If I was invisible I would…

Hey readers,

Id I had to chose a super power for the day I would chose being invisible. It would blow my mind and I wouldn’t know where to start, but boy would I have so much that I would never want it to end.

What would I do if I had a super power?


Well first of I would find all them annoying people that wind me; Katie Hopkins, Donald Trump, Tony Blair, to**ers who feel the need to rev their mopped when my children going to bed and so far. I would make sure I books of poo and land it on their head that would be totally self-indulging.

Oblivious, got to play pranks on people and make sure you record it and upload on YouTube, just for the laughs!

invsiable 2

Free travel in Luxury to anywhere I wanted to go and sit in first glass drinking all the diet coke and eating crisps. Ideally I would aim to see Norway, Iceland and New Zealand for starters.

Haunt someone’s house, how fun would that be, I might even goes as far as my husband just to see his reaction. He is the sort of person who is totally logical and at times quite clinical about certain, such as death.

invisable 3

As I am a nosy parker, love Come Dine with me, may the best house win, through the keyhole I would totally go and explore people’s homes. I definitely would pop alone to the Queen’s pad and mix things up a little bit, especially if she is doing a recording, haha!
I think may actually go to Harrods to the food quarter and you know have taster session with all the food that is on offer, my theory being is if you can’t do it when you are invisible when can you do it!

I totally would empty Rupert Murdoch’s bank account and make sure everyone knows about his phone calls/emails and any other type of ‘private’ information.

I would rip up Teresa May’s £950 leather trousers, see how she likes it when other people take things of her!

I could on and on but I shan’t bore you, but it has been good to dream.

What things would you do if you were invisible?

Cheers for reading X


Hello peeps.

 It’s Thursday already yikes and have hardly done sod all. Success. Well its all about Thankful Thursday today do as the title of the post suggests its all about my faviourtie thing to do is write lists. I am thankful for lists as they help my creativity flow and make me feel I have some control in my life. I write lists daily and I have even got four note pads for mother’s day (which I love by the way). I am constantly got ideas running through my head and it is so hard to get lost without my pad and pen particularly as I am a mother of Two toddlers. I digress so I am going write 20 things I would like to achieve for my eldest to do, explore and try. So here goes my 20 activities to do and explore.

 1. Go to a castle

2. Build sun castles at the ‘real’ beech

 3. Visit London and go on the London Eye (put of by my social anxiety so that be a goal for me and my son)

4. Go on a steam train

5. Visit Thomas Land (for my son’s birthday as he is mad hot on choo-choo trains)

 6. Play with the water fountains in town probably getting all clothes soaked.

7. Play with shaving foam, messy play (going be challenging as I hate it as it is a sensory thing that is a result of being autistic. But don’t want my son to miss out so going grit my teeth and go fit it).

8. Get the colour tape out and create a racing track on the floor.

 9. Visit a zoo

10. Make home made lollies

11. Make daisy chains

12. Draw with chalk on the floor

13. Pick strawberries

14. Visit a lavender field

15.walk through woods

16. Send something in the post addressed to DS1

 17. Watch fireworks

 18. Go to a summer brass band show

 19. Visit the custard factory

20. Visit a church

 That has made me all excited now.

 Happy Thursday X

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