I am at my happiest

when I am in control,

don’t leave with unanswered,

or else I will cry.

Don’t hide away,

I am not diseased,

I think different, yes,

but that does not stop me,

from being human,

I have feelings like you,

I am not less valid,

because I am different,

so please don’t judge

all I want you to do

is understand

sometimes I don’t

sing from the

same hymn sheet.


Hey readers,

I’ve been asked to try out some fantastic ‘Dry Kids Red All In One‘ waterproof suits for children and, despite the beautiful weather, we managed to get them rained upon. Initially we called upon some of the rain gods, Zeus, Indra, Freyr, Bi Xing, Chaac, Tlaloc and (most importantly) Rob McKenna, but they all told us to go away and get inventive with a hose before they did!


I had two ‘Dry Kids Red All In One‘ suits to test, one for my three year old and one for my five year old. They both loved the suits and were genuinely upset that we didn’t have any rain. We still tried them on and were pleasantly surprised that they are so easy to get on and off. The zipper runs all the way from through the hem on one leg up to the chin. This is a very important feature as there will always be a time when you need to drop your child’s ‘all-in-one’ down for a toilet break and so many other suits only unzip so far and then you have to fight with a desperate, wriggling child. The zip on these ‘Dry Kids Red All In One‘ is so good even our three year old got his undone and was up on the toilet in time. The weather proofing flap at the back of the zip is really large and easy to keep from getting jammed in the zipper, something I have done with many of our children’s outdoor wear.

Okay, still no rain: so we improvised – a garden sprinkler screwed to the ceiling of our balcony worked a treat.


The ‘Dry Kids Red All In One‘ suits are lovely and bright with retro-reflective piping down either side of the hood and across the back and chest making them safe at night as well as the day. The sleeve cuffs are elasticated and worked brilliantly on our five year old but not so good on our little three year old (please read on to see why). The leg cuffs are also elasticated and stayed put near the bottom of their wellies keeping their feet and socks nice and dry for both of the boys.


As you can see, the hoods are elasticated and a nice fit all the way around the face giving a snug and full cover to the head – no rain getting down the necks of my little ones!


The material is really waterproof which is impressive at this price – a lot of water proofs we have had before had some form of rain seepage and needed extra waterproofing treatment, it was nice to see this material work as it should. The seams are sealed with a good looking weather proof seam tape and it looks like it is stuck down really firmly.


The ‘Dry Kids Red All In One‘ suits are fantastic but unfortunately we do have some criticisms: one on design and two on quality control.

The only issue we have regarding the design may not be fixable without effecting the great price of the suit. We found that, while playing with the water to fill their buckets up, our 3 year old ended up with water running down the inside of the sleeves and  down his tee-shirt. Although we wouldn’t expect children to be walking through the rain while holding buckets up we do expect the smaller children to be holding our hands a lot of the time. An additional soft absorbent cuff inside the waterproof cuff might stop the ingress of rain while the children have their hands up to ours.

I think the second issue was unfortunately down to quality control. We found two problems in this area. The suit for our five year old had a couple of issues. The first noticeable one was that a seam had been re-stitched: the original stitch leaving a row of needle holes for quite some distance. These needle holes obviously compromise the integrity of the waterproofing and could have easily been sorted out by running a length of seam waterproofing tape over them on the inside of the suit. The photo below just shows a small section so you understand what I mean.


The second issue was that the seam waterproofing tape was not in the right place at the crotch of the suit. We didn’t notice this before putting it our our child and, as we took the suit off  after the ‘rain’ play, we upset our son by asking him if he had wet himself (you can see why we thought this by the photo of his shorts).


I took the suit to the shower and gently ran cold water down it to discover the leak in the crotch. These sorts of problems normally only come to light part way through your holiday when you all go for a walk over the rainy downs/hills/fields etc. and end up with an upset, cold wet child halfway through the trek and nothing you can do about it.

The yellow pointers highlight the weather proofing tape and the blue pointers highlight the seam that it just misses. Although it is only a small bit of seam that is missed, it is enough for the gentle shower water to ‘drip drip drip’ through and it would take no time for a child to find it uncomfortable on a cooler day- especially if out walking.


Our three year old’s suit was perfectly made: all the stitches where they should be; no long lengths of sewing machine run off and, most importantly, the weather seam tape inside being exactly in the right place.

We had one perfect suit and one which slipped passed quality control so I would recommend to anyone buying water proof clothing to check the weather proofing seam tapes and also for any holes prior to its initial use but I recommend doing this on any waterproofs.

We think these ‘Dry Kids Red All In One‘ suits are great- the colour, brightness, price (£12.95 when writing this), fit and (not withstanding the above faults) the detail in design & functionality and, more importantly, our children love wearing them. With the above paragraph in mind, I do recommend these suits as the colour and price are superb. If Dry Kids can tighten up the quality control then, [other than the cuffs on the ‘shorter reachy up‘ children’s suits (I guess ages one to four)], these would be flawless.

Cheers for reading X

I was given the suits in order of an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

My Random Musings
Family Fever


Hey readers,

My word of the week is:


because I am really suffering bad with hayfever. My sinuses keep getting blocked and casing headaches and dizziness. I find it really hard to think or make decisions, I don’t know it could potentially just being my odd self.

But I am enjoying the breeze this week (when it happens), it is really refreshing. I particularly one of those people who love watching washing dance about on the line, I don’t why but I just find it really calming, simple pleasures and all that!

I am glad to be getting this week over with I have had to do a bit of wrapping, which I don’t particularly enjoy and may at one point have hurdled the sellotape across the room, because it was really annoying me getting caught up and twisted with the tape.

In other news been really glued to the news with regards to the election, I thought 2016 could not top it for an ‘interesting’ political time, but wooooo, it is getting fierce now.

Cheers for reading X

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National picnic week 

Hey readers,

Apparently I have been told that this week is national picnic week so let’s celebrate this appreciate for all things picnicy!

picnic 2

Firstly, as a parent picnic’s are a blessing because it means less tiding up for you as you leave the crumbs and check the paper plates in the bin, result!

You can pretend to be all fancy with your paper plates and napkins, there is a sense of sophistication (even if it is paper).

It is a great way to get out of mummy prison and less time having to focus on what the hell you going to do to entertain your child.

Any excuse for some ice-cream – let’s make this a number one priority when having a picnic.


Picnic food can be finger food, which is my kinda food. It is lovely a spread out where you can take as you please, there is a sense of family and togetherness. You can bond and talk about life *cue sick bucket*.

Nothing says summer like eating out Al fresco in the open.

When your young it feels like an adventure and it is free in the fact that when it is winter and miserable you end up in soft play hell and a hole in your wallet.

It is good to have a change of scenery and doing something different. Parenting can become tedious doing the same thing day in, day out so it gives us parents a change to keep hold of your sanity.


Eating outside when the sun is shining is a quick way to top up on some Vitamin D, which has some health benefits with helping  your mind feel good.

Technically if the child/ren are outside they are running around during that energy off which means that they should sleep better, *fist pumps*.

Cheers for reading X


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Home decor wish list!

Hey readers,

Today I bring you a home decor wish list of all the loveliness of all things home decor related from the Uncommon Goods website.

A little bit about the company itself – Uncommon Goods was founded in 1999 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Uncommon Goods is a privately-owned retailer that endeavors to feature unique jewelry, designer décor, tabletop items, and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment without harm to animals or people. So that is why you should definitely check out on this page wide range of home decor to chose from.

Uncommon Goods has been rewarded for outstanding customer service from BizRate every year since 2007. In 2015, Uncommon Goods achieved the BizRate Platinum Circle of Excellence award.

the website appeals to me greatly as it has amazing unique and quirky ideas that you don’t really find on your high street. If your looking for something a little bit different then Uncommon Goods is the place to go.

I have hand picked six items that I love in the home decor range and if I had the money/older children then these are the types of products that I would definitely go for.

1 (3).png

Firstly, how amazing is this first item, it is cool display of the toilet paper and fantastic storage, which in a small space is such fab idea.

I have never seen anything like this next item which is a sea swirl candle dome (2). It is absolutely stunning and really great a stunning ambience when your in need of time to relax.

I know my husband and children would love this kinetic gear holder (3). It is so fun to bring a playful element into your home.

The deep sea sand art (4) is such a calming feel to it and would bright an element of nature in your home decor. I could image me just sitting there watching the sand transform into different patterns.

How quirky and humours is this doormat (5), it is going to make any visitor that calls at your door to smile . Check out more home decor items on this page – http://www.uncommongoods.com/home-garden/home-decor/mats-rugs.

One of the factors what influences me in choosing an item for the home is it being environmentally friendly. Well look no further then this wonderful idea and that this recycled glass rainbow wind-chime (6). It such a clever way to recycle items that may end up wasted. There are other similar stuff that you can find if you visit at Uncommon Goods.

Cheers for reading X

This is a collaborative post with Uncommon Goods.

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MIU Color picnic blanket and water bottle review

Hey readers,

I was asked by the people of Miu Color to review a picnic beach blanket and a glass water bottle.

Firstly,  I went out went out with my youngest to give both items a whirl.

With the picnic blanket what I liked about it is the size (At 5’x6.5) is really good, easily could get me, hubby and two children sitting on it.

It is wipe clean, which is really handy, especially for just  a quick mop over with small spillages. It has a water and sand proof, fabulous for this time of year for when we head to the beach. It is really well padded as well with the two layer compared to some of the other similar items on the market.

I like the colour and the stripes, really vibrant and fun design. It has a handle on the blanket so brilliant if you want to hold it. Or alternatively it is really compact when folded up and excellent in putting it in my backpack which makes life a lot easier when you have children in tow.

The blanket folds away really nicely with the Velcro stripe so it is all held in once. Making it much tidier and in order, which is really attractive feature for me.

Someone is in their element 😉




The water bottle is made of glass and comes with a silicon sleave. Mine was grey but there are alternative options with regards to colour. I really like the design it is slick and I lie the fact there is little circle windows, so you can see the liquid in the bottle.

The bottle is environmentally friendly and is BPA, PVC, Plastic and Lead Free. The bottle is made with borosilicate glass—the gold standard for safe, environmentally-friendly glassware. I find it really light weight actually.


The bottle comes with brushes so great to get to the bottle and it is super easy to clean.  I liked the little lop holder at the top of the bottle and I didn’t have any worries regarding leaks, which I have experienced in the past with other bottles

Overall, I am very happy with the products, the quality is really good and I think I am going to get a good few years wear out of them. Which again is great for the environment because I am not constantly buying the similar products so saves me some money, as a frugal person makes me very happy indeed.

I also did a little vlog down below 🙂


Cheers for reading X


I was given the picnic blanket and water bottle in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. 

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