Self care activities for December

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December can be a busy time of year for us all and we can be swept away by everything else that is happening that we forget to look after ourselves or give our selves some time out to take self care. So, here are some practical self care activites you can do this December to help reduce the stress of the Christmas period.


Practice some mindfulness – look around and see the lights twinkling from the decorations in the Christmas tree.

blur branch celebration christmas


Have a long soak in the bath and unwind. Let your muscles relax and give your body that time to rest.


Have an early night and switch off the technology, even take a book to bed to read and escape with a story.


Go for an evening walk and get some fresh air. Enjoy not having to rush about but just soak up the scenery.


Make a yummy hot chocolate and drink it whilst wathcing your favourite programme. Just focus on the moment and forget about that to-do list. There is something lovely about holding a hot cup of your favourite drink in your hands and feeling all cosy.

beverage blur candy candy cane

Being realistic.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the business of the festive season create limits to stick to. Instead of doing wrapping in one go do it over two days. There is no point rushing about when it will tip you over the edge. It makes you feel stressed and causes tension in the home. It is important to break down goals that are manageable and realistic to achieve.

Ask for help.

If you are struggling then ask for help – it is not a crime and you are not a failure in doing this. In actual fact, it takes more courage and strength to know when to stop and give someone else the responsibility. It is better productivity that way.


Remind yourself that it is ok to stop and not be busy. It is ok to time out for yourself and your wellbeing. It is ok to do nothing even though you feel that the festive period is about constantly being on the go. It is ok to have time out for yourself to rejuvenate and charge your batteries.


During this period I find that de-cluttering helps my mind. Sorting out through unwanted toys that boys don’t use and passing them on to someone else ready for Christmas when they get tons more to replace the space that once was.

I find it relaxing just putting music on and pottering about. I like to get things in order and get areas tidy. It is a calming and I love the feeling after when you get a sense of satisfaction.


I find writing relaxing (hence why I blog) though you don’t necessarily have to do that if you don’t want to. You could write a gratitude diary where you write the number of positive things that have happened to you that day. It doesn’t have too big it could be simply having a shower, getting out of bed. It is the small things and getting into this pattern can really help enhance a more positive mindset over time.

hand pen writing plant

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The A-Z of Christmas

Hey readers,

Not sure if you are aware that it is the month December which can only mean one thing….. Christmas! Get ready as I give you the A to Z of Christmas, Ho Ho Ho.

A – Christmas would not be Christmas without an artificial tree to set of the living room decor nicely and place them Christmas presents under.

B – The bells, the bells yep them lovely shiny gold and chiming away in the classic Christmas hit of Wizard’s ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’. Though personally not sure I would want that as it would be a hell of a chore to do every day.

C– Well as December is the Christmas month that means it is socially acceptable to have chocolate EVERY day and shock horror you can even have it after breakfast, whoop! No guilt is needed, it is all about getting in the spirit of Christmas ok people!

D Decorations are one of the main features at Christmas time. Some people like tradition plain baubles or glittery baubles but not me, I have a cow, ice-cream and a pink fluffy silhouette. I personally, got more interested in tacky and non-related Christmas decorations when I learnt how much my husband hated them, lol you have to get your sh*ts and giggles somewhere.

E – Christmas is all about exchanging them gifts, who doesn’t like a Lynx gift set or a pair of socks, this is the dream right there.

F – In the UK it is freezing during December, so remember to wrap up warm.

G – Christmas is all about making memories and having a good time. But you need to have at least one argument because you know it is bloody Christmas and it is stressful.

H – The ultimate beverage is no other than the hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows – now your talking!

I Irrational fear about where you left the Christmas presents that were saved from the January sales. Arghh, they are hidden so well you have forgotten where you have left them, PANIC!

JEveryone has to be jolly and plaster that fake smile because it is all about having a good time ūüėČ

KKris Kringle the main geezer of this big event, every single year.

L – If you do have an argument you can sit in the room having a sulk and staring at the twinkly lights.

M Moody me? No only when my husband decides to lie back and snore and I can’t watch The Royal Family (not the real one but the comedy).

NNob my favourite word to mouth at my husband when he is stressing me out and we need to sort out dinner.

OOrganised because that is how I like my life.

PPanic when you forgot the goose fat, these things matter at Christmas.

Q – queues everywhere, heating whacked up in the shops. I think I might be sick with this overload of chaos. Christmas is the air when you enter a shop so be warned because everyone is on the same mission.

R Rejoice it is 8 pm on Christmas day and now we can sit back and check out the sales.

S – Must remember to stock them stockings.

TTrimmings are crucial in the Chrismas dinner game.

UUnwrap and leave your mummy to move around like a ninja with the black bin bag.

V Visit from Aunt Sue who sits there and moans.

WWintery because it is freezing.

X – Is for Xmas in case you might have forgotten.

Y – I blinking love a chocolate yule log just for your information.

ZZZZ because this Christmas business is knackering init.

Cheers for reading X

Christmas events in Coventry

Hey readers,

I live in Coventry so I thought I would use the information I know to tell you of the festive events that are happening locally to me to get you in the mood for Christmas.

Vintage sleigh ride.

I have already written a post about my experience of visiting Santa at the Coventry Transport Museum so can read more detail here. It is the classic vintage Santa sleigh ride where you have to travel to the North pole to meet Santa. You do get to see Santa as well, so magical experience for kids. Tickets cost £6 for children and £1.50 for an accompanying adult.


 Kenilworth castle.

Not far from Coventry is Kenilworth and they have a beautiful castle. This time of year Christmas at the Castle is a beautiful event that showcases a nostalgic feel with the falconry, storytelling and toy making. There is also festive jester is great entertainment for all the family and of course, there is a tea room to enjoy a sit down with a hot drink. Finally not forgetting that you can hand deliver your letters to Father Christmas. Christmas at the castle is held on the 8 & 9 of December 10 Р4 pm. A family price cost £29.40 (other tickets are available on their website).

Belgrade Theatre.

Going to the theatre at Christmas time is a wonderful experience to have. In Coventry, there is the¬†Belgrade Theatre and they are showing Santa’s sparking surprise for young children. The performance is about Ellie the Elf and her gang and how they have forgotten Christmas themselves because they are preoccupied in getting all the gifts together for everyone else.

The performance lasts approximately 35 minutes and after if you wish you can go and see Santa for a meet and greet.

It is on Wednesday 12 December till 24th December. The tickets price at –¬†adults: ¬£8.75 & ¬£9.25 children: ¬£11 & ¬£11.50.

Santa's Sparkly Surprise

The Herbert Art Gallery.

On the 7th December at The Herbert Art Gallery, there is a making merry Christmas arts, crafts and gifts fair. It runs on the 7th and 8th of December from 10 till 4 pm. You can view local and ethical sourced art and crafts. There will be workshops, music, choir and plenty of unique gifts to buy. There is also a cafe to relax with a treat. It is free to attend so go check it out the weekend!

How to Make Music Appreciation Incredibly Fun Yet Super Simple with SQUILT | My Little Poppies

Nutcracker trail.

At Coombe park they are doing a nutcracker trail where you pick up a leaflet and you have to go find nutcrackers in the park. Each nutcracker will give you a clue on how to open Santa’s safe and collect your prize. Please give yourselves at least an hour to take part in the trail. It cost £2 per leaflet plus car parking charges. It is currently running every day between 10 am Р3 pm up until 22nd December.

christmas nutcracker on top of red textile

Christmas tree festival.

For the past three years, The Rotary Club of Coventry has put on a Christmas tree festival on at the Holy Trinity Church in the city centre. It is a delightful experience that showcases many different trees from different organisations and it is free to attend and have a look around. It really is lovely because you get that sense of community and working together which makes you feel really good after. It starts on the 12th of December Until Sunday 30th December. So if you nearby do pop in as it is a real treat.

blur branch celebration christmas

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Clickstay what is it all about?

Hey readers,

Are you looking for holiday accommodation, not sure what to choose from the many options available to you, then look no further as I tell you about the website called Clickstay, a website that has had 12 years in the travel industry. They have to build a solid reputation that you can trust when it comes to choosing a property.

Villa in Calistros-Asegador, Spain

Did you know that Clickstay is a holiday home rental site that has 60,000 types of accommodations of villas – where it be a family friendly villa, ski chalets or even villas with private pools Clickstay have the options covered so the world really is your oyster when it comes to holiday accommodation?

With regards to the location of the villas that Clickstay have are villas in Spain, Portugal, USA, Thailand, France and even in the UK, plus many more!

Each property makes sure that all the information about the place is covered and what is more there is a detailed information about the local area that you are staying in from the owners themselves. Therefore giving that little stress when it comes to planning things to add to your holiday list of things to do.

The website is easy to navigate around signs on the different sections so you know where you going and you can relevant information easy. You can also refine your search to tailor to your needs and the things you desire in a holiday such as having a private pool, where the nearest beach is or how many rooms the apartment has.

With regards to payment details, you can pay by card or even PayPal if you pay for your accommodation through Clickstay. You don’t payment security as Clickstay is covered by Renter Protection Policy. The payment is withheld from the owner until 3 days into your booking so you can have a piece of mind.

Villa in Vilamoura, Algarve

There is a team of experts at Clickstay that are dedicated to making your holiday experience perfect for you in every way. They are really easy to contact directly so you can relax and get your questions answered. It makes a huge difference if you know what you are doing and knowing that everything is safe and secure. Therefore means overall when you do go on holiday you can enjoy the experience and take away some happy memories.

There is also the option of contacting the property owner directly via the email so you don’t have any delay which reduces stress levels of planning a holiday.

One the Clickstay website there is independent feedback from customers who have paid for a previous holiday, so you can get the genuine feedback that trustworthy and reliable. When you look at a property you see most of the property pages will have a star which indicates that reviews have been verified from the previous guest. and that they have booked their holiday on Clickstay.

Villa in Highgrove, Florida

Clickstay has also been featured on many well-known sites such as money saving expert, Mail online and The telegraph and several more praising Clickstay for its business and good value you can get from seeking a holiday home via Clickstay.

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This is a sponsored advertorial feature. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Seeing Santa at Coventry Transport museum.

Hey readers,

On Saturday I took both my boys to see the big man (Santa) locally to where we live. The Santa’s grotto is held in Coventry Transport Museum which is in a perfect location to travel to as it is in the city centre – so very well easy to get to if you live locally or want to come and visit Coventry.


Going to visit is not like any other typical Santa’s grotto – oh no you start of entering the room full of Christmas decorations, twinkly lights and Christmas songs blasting out of the speakers. It is great visual festive decor to get you feeling reading for Christmas.

Once you have gone through the line to the reception at the front you pay for tickets at the desk. You then depending on who is before you go through the door where you go take a seat on the sleigh.


The price of tickets and times. 

‚ÄĘ The Santa vintage sleigh ride is open right up to Sunday 23 December. However, I would recommend going early as it gets very popular closer to Christmas and you could be waiting a long time in the queues.

‚ÄĘ Monday – Friday – 11am till 5pm (last ride 4:30pm).

‚ÄĘ Weekends – 9 am till 5 pm (Lat right at 4:30 pm).

‚ÄĘ Children ¬£6 / accompanying adult (up to¬†three adults per child) ¬£1.50. Entry fee includes a gift per child.

‚ÄĘ Adult ¬£5 (Individuals or where groups of adults exceed the three adults per child limit).

The sleigh is a mechanical moving transporter – it has a beautiful decoration with reindeers at the front, sparkling twinkly lights on the ceiling and Christmas decorations with tinsel etc. It is dark so bear that in mind but you can see with the low lights and the violet lighting that glows the reindeers of nicely.


Once you have reached the North Pole, takes approximately maybe three or four minutes. The sleigh door is open at the back for you and your family to step out into the festive corridor. You probably have to wait may a couple of minutes. That is ok as they have activities such as finding the words in the word search on the chalk walk. Plenty of things to see whilst waiting to meet Father Christmas.

When it is your turn you hand your ticket to the Elf and then you can go into the room to see Santa. Bear in mind it will be just family that are in the room with Elf and Santa and it is private as the door frame has a fabric sheet that closes you off t others. Therefore, if you do have a shy child then they only have to worry about Santa.


Now Santa is sitting on the chair waiting to hear about whether your child has been good this year. He is very friendly and makes you feel welcome. Both my boys were fine talking to him and Santa asked the odd question such as whether you are going to leave a mince pie out on Christmas Eve. Then they give out a present to each child which is wrapped in a bag so they have fun with the surprise of guesses what they get. The presents are what you can Santa grotto will have, both my boys received a dinosaur which is good because then there is no squabbling about the other one getting something different.


The meeting lasted a max of 5 minutes. We were then lead over to the exit door by the Elf which takes you back to the beginning in the waiting area. You just go out to the door on the right and you are right back at Coventry Transport museum entrance. So, there is no panics about getting lost if you are unfamiliar with where you are going.

Overall, it is a good experience as you get the sleigh ride as well. I am quite attached to it personally because I did the same thing as a child bar the fact that Santa grotto was in a completely different location.


It is a lovely festive treat if you’re into that then do go check it out.

Cheers for reading X

3 Little Buttons

Christmas gifts for men

Hey readers,

Next month is Christmas but if you’re still looking for gifts for a man in your life then look no further as I have 10 great ideas to inspire you.


1. First of I have this personalised constellation map, which is absolutely stunning. It is of a constellation of the night sky. Select a place, date, and time to create a design showing the night sky (or day!) as it was, or will be, at that location, at your chosen moment. Perfect for a first meeting, a first dance, or first home. You can buy it from Posterhaste.

Personalised Art Print or Poster - Star Map

2. Next, we have for something from Getting Personal a bit fun and giggle and that is this personalised framed print – Hollywood walk of fame. You also get to receive a letter and it is the official merchandise of Walk of fame so you know it is going to be top quality.

3. A lot of people associate Christmas with receiving a Toberlone bar, I know I certainly do. What is better than receiving this scrumptious chocolate…. you got it in one a personalised Toblerone bar to make the receiver feel super special.

Image result for toblerone personalised bar

4. If there is a foodie in your house then you need to see the next idea! It is a Goodies Galore food hamper full of wonderful treats that are presented in a hamper, to make the gift feel super luxurious. There are many items included but to name a few that are included are chocolate, cake and puddings. You can check out the Christmas hamper at JD Williams .

Image result for jd williams goodie food hamper

5. Looking for a present for a person who loves films? well, I have the perfect gift from Truffle Shufflewith this 100 movie scratch bucket list poster. It is basically a list of 100 films and once you have watched one of the films from the list you can scratch it off. Once the square has been scratched off it will be replaced with a design from the film.

Image result for truffle shuffle 100 movies

6. I know right now Harry Potter is very popular and you can find most merchandise in a variety of shops. However, I think this is a bit quirky and something eats whilst watching the films. It is known other than a Harry Potter hamper from JD Williams . Contains the jelly beans, jelly slugs and harry potter chocolate perfect for any Harry Potter fan!

Image result for harry potter hamper

7. This checked pjs from Debenhams will be the ultimate comfort for any man who enjoys lounging around on Christmas day. You get a soft grey long sleeved top with checked red long trousers with an elastic waist (which probably let’s face it needed after Christmas dinner).

Image result for Mantaray - Grey top and red checked bottoms pyjama set

8. Now for something that is really useful and clever – a felt bedside caddy (large) from I want one of those . It is great to put on the side of your bed too but your accessible in so that it can be organised and not make a mess all over the bedside table.

9. If your sick of maybe your husband or someone else close who uses their mobile a lot then get this red5 mobile phone jail from John Lewis.The jail has a padlock and inside the jail to keep the phone secure and upright.

BuyRED5 Mobile Phone Jail Online at

10. A lovely gift is this positive planner from Not on the high street.. It is A 12-week planner and journal dedicated to self-care. Featuring originally designed artwork and illustrations, inspirational quotes, art therapy and mindfulness activities.

Image result for positive planner

11. Finally, I have a tasty treat to give a foodie in your family and that is a Flamigni classic hard wrapped milano panettone. The panettone is sold by Sous Chef. It is lovely Italian treat that can be delievered in the post. It is wrapped in beautiful decorative paper. The taste of the cake is amazing, it is so fresh, moist and full of flavour with the fruit and currents making it add to the sweetness. The qualitry is so good and what is better is that it is hand made so you know it is been made to a special level of expertise.

Cheers for reading X

This is an advertisement feature. I was given the panettone for free in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.