Clickstay what is it all about?

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Are you looking for holiday accommodation, not sure what to choose from the many options available to you, then look no further as I tell you about the website called Clickstay, a website that has had 12 years in the travel industry. They have to build a solid reputation that you can trust when it comes to choosing a property.

Villa in Calistros-Asegador, Spain

Did you know that Clickstay is a holiday home rental site that has 60,000 types of accommodations of villas – where it be a family friendly villa, ski chalets or even villas with private pools Clickstay have the options covered so the world really is your oyster when it comes to holiday accommodation?

With regards to the location of the villas that Clickstay have are villas in Spain, Portugal, USA, Thailand, France and even in the UK, plus many more!

Each property makes sure that all the information about the place is covered and what is more there is a detailed information about the local area that you are staying in from the owners themselves. Therefore giving that little stress when it comes to planning things to add to your holiday list of things to do.

The website is easy to navigate around signs on the different sections so you know where you going and you can relevant information easy. You can also refine your search to tailor to your needs and the things you desire in a holiday such as having a private pool, where the nearest beach is or how many rooms the apartment has.

With regards to payment details, you can pay by card or even PayPal if you pay for your accommodation through Clickstay. You don’t payment security as Clickstay is covered by Renter Protection Policy. The payment is withheld from the owner until 3 days into your booking so you can have a piece of mind.

Villa in Vilamoura, Algarve

There is a team of experts at Clickstay that are dedicated to making your holiday experience perfect for you in every way. They are really easy to contact directly so you can relax and get your questions answered. It makes a huge difference if you know what you are doing and knowing that everything is safe and secure. Therefore means overall when you do go on holiday you can enjoy the experience and take away some happy memories.

There is also the option of contacting the property owner directly via the email so you don’t have any delay which reduces stress levels of planning a holiday.

One the Clickstay website there is independent feedback from customers who have paid for a previous holiday, so you can get the genuine feedback that trustworthy and reliable. When you look at a property you see most of the property pages will have a star which indicates that reviews have been verified from the previous guest. and that they have booked their holiday on Clickstay.

Villa in Highgrove, Florida

Clickstay has also been featured on many well-known sites such as money saving expert, Mail online and The telegraph and several more praising Clickstay for its business and good value you can get from seeking a holiday home via Clickstay.

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This is a sponsored advertorial feature. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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