because of all being the same there is less attraction for arguments. Furthermore, with children being in school uniform it reduces the risk of preventing children from forming gangs and the risk of bad behaviour.

What do you think about school uniform? love to hear your opinions.

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Scratch your way to a win

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Shall I let you into a little secret….I love now and again having a go on scratch cards. To me, they are an ultimate treat because they are a great way of getting the adrenaline going. I don’t smoke or drink so this is my little vice, because you know sometimes it is good to treat yourself. So, when Scratchcard-winners asked if I wanted to review some of their scratch cards winner I was like hell yeah, so much fun because let’s face I have nothing to lose.

If you have not heard of Scratchcard-Winners they are the number one blog page for all UK National Lottery Scratchcards past and present. We regularly feature information on new scratchcards and their availability in shops, as well as posting images of big winners on our social media pages. We love to run competitions and giveaways, so come and follow us on our website, Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news.”

Here is a selection of my scratch cards to test out.

Super 7s.



This card is called Super Seven and cost £3. You have nine changes of winning. First, you have to scratch the top box to reveal the winning numbers. Next, you have to check to see if the three numbers in each seven block match with the top winning numbers box.  Prizes range from £5.00 – £250,000. Sadly I did not win on this card.

Jewel Smash. 


This next scratch card is Jewel Smash which cost £2.00. You had to scratch each box and you could either win when you found three of the same symbols horizontal or diagonal. Again I did not win anything and this was probably my least favorite scratch card out of the punch that I received.

Red Hot 7s Doubler. 




This scratch card was all about the number seven hence the name Red Hot 7 Doubler, which costs £2. I enjoyed playing this card as it is something a bit different. The rules of this scratch card are to scratch each line to reveal the numbers and you could win prizes if you got three black number sevens in a row. You also could get a chance to win again if you got three red number sevens. I did not win on this card, boo!

Get Lucky. 


pic 1

This card is called Get Lucky and cost £1. You can scratch boxes to reveal the symbols and if you can match three of the same symbols. Depending on the symbol is the amount you can win, you can see on the box on the left-hand side what prizes go with which symbol. I did not win anything on this card.




This card is called 5X and cost £1. The rules to this game are scratch the boxes to see if you have a 5 to win a price or a 2X to win 2 times the price and then finally the big price is 5X to win 5 times the price. The top price would be £10,000. Gutted that didn’t win the top price nor did I qin any other price.

Top Prizes of. 


pic 2

This is my final scratch card to play with and be pleased to know that I won, even if it is £1 it is still a winner in my eyes and now I can buy Freddo, whoop! Anyway with this game you need to match three amounts of the same value of money to win a price. I got three £1, hence the £1 winning. There is also another win with finding the fingers crossed symbol to win £5.

So, there you have it that is my experience of scratch cards.

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I have been gifted the scratch cards in exchange for a review. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 



How to find a psychiatrist online?

Hey readers,

Mental health affects 1 in every 4 people in the UK each year. So it is a big thing and something that is more common then you make think. Therapy is one way of trying to solve or manage your mental health. We may not always have the opportunity to get the right service but you can now with online psychological services. The world is literally your oyster.

photo of head bust print artwork

Did you know you could speak to a psychiatrist online? well in this modern day and age yes you can because not everyone can seek professional help face to face or even want to. That is the beauty with technology is that there are more opportunities to seek help, however, do be careful as always there will be charlatans.

Better Help offers a review service before going to seek the type of therapy that you are after because it is important to get the right help you deserve. The good thing with Betterhelp is that they are legit and have been checked and confirmed to be the real deal. Betterhelp is that it offers a variety of therapy so, therefore, more chance of getting successful help tailed for you and your issues. Getting the help can really be beneficial for you and your life and you are getting more out of life due to the effects of therapy improving your mental health.

The sad thing with waiting for therapy on the NHS is that you have to wait and you might not get the right therapy for you. The convenience of going online and accessing therapy fast will have huge benefits for you as you are taking action and doing some positive in turn making you feel better about yourself.

Seeking help online has benefits of being flexible for seeing a therapist and also more choice in the therapy that is on offer. Unlike traditional therapy where you have to see someone face to face and in your area where you live. There are more avenues with the availability and there is the option of anonymity giving you the sense of feeling that you can be more open if you are not that confident.

If you want to read more about finding an online psychologist you can click here to an article on the subject.

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This post is sponsored by Betterhelp. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.