Inspirational Christmas Guide

Hey readers,

I am going to say the C word as Christmas is just around corner and if you love find some inspiration for presents then look no further then in this post. I have a mixed bag of items which is a bit like me.  So let me begin with:

Bakerdays personalised Cake by Bakerdays.

I recieved the lettervox christmas cake through the letterbox, and it really did fit thorugh it. I opened and it was perfect, no problems and sealed. I love this concept as you can order online. Delievery there is 3 day slot which is free or alternatively there is next dsay deliebvery if you are in a riush and need it fast (£5.99 within a two day prior order of cake). You can also order and deliever to someone as a surprise. There are seceral different types of occassions such as birthdays, christian, Eid. So, there really is something for everyone.

I like the presentation of the cake in a tip and sealed. It comes with a cracker and a lovely card, which is a lovely touch to the cake.

The cake itself is actually good and moist, the vanilla flavour was lovely. My sons loved it as it didn’t have cream based filling (for practical reasons) and normally they are quite fussy about cake.

I chose a cat picture – though there are seceral different designs to chose from along with my personlised text, as you can see in the picture below.

There are also different size cakes to choose from and also dairy free. There several different flavours you can chose from (chocolate, vanilla, lemon drizzle etc).

The cake prices are down to the size of the cake. They start from £14.99 to £57.99.

I definitely recommend this cake as a perfect alternative idea for Christmas present or simply for yourself for Christmas. game for children

This idea is a box with squares where you can colour in and fun being creative. The idea is help encourage children to step away from technology and use other ways to keep themselves entertained. The product it’s self is a cardboard box with cubes on it and can fit onto a child’s head safely. It is a fun way to get children to use their imagination.   There are options where you can order for playdates (two boxes) and even design your own t-shirt. Another idea would be used for a party and this would be quite a calm idea when everyone is buzzing, it can help create calmness I would imagine.

My son who has autistic tendencies really helped calm in down when he was getting overworked when at home. It is a great therapeutic tool to have if  you also have a child with additional needs.

The box is self cost £8.00 and comes with free delivery.

Personlised letter from Santa.