Long haul travel

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Are you looking for an easy way to plan a holiday somewhere far away but don’t know where to look or find out the right information. Well, you’re in look as Destination2: Holidays is the place to be as they are a company that provides luxury holiday destinations and specialises in long-haul travel. They provide the option of just the holiday or there is also the option of the holiday and travel so you can get all sorted in one click and cater to your budget. The holiday locations available are Europe, Carribean, Middle East, Indonesia, Malaysia, Indian Ocean, so there is plenty of choices to get the right place for your needs and desires.

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Destination 2 provides several types of packages depending on what your needs are and what kind of holiday you would like to have.   The types of accommodation are:

Honeymoon holidays – are focused on popular tourist destinations such as the Caribbean and beach type holiday.  However, they do also cater for adventure with trying out underwater diving for example or cityscapes where you can explore the architecture and popular markets.

Last minute deals – these are for people who may be at the last minute what to go away somewhere or trying to budget to there needs, this great option to bag yourself a bargain to somewhere beautiful in the world like Thailand or Maldives.

Adult only holidays –  if you want to relax with an adult company and a calmer environment and not have to worry about a noisy environment or someone kicking the ball over your head on a beach then do check out these type of packages.

Luxury all inclusive holidays – perfect if you want everything sorted and not have to worry about any the financial stress as inclusive holidays are covered for things like food, drink, and entertainment (cruises, table tennis etc).

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On the website there is a live web chat available to message, or you can email them personally and they also have a helpline and after service helpline that run during business hours to help with any worries and make planning a trip hassle-free so you have to worry about is what to back.

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With regards to the company themselves, they have been awarded five stars from test piolet. Destination 2 have also from 2011 – 2017 have won the global traveling award. Not to mention they have Atol protection so you have that can give you some security on how well the business is doing.

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This is a collaboration post with Destination 2. 

I have a chafing solution

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Its now summer and the weather is hot, hot, hot and nothing better than to get your summer clothing on but there is one problem and that is the dreaded chafing.

I am a big girl I won’t lie, I am size 22 but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to wear skirts, dresses or shorts. Now, I suffer from chub rub, whereby the top of my thighs sweat due to the heat and then this causes them to rub and burn with the potential to cause a great deal of pain. It is not fun. I mention I am a bigger person however, you can have chafing problems being smaller as well, but being fat really doesn’t help in this situations.

Well, I have tried a lot of products out but I am open to more options, that is why when smoovall said they can send me out a sample of the chafing spray to try out and write a blog post about my experience I was delighted.

I think the packaging is super cute, simple and does not shout hey I have chub rub. First of all, it is handy to have the spray in your bag when you are out and about, making it convenient and you can top easily making you comfortable throughout the day.

I have tried the spray a handful of times and during these times have been super hot and I mean HOT. As we have got a heatwave at the moment in the UK this product couldn’t come at a better time. To apply the spray you have to spray from the area that it is affected on the upper thigh. The consistency of the spray feels light and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. It has a pleasant smell which is a big deal because if you are going where it then you know you want a fragrance you enjoy.

The spray lasted all day, didn’t get patchy and my skin felt really smooth with the appliance on. When I returned home after I had been out for well over three hours, during that period I didn’t need to top up with a spray which is brilliant, saves money in the long run. There was no fiction and it made going out much more enjoyable. Ok, I can wear shorts or similar garments under my skirts but there is something refreshing about not needing to have to do that and feeling cooler without that option.

Guidance by Smoovall on how to apply the spray.

I shall be using this, well all summer for a start and then some. I found the spray a really good size as I could put in the bag if I needed to top up making it very convenient for me. Using this product for as a barrier to stop chafing really boosting my confidence to wear the clothes I want to wear in the summer without feeling uncomfortable out and about. I normally use E45 hand cream because it is good but short-lived so this chafing spray tops that for durability. So I would definitely recommend for anyone that suffers from chafing and what to feel comfortable in your own skin.

A single bottle of 80 ml Smoovall Skin Contact Spray contains an average of 30 spray applications. It is priced at £12.99 plus £1.99 for delivery, which is free on orders over £20.

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I have been gifted the chafing spray in exchange for a review of the product. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Psychic Furture


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Do you ever wonder about there being more to life than just living? Well, Psychic Future have carried out some research regarding psychic experience and found that actually loads of people have some psychic ability from small incidents to big ones. The kind of examples they have given are sensing a presence around you, feeling drained when meeting new people or experiencing deja vu. I think this is interesting when you look at the examples of what it means to be a psychic there are many variations. I think most people assume that when you think about psychic you have the image of a person just talking to a dead person.

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Research carried out about by Psychic Future have found that 40% of people who consider being psychic are scared to be psychic at first. I think one of the major themes regarding exploring the psychic world is that it is unknown and new, too many people stepping into something you probably haven’t done before can be scary because you are vulnerable.

However, Psychic Future have given some advice to any new people wanting to explore their psychic abilities is to have fun and enjoy, I think that is important as if you are relaxed and get something out of it then it makes it that much easier to grow and learn. It is also important to listen to yourself and how you feel and don’t ignore them sensations.

What do you think about psychic powers? Have you had any experience of being psychic and what kind of advice would you give someone considering being psychic?

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This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


Why I like Twitter

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If you haven’t heard of the social media platform Twitter then where have you been?

Twitter has got a lot of bad press recently what with the likes of Trump using it as a medium to communicate to everyone. Of course we can not dismiss t trolls but let’s face it there is bad in everything. So, lets have a look at some positives about the popular social media site.


1) It is a great way to connect with like minded people.

2) I love it when you are watching live programme (I know right shocking in this day and age) and jump on twitter and there is that community of other people watching the same programme, it is great way to watch something and discuss the programme with others.

3) Hash tags are great tool to grow your audience, get more people to notice your tweets.

4) You can find out information via news reports or blog posts.

5) It is a great way to get your frustrations out.

6) You can do all sorts of forms of communication, whether that be a tweet, gif, poll, video.

7) You can find some cracking memes and a good way to kill some time.

8) You can find up to date news coverage.

9) you can follow famous people that you enjoy reading about their thoughts. Let’s face people are on twitter nowadays.

10) It can be fun with hashtag games and play on words.

11) You don’t have to be serious and can just write random tweets if you so wish to.

So let’s all praise twitter and get on tweeting.

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Specially delivered chocolate

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As we are fast approachFathers day (17th June) I think I have found the perfect present for any chocolate-loving daddy out there. It is personalised chocolate from an online company called Morse Toad. The idea is to choose a bad pun gifts and put it on to some tasty chocolate into a box. It is a fun and lovely way to add a personal touch to a present. Sometimes it can be hard to find a present for a man and not to make it so predictable so this is a perfect gift that adds a touch of thought to the gift.

I think one of the most appealing things about this chocolate gift is that it is a letterbox gifts so if your in a rush, you don’t have to go anywhere and can do all the work online and wait for it to be delievered to your letterbox.

You can add a picture card also to the box with a message. The picture card is something you can be kept after all the chocolate is eaten. It is an ideal size for putting in the wallet or on the fridge.

The delivery is super fast within 3 to 5 days and it is secure and comes in a shiny gold envelope making it feel luxurious.

You can add bad puns which are a playful way to add to a gift. I have used super dad that you can see in the pictures above so very ideal for Father’s day. to the chocolate such as super dads like I have in my pictures which is great for Father’s Day there.

I really like the packaging of the box, it is not over the top put fun and character to it. It will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face if they received this personalised gifts .

Also, do check out Morse Toad’s competiton where you can be in the chance to win £100 and 25 free boxes. You can enter here.

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I have been gifted a sample of the chocolate, however, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Fashionable and practical medical ID bracelet

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As some readers will know I have Asperger Syndrome and with that condition comes a lot of communicational difficulties – verbal and non-verbal!

One thing that has been problematic is when I have a meltdown or really struggle in an emergency because of the unexpectedness and just generally not knowing what to say or do.

I am lucky that my husband is the total opposite of me and really good at communicating, one of the reasons he is my carer.

That is why I am grateful when Butler and Grace asked me to review there fashionable medical ID bracelet



The whole idea of Butler & Grace is to provide a range of fashion jewellery but will the purpose of having conditions and contact details to help get the right communication information across when in an emergency.

This will be so handy as I literally freeze under pressure and just can’t get out of the anxiety bubble to get the information across, so this medical jewellery is such a good way to resolve that issue.

Tanya Butler is the founder of the company as she has a son on the autistic spectrum and she understood that attractive jewellery but with the right information is something that is missing in the market of ID jewellery. Before ID jewellery was It was a big and chunky and not very fun with the designs.


Untitled design.png


There are many different choices of styles and you can get personalised with whatever you want, any condition. It does not necessarily have to be a physical thing, hence the autism aspect so it’s very flexible with mental as well.

I love silver and teal combined so you cannot believe how happy I was to find the piece that suited my preference in design. It is made to the size of your wrist and there is a drawstring so making it flexible with the size and comfort of how tight you like it on your wrist.

It is also fashionable because if you are wearing it every day you want something that looks pleasant on the eye. The bracelet is handmade and using polymer clay with geometric beads. You can find more details about the bracelet here.

Very easy to order on the website and choosing the selection. No problems with the delivery and great communication. Definitely, recommend if you need an ID jewellery but something bit fun as well.

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I have been gifted a bracelet, however, ever all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


Save some pennies

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Let me tell you something I like to save some pennies where I can. There is a lot of useful information on a website called Gratisfaction where you can find deals or free samples.

Gratisfaction is a wonderful place on the internet where it gives current deals, freebies vouchers and samples. I like anything where all the information is in one place so I don’t have to hunt left, right and centre.

There are many difficult types of products displayed on the site including makeup, children products, food and homeware, what is not to love.

Here are some of the types of items advertised on the site.


Who doesn’t like free ice-cream, well now you can get your hands on some Tesco own brand cookie dough ice cream. All you have to is sign up to the home testing club to get a chance to test out products, result! Yes, I too have signed up to this as well, so fingers crossed because I too love a freebie!

What a beaut of a freebie this is, a Thorntons chocolate egg just in time for Easter. To qualify all you need to be is on 02 to get it off the app.

Image result for FREE Wild Caviar Day Moisturiser

Next on the list is a code given on the site to get a free Cougar Wild Caviar day moisturiser but you do have to pay for the postage. It normally worth £18.99.

So as you can see some cracking bargains and definitely if you like the latest deals on offer then do check out Gratisfaction.

Have you found any good deals online, I would love to hear all about them?

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This post is a sponsored post, however, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.