Father’s day gift guide 2017

Hey readers,

Next month (18th June) will be Father’s day and if you are struggling for ideas then look no further, as I have complied a father’s day guide.

gift guide.png

1) Firstly, my hubby is into baking and cooking, I know shock right. But I thought he might enjoy this as he always watches the programme and there is something beautiful about flicking through a cook book when you have five minutes to yourself. The Great British Bake Off Every Day cook book, full of favourite recipes from Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. You pick pick up a copy from Asda (£9).

2) Looking for something amusing and a Star Wars Fan, check out this funny mug with the well know Yoda character printed on it. You can buy this online from Etsy (£6.99 + P&p).

3) Now, this item is slightly pricey but it will be a top hit for the techno man in your life. It is a spectrum solo DAB+FM radio. I like the fact that it looks similar to a Lego piece so something little bit different from your typical DAB style radio. But be perfect to have in the kitchen or even if you opt for a summer barbie in the garden, will create the perfect ambience. You can buy the radio from  John Lewis (£40).

4) If you want something a little bit different check out  Matalan option of growing your own pizza toppings (£3).

5) Always a hit in my household is the old alcohol beverage and this Hobgoblin beer from Tesco (£1.25) will nicely quench any father’s first on the special day.

I hope you have found this guide inspiring and whatever way you celebrate Father’s day, I hope you have a fabulous day spoling the father’s in your life.

Cheers for reading X

 Cheers for reading X

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Trends that should die forever!!!

Hey readers,

Watch out girls then is a returning trend that is coming this summer – underbun! If you have not heard of an underbun it is basically where you have such short shorts that your bottom slips out. Now I don’t care about flesh sharing but sometimes girls can show far too much for the eyes to see.


Nude leggings are just a no no for me, sorry. They are not attractive and tell everyone the truth, no one wants to see them stretched over your backside, unless your stick thin it is revolting. They are also in a disgusting colour and they just not flattering at all, if you own a pair do us all a favour and bin them!

nude leggings

What is it with glitter in your roots, seriously it looks like someone has sneezed on your head or you have a really bad case of coloured dandruff. Whoever thought this was cool, it is not, so please just die off!

glitter roots

A recent trend that is growing in popularity is fur slides. To me they look like something that resembles a middle class lady of leisure that struts about in her silk dressing gown. They just look cheap and tacky, seriously if Rihanna fell of the cliff would everyone else jump off too?! I am glad I am so old that I just don’t care anymore (not that did when I was younger) to care about being hip and fashionable.

fur slides

Tracksuit bottoms with the word juicy plastered on the bottom, just looks awful. I thought they had there day but they seem to be reappearing in my local area, please just stop, I don’t want to be forced to look at your bottom.

juicy tracksuits.jpg

Fake tan just looks horrific, streaky and unnatural. Why do this, it is just not right, are they blind, do women not see this. Ok, some can get it right but a majority go overboard or can not blend it in correctly causing it to have that lovely streaky marking. I have done it once myself, never again. I looked like the angry orange and wasted money when I could of just brought a bar of chocolate and have been happy as Larry.

angry orange

Is there trends that you wish to fizzle out promto?

Cheers for reading X

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Depression and parenting


Hey readers,

Sometimes I feel that on my blog I should not discuss depression as I am so ashamed, because that is what society makes me feel like at times. I have always been embarrassed to say that I take anti-depressants and that in-turn makes me feel weak. But deep down I know that my depression is genetic and chemical reaction, it doesn’t make me a bad person because of it.

abstract 1

Truth be told as a parent with depression there days when I hardly do anything, the only thing I attempt is to the the bear minimum for my children. Once the children have gone to bed it allows me time to cry from all the build up sadness and  frustration from the day.

Some days are better then others, but now again I get dips and need that extra hand from my husband. For instance, I struggle to deal with the social side of taking my children to nursery or school. It is not always just the socialising but the physical environment is so hard for me to manage. I literally feel so suffocated  and overwhelmed by the sensory stimulation that is happening in the room. I am autistic on top of all this and usually I can find that it interacts with the depression.

Therefore heightened social situations can make me feel rubbish and can contribute towards me beating myself up for not being a good enough at being a parent because I am not like all the parents. It tends to result in me coming home and breaking down. I feel rubbish and tend to just want to sleep in order to escape the reminder of my shortfalls as a parent and person.

abstract 3

Other times, I struggle with dealing with the temperament of my children or talking about topics such as death, as this can trigger my OCD. No one teaches you how to communicate to your child and some days I just have to admit to defeat as it is too tough for me to deal with and hubby would have to take over.

When I am going through a dip in my mood I can spend the whole day dragging myself down, I physically feel on edge and know that after all this there is going to be a massive panic attack. I hide away from my husband, as I am not good at communicating in that moment, I don’t instantly have the words to say. I feel therefore this risks the changes of irritability between me and my husband. I don’t like being touched for a cuddle, I just need the time for me to mope and allow the emotions to pass. I don’t want solutions, I try lots of things but in that moment I just need to be. I don’t run form it anymore, at the end of it I kind of feel better getting it out of my system. It helps me feel calmer and my body feels like it is being heard.

abstract 2

Sometimes, the best thing is to accept it at that moment, don’t find solutions because at the end of the day it is something that you can deal with at a later date when your mind is in a clearer state. I have learnt when you are that emotional, nothing makes sense and I tend to make the wrong decisions so it is better for me to not make any decisions at all during my ‘meltdowns’. I feel now that I have learnt how I react and what is best for me is less painful and it allows me to feel more in control ironically.

Cheers for reading X

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Reasons why the boy throws a fit

Hey readers,

Kids are funny creatures aren’t they, you think you sussed them but then something happens and you what!!!! Here are some classic examples where you really wish you could understand but just leaves you even more confused.

Now I have two children which causes some lovely moments but other times hell over really silly things such as why has he got his bed over their on the left side and they so badly want it.


When you don’t give your child that colour plate they so desperately need or else there whole life will fall a part in that instance.

Major suck in having to hold hands with you because they so are grown up when walking home from school and feel they may look like a baby in front of their friends.

moody 2

The emotional breakdown lasting two weeks after Christmas and having the difficulty to understand that boxing day it ends, haha!

When they are overly tired and you look at them, the filthy look they give you thinking how very dare you look in my direction!

The million and one question where has the hand wash gone (even though it is right at the end) they still have to question you and interrogate you on the new hand wash. Why, it is just bloody hand wash brought from Poundland, it is even the same make for God sake.

moody 3

Having a breakdown that school is not on a Saturday because they so desperately want to go on that specific climbing frame even though you offered a visit to a better one at the park. It is just simply not good enough.

Having an almighty challenge of getting them into the bath and then later having to battle the tears and tantrums of not wanting to get out ever.

What kind of things baffle you as a parent?

Cheers for reading X

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Why coffee is badass! 

Hey readers,

I never really fully appreciated coffee until the day I had children and it was a complete lifesaver. It is now a close friend who I engage with regularly. Why do I love the hot beverage ☕ so much, I tell you why:


via Pixabay

  • It saves life’s when you suffer from sleep deprivation. It helps pick you up when you feel like crashing. It holds your eyelids open when all you desperately want is to shut them tight.
  • It is warm, fuzzy and makes everything bearable.
  • It helps guide you to productivity.
  • It makes the early Sunday mornings look much more prettier.
  • It tastes so good and comes in a variety of flavours to hit them taste buds.
  • There is something amazing about the hot wiff of freshly brewed coffee that a cup of tea doesn’t really match.
  • This may come as oxymoron but there is  something relaxing about taking it easy and sipping a cup of coffee even if it is a stimulating with the caffeine.
  • Apparently it is coffee is really good at reduce the risks of getting type 2 diabetes.
  • It’s satisfying and can really hit the spot when much needed.
  • It gives you focus for when you are demotivated. Which is very helpful if you are a blogger and struggle with writers block.

Hope that has helped fill your coffee cup.

Cheers for reading X

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3 fears that I have

Hey readers,

I be honest I am quite an anxious person most of the time so doesn’t take me much to get fearful so here are three my top fears.

Death – the pain, the feeling of not ever coming back and generally worrying if I did my best. It is so hard when you are getting messages from left, right and centre telling you to enjoy every minute of the day, but that can’t be right surely. Sometimes life is crap or other times I need to sulk  and be miserable but the guilt eats away at me. I am one of them people that stew on things and can’t let it go. I find it hard to switch off and generally wonder why some people are so dame laid back.  I don’t want to end up on my death bed with what if’s but also I want to be realistic as life is not glossy all the time. There is no cleat instructions on anything emotive right, you just got to go with it and if I didn’t then I can always say I did my best and I didn’t kill anyone.

One of my biggest fears that gets to me regularly is the fear of being embarrassed in front of people. I hate it when I say something to someone and they don’t respond, making me feel like a complete dick. Then fear of doing something in public that will cause me to be centre of attention. I think this is linked to my autism as I detest attention on me. It goes as far back as a child with hating open presents on Christmas. I still struggle till this day, I just get really anxious as I am unsure as how to respond and I am rubbish at thinking on my feet. Then if that is not enough shit to do with, I torture myself further by analysing it for hours on end. I really need to learn the art form of letting shit go!

My final fear is if ever needed an operation (which I have had in the past) is medication not working and being wide away through the whole operation. The thought of the surgeon cutting my body out and moving my organs around, vom!

Cheers for reading X

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Things I like about Winter

Hey readers,

Winter is upon us so let’s embrace it for all it’s worth. Here are my favourite things about winter that make me pleased that we are in this season.

Christmas sales – soon,next Monday will be Boxing day, AKA sales, got to love a good bargain or pick up something you don’t really need but hey it is 50-70 % off so I have to have it obs!

Sale, Sign, Discount, Price, Offer

I love painting my nails, I feel it gives me a way to jazz up my style. I am in love with dark colour nail vanish that is brought out this time of year, from forest green to maroon or even black!

Nail Polish, Fingers, Hair, Manicure

It is blinking cold at night and if you have never experience a heated blanket then you have not lived my friend, it is the frigging dream of a lover of cosiness.

When it is grim and cold outside nothing beats coming into the warmth and tucking into some stodgy, comfort food such as bangers and mash or anything with gravy hits the spot with me nicely.

Image result for bangers and mash

If we are lucky enough to be blessed with snow then the best thing to do with kids is snow angels.

Kid, Snow, Angel

The colder days make me crave soup so much with some nice warm bread to dunk into your soup, perfect!

Pumpkin Soup, Soup, Orange, Chubby, Food

As it is so dark during the day this time of year, I love curling up on the sofa with a good book and a hot a brew.

Read, Book, Girl, Study, Learn, Sofa

This weather is all about the coat and wrapping up warm when out and about.


During the early mornings gives is a great time to appreciate nature with getting the change to see a sunrise. I always feel calm watching the sunrise and a moment of tranquillity before the mayhem beginnings.

On a winter’s day going out for a walk early in the morning and see the rays of light over a frosty field, beautiful.

Frost, Sunset, Field, Sunrise, Winter

Happy winter,

Cheers for reading X

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