Cash lady giving a helping hand

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Life can be hard especially in January with limited money in your bank accounts. Bills need paying, endless money needs to be paid to your children’s school for lessons, trips and God know’s what else. Food needs to be sorted and I know as I am a person who is currently struggling with financial issues and I can tell you it can be bloody hard work. The stress and anxiety can have an impact on your home life, money can be viewed as materialistic but for simple things like milk for your child’s breakfast cereal, washing powder to clean your clothes etc then really it is about survival.

cash lady

One solution to finding a quick income when you desperately need is Cash Lady. A short-term loan company who cares about their customers’ needs – they focus on the right plan for you and your needs. They are award-winning loans ranging from £100 to £1000.  Cash for Lady is focused on 100% security and you can apply for a loan online for free and knowing that the company is FCA authorised. You can apply for short term loan online really quickly as it is accessible 24/7 and they do not charge for making an application.

Another issue with regarding loans is bad credit loans where the chances of you getting a loan are slim because you have previously failed to keep up agreed payments with you and a company such as overdraft form a bank or a mobile phone contract, resulting in giving you a marker as such for money loaners to be cautious. However, Cash for Lady does work with individuals who have bad credit. When applying you’ll request an amount over a set period, on top of which interest will be charged.  If you stick to the plan and pay the money you then are granted a positive marker is left on your credit file.

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Grab a free deal

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Can you believe that it is just after Christmas and my bank balance sure likes to tell me! I love looking on the old internet for a bargain or freebie and a good site to check out for free things is free chocolate samples. It is a fantastic site to see all the latest freebies in one place.

What I like about Gratisfaction, is that it is had update freebies available and that others can like the freebie.  Therefore working out what the hottest freebie is around.

There is also freebies placed in the relevant categories , such as books, gadgets and games to name a few.

Some types of freebies to give you a flavour of what I am talking about are:

Free KFC hot wings – there is a simple description with how to get the freebie – with this one you have to sign up to KFC loyalty club to get the free food, who doesn’t love freebie.

free kfc

Not only are their free products, there are also the latest and popular competitions that you can get. An example of this would be signing up to the Unnik website to put your name in the draw with a chance to win a Benefit makeup hamper, because you know what they say, you have to be in it to win it.

benefit hamper

Finally the last example of a freebie item available for anyone is coffee. This is  a fee sample product from L’OR Espresso Coffee Capsules. All you need to is fill in a form to receive a free sample and before you know it you have a free coffee capsules in the post. I like to add that applying for samples is a great way to test out products that you may never think of trying.

lor coffee

Have you tried Gratification?

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This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

Review of Oppo Ice Cream

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Feeling a bit bloated from indulging on the Christmas food and aiming to be a bit more healthy. There is one solution for it and that is the low calorie ice cream by Oppo ice cream.

I chose the columbian chocolate and hazelnut flavour ice cream to test out. I will be quite frank with you I am not that keen on the flavour because it tasted a bit too bitter for me, but hey I wanted to try something new so that is why. Plus sadly there was no mint chocolate swirl stocked at my local supermarket.



The ice cream itself felt lighter but with a good coincidency and still set solid even though there was less fat type ingredients involved.

Oppo uses ingredients of cold pressed virgin coconut oil, stevia leaf, fresh milk from organic cows who are free to roam and graze in fields.

I suppose one of the main attractions to Oppo ice cream is the fact that it is a reduced calorie item compared to other ice creams. One scoop is 43 kals and is a more healthy alternative to regular ice cream which is laddered in sugar and cream.

Therefore giving you a change to enjoy something sweet and not feeling like you are missing out.

There are also other flavours – salted caramel, mint chocolate swirl, madagascan vanilla. You can pick up a pot in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Holland and Barrett, Ocado, Asda, Whole Foods Market and Budgens.

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I was gifted a pot of Oppo ice cream in exchange for a review. However, all opinions expressed in this post are honest and entirely my own. 

Wicked Uncle Christmas Gift Guide

Hey readers,

Have you heard of Wicked Uncle , well it is a fantastic website for all things quirky and a little but different.

I have select a few items from the website that I feel are a great present for Christmas for children.

Wicked UncleChristmas Gift Guide.png

Mood Cube (£5.50)

I think this is a great present for any children or adult that enjoy soft lighting to have them relax. My son has autistic tendencies and this mood light really helps him to calm down, especially when he is feeling really angry. I also think that the cube is a great way in creating a chilled ambience to a room because it changes different colours when it is switched on. It is battery operated but it lasts a long time and it is something that I enjoy as well so it’s always an added bonus.

mood cube 1

mood cube 2

Stikbots  (£9.95)  

StikBots are poseable figurines that are easy to manipulate and put into easy positions to create films. They are great tool for animation films for adults and children. You don’t even have to use them as a animated objects you can just play with them randomly like my son does. He has used this toy the most this week and I think it is going to be a firm favourite of his. He has enjoyed playing with them and creating imaginative play with them and they are really stickable on smooth clean work surfaces.




They come as a pack on two StikBots and you can also download the free app to record animated videos on iOS and Android.

Arctic adventure 4 piece set. (£12.95)

This lovely little set is great for imagination and role play for children. It comes with a Slide and cave, one polar bear (with adjustable head) and two seals. Both my boys but more so my four year old loved playing it especially letting the animals slide down the slide. I think it is a lovely little set that is ideal in taking it away if you’re travelling with a child.




Paint glow in the dark face and body paint kit (£10.95)

The paint is neon, glow in the dark. What child doesn’t like having their face painted and it is super cool for them as they can play in the dark especially now that we have the darker nights. It is super fun and my boys loved playing together in the room (result five minutes peace me, whoop!). I was attracted to it as it is a bit different and I like to have as many different forms of entertainment as possible, as we all know that children get bored very, very quickly!

The paints themselves are kind and gentle on the skin. You don’t need to use any water.  I found it really easy to apply and the brush was really good quality to use. It is really super fast in drying out and long lasting. I found it really easy to wash off with soap and water. It does say on the packet that it paints up to 100 faces.

The contents include 6 (13 ml) colours, pro paint brush, sponge, UV light, mixing palettes and tutorial guide.

I hope that has inspired you.

Cheers for reading X

I was gifted the items from Wicked Uncle but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Thrive App Review

Hey readers,

If you like me suffer with stress or anxiety then I have found a way that may help you and that is an app called Thrive . It is available on android and iOS.

So what is Thrive? well in a nutshell it is a service that provides helpful information and tools to reduce stress and anxiety, therefore making you thrive in life.


When you first start the app it will go through questions on how you have felt over the past two weeks such as I have been experiencing not much enjoyment in activities. There helps give the app a baseline on your mood and also the areas that you need to improve on such as finding ways to wind down or getting more sleep.

The background of the app is a island on a beach and has soothing music to help make you feel more calmer.

Then there are three islands that you can navigate around which each having sub categories for tools for you to use to help you.

On the first island there is:



Provides a step-to-step guide on how to do the breathing with you. It recommends that you do it three times a day for three minutes.


These are guided meditation to help you relax. There are a variety of types such as sensory (focusing on sounds) to meditation in learning to not engage in worrying thoughts. There are different length meditation from five minutes to 25 minutes.

Deep Muscles

Works though all the muscles from the top to the bottom of the body and learning to untense and relax your muscles.

Self Suggestion

Using a phase like Keep calm and going through an exercise to help you relax.

Second Island consists of all things Zen like.


Zen Garden

If you are like me and enjoy practical activities then this will be a good one for you.  Basically, it is a virtual Japanese rock garden when you focus on creating a garden that consists of calming features like water. It is practical but calming as well, as you are concentrating on the garden and design as opposed to the stress that is on your mind.


Zen Challenge

Is a game where you have different levels to get one  bucket to another bucket. It starts of easy but does get hard.


Final island consists of:



Where you can create a message of encouragement and in turn receive one back (I believe it is for other users of the app, I don’t know the person personally). PHOTO


Where you track how well you have been doing through the week or month.  You can revalue how you are feeling, how much times you have spent on activities giving you insight to what is working and what needs to be improved, if anything.

Mood Meter

You can analyse your mood with the mood meter. It is grey cloud at the bottom to indicate totally sadness and in contrast at the top is sunshine where everything is hunky dory.



This section looks at the concerns you raised organically when you first signed up to the app and then there is information about why for instant sleep is important. Further down there are tips and ways to help make the situation better. Such as not drinking caffeine before bed and getting blackout blinds.

Overall, I really like this app as it is practical and something you can use as much or as little as you want. You can use the tools that suit you, as everyone is different. What may work for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. A good point about this app is it is on your phone and you can use it anywhere. So, for instance I struggle with social anxiety. If I am particularly anxious on the day of a social situation I can go to the bathroom and do a three minute breathing technique to help reduce the anxiety.  I like the fact there is more than one option giving you that choice to tailor to your needs.

I have always found through my own experience as someone suffers with mental health issues, is that doing something practical when you feel  dire really can make you feel tons better. It gives back that empowerment and seeking out some help can build your confidence when you are feeling so rubbish.

I can’t really fault the app and give it a 5* because it is important to spend time on your mental health.

Cheers for reading X

I recieved app payment in exchange of review. All opinions are entirely my own.