Ten things August

Hey readers,

Here are the ten things that I have enjoyed during the crazy month of August 

1 I enjoyed a trip to the hills to ride my kite and walk around the beautiful scenery.



2 It was lovely to see my son pick his first school shoes. He was so overjoyed with the whole experience and is desperately waiting for next week to actually wear them.

3 We had a lovely trip to London for the day. We experienced going on the London Eye and walking on the glass floor, eek!

4  Monday was such a glorious day I took the boys to pick some strrawberries,  rashberries and sweetcorn.

5 It was lovely to see some free event called Brick Wonders in my home city. It exhibitied all different types of lego scenes, wich I think is wonderful and lovely to see positive work in the area.

6  It has been lovely to spend some quality time with both boys and going out exploring.
7  We visitied the maze world and gardens. Obiviously the boys totally enjoyed getting mummy wet with the water pistols.

8 Me and my eledest had a lovely 1-2-1 time one day and we made bread rolls. Which for me is one hell of a challenge to do so I am really chuffed with myself.

9 During the summer holiday I have stuck at blogging and kept on top with all the linkies and comments. I like structure and it all has gone  up in the air. It has been tough but it is a personal thing that belongs to me so I keep plodding ob. I am proufd of it as it is my little space, my hobby that I own!

10 Least we forget the sunshine, when it is not too sticky and eating ice cream pretty much sums up summer!

Cheers for reading X

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Life is mundane sometimes 

Hey readers,

Parenthood is a strange old thing where there never seems like a state of equilibrium. One minute it is so busy my head is spinning to the next when it is dame right mundane you are bored to tears.

The role of mummy is hard, dame hard in fact. I am so bored from seeing Mr Tumble for the umpteen time that I want to rip his face off!

If that is enough to deal with then comes creeping in MUMMY guilt when you are moat vulnerable. Why do I feel so guilty because you have constant messages tha you can’t enjoy every minute and at the end day sometimes it is a but crap. I do love being a parent and it is a wonderful experience but sometimes I sit in the bathroom and want to cry  at 7am dreading the day ahead. Then I feel worse because I feel I am not good enough.

Where the boys are bickering non stop and I have to plan three meals a day, entertainment, drinks, potty training, washing etc day after day the same thing over and over again it can become tedious, boring and soul destroying. You lose a part of you, you feel like a robot and feel you are just a person looking after two small people.

If that isn’t bad enough having  a partner who is laid back and takes everything in his stride gets right under my skin. OK, it is more jealous why do I worry so much when hubby can take it or leave it, you absolute bastard.

It is all too overwhelming, too much information, too much pressure, too much judgement sometimes I just want to say fuck it to it all!

It is so frustrating 😤

Cheers for reading X


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The Daddy Tag Challenge

Hey readers,

Stumbled on this beauty of a tag by The Frenchie Mummy all about the Daddy. Check it out below.

Are you a Stay at Home Daddy or a Working Daddy? My work is looking after my disabled wife and children at home.

Would you have it any other way?Yes…I look forward to when my wife or I can go out to work.

Do you co-change dirty nappies? Even the very smelly ones?Yes.

A little fairy gives you the possibility of breastfeeding? Are you going for it or do you run away?If it was an actual thing then I would do it.

What is the one must-have item for a daddy?YouTube for teaching toddlers.

How many kids do you plan on having?The two we already have got.

Lads’ nights? How often do you have them?Never.

Your children’s favourite achievement?The flowers that grow.

What is your best memory with your kid(s)?The eldest is only four and the best memory is when they cuddle up with each other.

Name one thing you miss since being a daddy?Time.

Weight gain, before pregnancy, during, after and now? And we mean YOU DADDY, not the mummy!Gone down a bit.

Dream holiday with your kids?Sandy beaches and sunny fields.

Dream holiday without your kids or even without the other half? (You’re allowed to dream)Sunny beaches.

How has your life changed since having kids?Time has vanished and have to be extremely careful with what you say they never forget.

Finish the sentence “It makes my heart melt when…”I come home and they come running up to em shouting daddy, daddy!

Favourite beers brands and football team?Football team non. Brand De Dietrich. Beer Black Sheep.

Huggies or Pampers?Pampers.

Have you always wanted kids?Yes, ever since I was about five or six.

Best part of being a dad?Lots more things to be happy about.


I now nominate Carla Inside Martyns Thoughts and The mother Hub to take part in the daddy’s tag challenge. Just simple copy the questions below and nominate three other bloggers.

  • Are you a Stay at Home Daddy or a Working Daddy?
  • Would you have it any other way?
  • Do you co-change dirty nappies? Even the very smelly ones?
  • A little fairy gives you the possibility of breastfeeding? Are you going for it or do you run away?
  • What is the one must-have item for a daddy?
  • How many kids do you plan on having?
  • Lads’ nights? How often do you have them?
  • Your children’s favourite achievement?
  • What is your best memory with your kid(s)?
  • Name one thing you miss since being a daddy?
  • Weight gain, before pregnancy, during, after and now? And we mean YOU DADDY, not the mummy!
  • Dream holiday with your kids?
  • Dream holiday without your kids or even without the other half? (You’re allowed to dream)
  • How has your life changed since having kids?
  • Finish the sentence “It makes my heart melt when…”
  • Favourite beers brands and football team?
  • Huggies or Pampers?
  • Have you always wanted kids?
  • Best part of being a dad?

Don’t forget to nominate three daddies to complete this so daring challenge!

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Liberal parenting

Hey readers,

I am writing because I am bit of pissed off. OK, now and again I test my sons listening skills. He’s two sometimes he is co-operative now and then he is not. Learning from my past with my other son who has gradually become more mature and listening. I believe that you have to give them some power in order to gain trust. Maybe because that is how I felt as a child. I have been in all different environments so experienced many different types of parent styles as I have been in care etc so feel gave me broad understanding and experience. I digress so I let my son freely run around the shop, I know bad parent. But learnt to grab his hand and he stayed with me then. But properly best not to have done it in the shop or when I was having crappy day. But what the hell in for a penny. Still I pop to this shop today and got talking to the shop keeper. I took offense when he called them terrors and the fact he said that the boy liked running around the shop. I don’t know maybe I am sensitive but really pisses me off. I was on my own with two kids trying to shop. I am crap at multi-tasking  or maybe I am just a shit mother. But at what point do you give them power. When do they learn?!  Now just going have the lead on him at all times. It makes me sad though cause I believe they have to learn at some point and yeah they are kids. But it worked with my eldest. Slowly little bit at a time he learnt to be more mature and listen. Anyway I am proud of being a liberal parent not full hog but definately swing that way. Though I do believe in some boundaries but giving trust as well. Anyhow I needed to rant. It’s fucking hard making decisions and love gown quick it is for people to comment and make judgement. Like you don’t know what is going on through my head.

Anyway, thank you for reading X

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Home Comforts

Hey readers,
Oooo nothing beats a bit of home comforts especially when you’ve had a long day or just feel like a bag of poo. I love having a safety net of things to go to when ineed of a chill out. Even more it is a perfect list for this cold, wet and windy wintery days to hibernate too.
So I shall now enlighten you what is on my list of home comforts.
1) Firstly and most important essential to help relax at home is a hot brew. There is nothing like putting your feet up on the sofa with a lovely warm tea to wrap your cold hands around, that to me is perfection.
2) Some lovely snuggly oft throws to get wrapped up and create extra cosiness in the home.
3) A really hot shower to make sure you are really clean and super cosy and warm. This is particularly poignant when you have been out a lot in the super cold weather.
4) Followed by some really warm cotton pajamas to get you all cushy and relaxed.
5) Not to mention the pair of fluthy socks to slip into to keep your tootises warm on them cold nights, brrrr!

Yes fluthy socks rule, fact!


6) Another favourite comfort is watching something I enjoy such as comedy or thriller to escape to and forget my woes and enter someone else’s world.
7) A major you be or me is the ambience as I love soft low lighting to create a  soothing atmosphere where I can relax in my home and feel comfortable in my  enviromnent 
8) Alternatively, I am loving my kindle and it is an item that I have found to help me let go of whatever is on my mind and engage and lose myself in a book.
Thanks for reading X

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Save some pennies

Hey readers,

This month is particularly hard for all of us due to post christmas spurs. Sometimes it can feel scary with worry with how you will cope during January till payday. So here are some tricks to help ease the financial burden and save some money.

  1. Make sure you are prepared so when you do avoid shopping write a list and stick to it.
  2. Have a budget, have the odd luxury but planning your weekly meals will save so much especially cutting down on impulsion. 
  3. Ask yourself when looking at something do I really need this? You be amazed once you get into this habit how much you think twice!
  4. Shop around – there are plenty of websites that you can find a better deal. Mysupermarket.co.UK is great in comparing supermarket prices and is really good at getting the  bes deal for items like nappies. 
  5. Instead of doing takeaways you can have a fakeaway instead,  cutting back the costs and possibly could be healthier.
  6. Look on local sites for free events or go to parks for free days out. Also you can find 2 for 1 deals on the internet.
  7. Having a picnic when you go out for a family day our can save the cost in buying at a eatery at the attraction as it cost extra just by being in a popular area. 
  8. Put so much away a week can soon add up and then you can treat yourself without feeling guilty.
  9. Sell unwanted gifts on ebay and earn back some poundage and In turn someone can enjoy the item rather then letting it gather dust. 
  10. Don’t waste money on a gym membership when there are so many fitness videos free on YouTube. Not to mention just sticking a coat on and going out for a walk in the fresh air. 
Cheers for reading X

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Signs that my child does not need the pushchair

Hey readers,

My youngest is currently between the transition of coming out the pushchair and walking. He is really good at walking. He is advantaged compared to my eldest who was nearly three and a half when we decided to boot him out (lazy monkey). So I have wrote down a list of observations of signs that my youngest was ready to say goodbye to the pushchair and start exploring the world further with his feet.

  1. I suppose the most obvious sign that my son wants to come out of the chair. He is  crying non-stop when going round shops. Looking very sorry for himself especially when he sees other children walking around and he is there stuck in his pushchair.
  2. Trying to get out of the pushchair by pushing his body forward and desperately holding on to you to get out.
  3. Altertively he is crying and wanting you to be aware that he is touching the button on the pushchair. This button is the catch to open up the straps. This is another sign that he wants  to be unbuttoned from the chair to be free to do what he wants to do.
  4. Has a massive meltdown before going out as he knows he is entering the chair. He will do anything to not be put back into the buggy. Every time you try to place him in the chair he will shuffle  or drop to the floor in protest.
  5. Generally has no interest in the pushchair, he is really good at walking. Not only that he loves beening free to roam. Not to mention the fact that now that he is at nursery his listening skills are so much better. This makes my life easier and enjoyable when we do go out that I am not too stressed to go out. 
Please bare in my mind this is my own experience and that every child has different developments and lifestyles. 

Cheers for reading X
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My Mummy Pet Hates

Hey readers,

With parenthood nothing runs smoothly and somethings can quite frankly get on your goat. Nothing is perfect in parenthood it comes with its challenges so here are most irritating pet hates that annoy the crap out of me.

  1. Repetion of questions – I know it is lovely when your little one speaks and has an inquestive mind showing that your little darling is into things. But let’s face it there is only so many times you can answer the same question again and again and again and again before you secretly fatasty about quietness just for time to think without being smothered with the demand for answers!
  2. Hearing my own voice – what can I say my children as soon as they learnt the skill of selective hearing  they get smart and used it to their advantage. It is so dame annoying hearing your own voice and trying to stay calm. For example getting your children to nursery and encouraging them to get dressed when they so can’t be arsed so they chose to ignore you instead. Not to mention if you have more then one child and hearing you say time and time again play nicely, stop jumping on your brother, for God sake just share the plastic  jelly baby pot. 
  3. It is totally mind field for me to understand the social rules of parenting and what to say or how much to say to other parents. What to get your sons friend from nuersry etc etc.  My son is  has not even started school yet and then in will even more  social rules to deal with.
  4. When having a baby you were entitled to watch several hours of crap TV in peace with hot teas. Now moving forward to the Toddler age you may as well kiss good bye to watching anything of your own during the day. With our home now with two toddlers and their noise  and demands you miss your programme anyway so you may as well just watch another God dame episode of Peppa Pig.
  5. Songs that get stuck in your head – from the telly whether that be Peppa Pig or Fireman Sam theme tune you will be stuck with it going round in your head all day long and find yourself humming along.
  6. Getting under your feet – I love my kids but at times they can get so frustrating as they have this ability to get under your feet when trying to do something. Alternatively my eldest loves to  try and block you from entering a room just for laugh. It doesn’t matter whether your rushing around cleaning the flat to make it look half decent for visits it is more fun to stop mummy, yeah right!
  7. Lego pieces – that get everywhere and kill when standing on them. They are so painful and so smallne that they really should come with insurance.
  8. Throwing food – why, why, why do children havd to  throw food about everywhere in places that are imaginable and find months later, vom!
  9. Meltdowns – particularly I find stressful in public to deal with. Yes this is typical child behaviour but so hard to deal with  especially when your child is tired. There is no rational stance with your child when they hit meltdown mode so it can be really stressful to try to get them to calm down and then you need to calm down, just a nightmare really.
  10. With both my sons trying to get them to share the tablet, drink, felt tips, stickers you name it I guarantee there will be a squabble between my boys. It is so bloody hard work at times to constantly break up the battles but luckily the good out weigh the bad or else I would be locked up in the psychiatric ward.

Cheers for reading X 

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First Child Vs Second Child

Hey readers,
I am writing this post to tell you my experience of what it is like to ha w a first and second baby and the differences between them. Trust me no child is the same but also you are neither the same. As experience and life shapes you and we are always moving forward weather we like it or not it, fact!
I digress, Here is my top ten list of the differences of having a first and second child.
  1. When I first had my baby boy I was a nervous wreck about everything. My anxiety was flying of the radar. The change was so overwhelming and the feeling of not being in control because I have never done this whole parent business before was emerge. I wanted to be perfect but I learnt fast that was an unrealistic expectation and unreachable!Second baby was a bit more relaxed (I always have anxiety) but felt more aware and knowledgeable second time round. Didn’t fear labour as most of my fear first time round was based around  the unknown.
  2. First time child  I could pay attention wholly on my darling and was a lot easier to have focus on one child.Second time round was intense and very difficult for me as I am not good at multi-tasking. I am autistic I  Iike to pay attention on one thing at one time. Trust me with a inquisitive and excitable toddler that ain’t going happen. My two year old was mental with energy and was bouncing all over the place therefore found it very challenging. I think for both of us in reflection was a difficult transactional period. Now two years on I love it more as my boys are friends sometimes and my youngest can copy my eldest. His speech is better and faster and picks up on things from his brother.
  3. My eldest had one cold in a two year period. Then he attended nursery and has several cold/flu type illnesses. Whereas my second has had several illnesses pre two years old due to my eldest sharing his lovely germs.
  4. With the first baby time was a lot more readily available therefore it was easier going out shopping and the like.Soon as the second one came along it was very, very stressful and struggle for me to manage when out and about. OK lot easier now my son has kissed goodbye to the buggy for good. I don’t have to worry about crashing the double buggy everywhere and running over peoples as much now! It is more manageable now though still don’t do it frequently with two together as I get meltdowns due to being autistic. Luckily I am in a place where I don’t have to worry too much about having to take them both out at the time. Like I said previously I really struggle to multi-task and then add social situations I am diabolical.Second time round I have less time to focus on each boy. However, I have to managed a routine after time and have adapted within my means. I am very lucky that my eldest picked up potty training in a week and that includes at night. So when it is nappy changing I just focus on including my son as a little helper so he doesn’t feel left out.
  5. With my first child I learnt the hard way with to make sure that everything was out of reach as soon as he could walk. In contrast the second child is a breeze with safety as I had prior experience with it and already got a lot of safety features in the home.
  6. When I was weaning my first child I was advised to baby led weaning which as typical me I took as Gospel. I went to the group and followed the rules to the book. The downfall was I took everything literal therefore when they said the child had to use their hand I did just that. I didn’t use any utensils as they said they had to experiment and learn for them selves. Being autistic common sense lacks and finding a medium ground is something that I fail badly with. No one explains instructions clearly therefore I find these periods of learning extremely stressful and it can really get me down.Second time round with weaning  I said fuck the rules and the stress. With weaning the first time round taught me to do with what I wanted to do. OK the child was more compliant which made it a hell of a lot more easier  but I was more relaxed and I believe that influences parenting experience for all. 
  7. When I had my first child I sterilised everything and had a panic attack if the lid of the bottle fell on the fall. Compare this to the second where the three second rule applies right?! My thoughts are germs will help build his immune system and playing in mud is part of sensory play right 😉
  8. As a new mum you want to try EVERY thing and get so absorbed in trying to be a perfect mother so therefore.o attended the dreaded baby group. The most boring thing in the world was attended thoa groups. They nearly killed me with the stress of it and the social situations. I just found them so boring and the chat well was beyond tedious. I an just not one of them mums and certainly perfer structure play and not to be around small talk. Second time round I attended the baby groups and decided enough was enough. I am going to go to dance group and the library group as I enjoy them as they are structured and love stories and songs over messy play 😉 pressure is not on so much and feel much more laidback about the issues around making sure my baby interacts properly. He has a older sibling so he is not going miss out. lol. 
  9. When settling my eldest to sleep we cuddled him to sleep and then put him into his cot. where he would sleep soundly most through the night. In sharp contrast with having two children we put them together in their own bed in the same room and often leave them to get on with it. As they share a bedroom this impacted on them. Once we dropped the side of the cot for my youngest he would not settle at first. This impacted both my boys sleep settling as my youngest found it at first a novelty. So we had to stay there sitting with both boysfell a sleep. However, one would wake up and crawl into the others bed. Normally my youngest as he is very affectionate and they would most of the time sleep together in one bed cramped together. Now, though it is more of.a morning ritual for the boys to cuddle in bed but at least us parents can have five minutes peace before the mayhem begins.
  10. When documenting baby’s development you covered it and monitored intensely compared to the second child and you have some prints hitten away. But at least with the second time round you are not on tender hooks as you know roughly what to expect. The major valuable lesson is that each child is different and will do what they want in their own time. Even if it is not what you expected most time you will find a way of muddling through.

Cheers for reading X

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