Inspirational Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Hey readers,

I am going to say the C word as Christmas is just around corner and if you love find some inspiration for presents then look no further then in this post. I have a mixed bag of items which is a bit like me.  So let me begin with:

Bakerdays personalised Cake

I received a letterbox christmas cake by Bakerdays through the letterbox, and it really did fit through it. I opened and it was perfect, no problems and sealed. I love this concept as you can order online. Delivery there is 3 day slot which is free or alternatively there is next day delivery if you are in a rush and need it fast (£5.99 within a two day prior order of cake). You can also order and deliver to someone as a surprise. There are several different types of occasions such as birthdays, christian, Eid. So, there really is something for everyone.


I like the presentation of the cake in a tin and sealed. It comes with a cracker and a lovely card, which is a lovely touch to the cake.

The cake itself is actually good and moist, the vanilla flavour was lovely. My sons loved it as it didn’t have cream based filling and normally they are quite fussy about cake.


I chose a cat picture – though there are several different designs to chose from along with my personalised text, as you can see in the picture below.

There are also different size cakes to choose from and also dairy free. There several different flavours you can choose from (chocolate, vanilla, lemon drizzle etc).

The cake prices are down to the size of the cake. They start from £14.99 to £57.99.

I definitely recommend this cake as a perfect alternative idea for Christmas present or simply for yourself for Christmas.

I also did a unboxing over at my YouTube channel if you are interested, you can find the video here.




Box Head Craft game for children

This idea of a Box Head Craft is basically  a box with squares where you can colour in and fun being creative. The idea is help encourage children to step away from technology and use other ways to keep themselves entertained. The product itself is a cardboard box with cubes on it and can fit onto a child’s head safely. It is a fun way to get children to use their imagination.   There are options where you can order for playdates (two boxes) and even design your own t-shirt. Another idea would be used for a party and this would be quite a calm idea when everyone is buzzing, it can help create calmness I would imagine.


My son who has autistic tendencies really helped calm him down when he was getting overworked when at home. It is a great therapeutic tool to have if  you also have a child with additional needs.

The box it’s self cost £8.00 and comes with free delivery.

Personalised Santa Letter and Certificate.

Of course a perfect present just before Christmas are these lovely Personalised Santa letter and certificate. They have beautiful paper and a certificate to keep. The boys loved them and because they were  felt really happy because they believed that Santa had watched them. This is so much easier then the Elf on The Shelf as you just have to point them to the letter and tell them Santa is watching, naughty mummy 😉

They are delivered to you inside a brown envelope and the letters are enclosed in a white envelope with pretty colours around the edging as you can see. It is also addressed to the child, making it more realistic.

The letters themselves cost £5.99 and come with free shipping, I think it is lovely touch to add festive cheer to your hou


I hope you have enjoyed my guide, whatever you do I hope you have fun with the lead u to Christmas.

Thank you for reading X

All items were gifted in exchange of a review. All opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.


My top 5 things I love about Christmas

Hey readers,

As we are vastly approaching Christmas in three sleeps time (eek) I thought I would get a Christmas post done. 

Now I be honest I do find this time of year the hardest as I have disability which impacts me mentally especially when it involves socialising. But like everything in life I believe there is something good. So here is my take on the things I love at Christmas time.

  1. I love soft lighting and seeing all the decorations in the evening. I find it peaceful to look at as most are soft and subtle and not too darish. 
  2. Candles and dark nights with getting cost on the couch. I know this is bit whatever but I do appreciate these times. It is a time for me to slow down and relax.
  3. I enjoy Christmas movies (well more movies at Christmas time then actual Christmas movies). But again it is a time to slow down especially when it is dark and from outside and cuddle up under throws with my boys. 
  4. The feeling after I have done the mammoth task of all the ‘social stuff’ thrn can I truely relax. I am not that anti-social but it is really stressful for me to see people I don’t see often and deal with all the niceties. Plus I have to be careful with what I say as I can  sometimes not be sensitive and have to put this filter on me. Which is so dame hard under the pressure. That it is nice when I can close the doors and enjoy Christmas with the people I can about the most and not be paranoid every two seconds.
  5. I can be indulgent and not have to worry about the diet until afterwards. I can have some treats without stressing out about it. I have learnt to just do the things I like to do which  Includes going for a walk on Christmas day. 
And relax……

Cheers for reading X 

This time of year

Hey readers,

Why do I feel guilty if I wrote anything that is not happy or jolly and meeting perfection. Life is not like and defiantly not in my autistic world. But I am going write it down for you to read and understand an adult autistic person.

Argh, this week gearing up to Christmas is so dame hard with the changes and chaos making me feel disorientated. I forget how mentally exhausting it is and all I want to so is slip in  my bed and hide away. All I can hear is noise and light, I love light but soft lighting not the blurring  ones. Everywhere I go makes makes my head spin so much I think I am falling everywhere. The meltdowns are increasing and it is getting me right down. I have to put a smile on my face and focus on my children but so hard with all these social rules and fakery. 

My husband is the type to follow the social rule to the T and worries a lot about what people think and how we should behave. It is so frustrating trying to live in a Nt world and feel so confused.
 This time of year is the hardest, I know very cliché but it is true. We still have only nine days but I will be glad when I can cloe the door from the world and just have to worry about what crap is on TV. 
I just wish things could slow down a bit and not be so bright and touchy touchy. I wish people weren’t rushing around and times changing and my routine out of sync.

Cheers for reading X

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It’s beginning to look at a lot like Christmas

Hey readers,

Last week we went out as a family to our local Christmas market in our city centre. We decided to go in the evening as I think it feels a bit more special with the lights on in the nighttime.
There was a big wheel ride that my son was desperate to go on. However, I joined him and naively was not expecting it too go quite so fast! You see I have never been on anything like a ferris wheel before. It is a little nerve racking as it is quite fast and I may have been a bit screamish. These added to my son enjoying it more and finding it ever so hilarious, checky monkey. It also gave us spectacular views across the city and lovely to see a place that you visit regularly from a different point of view.
We also looked around of the array of different goodies in the wooden huts but most attractive for both my boys was seeing the light display on the floor where they would dance about, simple pleasures.
We also took in all the different Christmas lights. It was a nice to relax and have a wonderful time without feeling like a headless chicken amoungst the Mayhem.
However, we did found a Christmas tree which was wonderful with a fuller shape and glittery branches. The tree we brought was something slightly different to what we had before.
Even though there are a lot of places with these type of Christmas markets. It was delightful to feel like being part of something especially as it felt family orientated. People were enjoying the music and just generally having a good time so it was good to soak it. It was great to just enjoy the fact that my sons could simply be free to play and have fun. They loved chasing each other through the lights and it was felt good that I could be laidback without the fear of having to get back home for a certain time. It was also a chance to spend together as a family as we are not always together and my son enjoys it when we are together as a unit. Even though it was nothing out of this world it was good fun to spend time together doing simething a little different and create memories.

Thank you for reading X

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