Update your kitchen with Kitchen Warehouse UK

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Sometimes, our home space needs updating. I know mine sure does and with money, I definitely would start in my kitchen.

  A good online company that is a kitchen manufacturer is Kitchen Warehouse UK, who is a company that is based in North Yorkshire and have been running their business for 14 years. The focus is on making bespoke kitchen designs that meet your needs and wants. They have a good repetition and someone that you can trust as a business to do good customer service for you.

Having a browse on Kitchen Warehouse UK   there are many kitchen products I would love to consider if I update my kitchen.

The first area that I think is important to consider when thinking of updating your kitchen would be the kitchen units – as they tend to be the kitchen item that would take up a large of a portion of space overall.

Kitchen Warehouse UK over a variety of different bespoke kitchen units. I really like the idea of the solid wood I just think it looks very versatile and can go with different colours.l Not to mention that it is a sturdy material.

Wakefield solid wood kitchen units offer a solid wood finish to the kitchen units. They have the traditional with the oak wood finish however they have a modern element to it.

The colour is a rich one that isn’t too bold or dark that would draw light to the kitchen. The drawers inside the cupboards have roomy space which is what you need essentially in the kitchen with all the utensils and food that you need to store.

The finish to the cupoards is used with simple lines that give a sense of cleanness and modern feel to it. The colour of the kitchen units is an oak effect.

The Wakefield solid oak cupboards use the highest grade – A* so you know you are getting quality material that will last and look good too.

The delivery of the cupboards come as flat packs, however, do not fear as the instructions are clear and easy to follow the step by step guide to building up the wooden cupboards.

Also, not to forget to mention that all the cupboards and doors used in Wakefield’s oak wood range kitchen furniture come with Hettich soft closing hinges and drawer boxes with the necessary mechanisms required such as height adjustable legs, hanging brackets and wall mounting plates.

With regards to delivery, an order can take between seven to ten working days. You can qualify for free UK mainland delivery if you have an order that is over £1000. Free brushed steel 220mm T-Bar handle. The prices Inc. VAT.

The door/drawer frontages are included in with the overall price given.  The Wakefield comes with German soft close hinges/drawers.

High Gloss Handleless Wakefield Unit & Door

There is a variety of different kitchen cupboard styles that you can choose on the website that suits your style or how the layout of your kitchen is. The type of style of kitchen cupboards is fridge freezer unit or a wall unit. This provides plenty of option so that you can get the best fit for you and your kitchen.

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Gelli Baff, Slime Baff and Snoball play by Zimpli Kids review.

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I was very kindly asked to review some of the Zimpli Kids products. The products I am going to be reviewing are slime baff, gelli baff and snoball play make the perfect sensory play for children.

If you have not heard of Zimpli Kids they are a company that provide exciting and unique children’s toys. They are a fun way for kids to play and lots of fun learning to experiment with sensory play.


Slime Baff.


This product is slime baff that you put into your bath and it comes in vibrant colours (red, blue & green). In the pictures, we have tested out the green slime. It is really easy to use. In the box, there is x 2 150g bag of slime powder and instructions.

I would recommend putting the powder in the bath and leaving it for ten minutes to dissolve. We put it in straight after using the snowball play (mentioned down below) as they were already in the bath. But it does take time to get the solution to a slimy consistency.

You need to have 30 litres of water in the bath for it to work correctly. By adding water to the powder means it can get that slimy consistency which is really thick and perfect for kids to use.

My boys absolutely loved the slime bath and had so much fun playing with it and their bath toys to watch glub down from the fishing net toy. They laughed and played for ages with stretching the slime, twisting it and pulling it apart.

The texture was spot on, the colour was really vivid and it smelled like slime making the experience even more enjoyable.

I liked the way the water changed to a bright colour which made bath times much more enjoyable.

When showering the boys down after the slime was really easy to wash away. Likewise with the bath, dissolved and went down the plug hole. Didn’t bathtub either and nor did the slime stain the bath which was good.

Below is a video of us testing out the slime baff.

Gelli Baff.


With the gelli baff you get 2 x 150g of Blue Gelli Baff Powder, 2 x150g dissolver powder and an instruction leaflet.

We started with a bath of 20 litres of water and then we then sprinkled the powder into the water. We then mixed in the powder into the water and waited 10 minutes for it to work its magic. Once the 10 minutes finished the bath was gelli like texture that was really thick so the boys played a little but then we added the water and it was much better consistency for the boys to play with their bath toys with the gelli.

Again, this went down a hit with the boys playing with the gelli for over an hour. The gelli was a vivid lagoon colour and it smelled off strawberries.

Once you have finished using the gelli you sprinkle the dissolver powder on to the gelli which breaks down and makes it easy to drain the gelli down the drain.

Below is a video of us testing out the gelli baff.

Snoball Play.


This is a fun way to play with other children and make your very own snowballs by just adding water.

All you have to add is add the powder into a bowl, add 1.4 litres of water to each pack used. (Each container consists of two powder packs). It did not take much time, however, we added a bit more water to give it a firmer hold and that worked perfectly.

Then you can mould balls and throw them at each other. We tested it out in the bath as it was too cold to do it outside. It is so easy to clean after as it just washes away down the drain as it is degradable and safe to do so as it breaks down naturally. Just keep adding water to the slime and it will turn back to water and drain away easily.

The boys loved this product, they laughed and could mess about throwing things at one another which for two boisterous boys that is the dream right there.

Below is a video of my boys testing out the Snoball play in the bath.

All the products are 100% safe on the skin, Manufactured in the UK, stain free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, which means they can be drained away and disposed of easily. There is no borax so no worries. Finally, the products do not stain children, barhs nor carpets.

I asked both my boys what were their favorite one out of the three they had tested and the verdict was the slime baff.

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christmas pyjamas review.

3Hey readers,

I was lucky to be asked to review some pyjamas form Pyjamas.com, of course, I said yes who doesn’t love pyjamas especially when it is so cold and meh outside.

If you have not heard of Pyjamas.com they are a company online that provide pyjamas for everyone – children, men and women, they have something for everyone and they are a reasonable price as well.

Currently, they have a section of Christmas pyjamas and they even have a few family sets if you like everyone in the family to dress up the same.

They also do a variety well known character pyjamas, so would make a brilliant present if you know someone into Harry Potter or Pokeman plus many more on the website. This would perfect also as a Christmas present.

They arrived in less than five working days which is impressive and also had a text from the delivery to tell me that day they were delivered which is always good to know.

Not only do The Pyjama Factory do long sleeved but they also do shorts, slippers and lounge wear so plenty of choice if your looking for clothing to wear at home that is affordable and comfortable.

Mummy bear pyjamas.


First of I received some lovely pyjamas for myself. The top is long sleeved and looks like a short sleeve and long sleeve however they are just one, but I really like that look. I like the cute bear and the mummy bear slogan in the black on a red top. It is made from cotton and is size 20-22 and really comfy fit.

The trousers are really roomy, they feel nice against my skin. They are blue and have snowflakes, christmas trees and red paws on. The bottom of the trousers have cuff ends to them. I like the fact that the trousers have elasticated waist – ideal for after Christmas dinner you don’t feel uncomfortable from the bloat. Overall I really like them and probably be living in them most of the Christmas period now, lol.

Floss Pyjamas (7-8 years and 5-6 years).


The next set of pyjamas set are for my boys and they have the same design meaning there is no squabbling about having something different.

The boys loved the design of the Father Christmas flossin’ in the snow (I can imagine these pyjamas being a hit with most kids as the playgrounds are often found doing the floss as well are about it now!).

The set comes as a two-piece – red long trousers and a long-sleeved black top with red sleeves. The design on the top is a Santa doing the floss dance and the slogan saying flossin’ through the snow, which I thought was a fun play on words.

Overall they fit really nicely, got plenty of room and they wash really well as well, what more could a more want in children’s clothing.

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This is an advertorial feature. I have gifted the pyjamas in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Children’s book review round up.

Hey readers,

I have a selection of children’s books that are soon to be released from Carlton Books . I am going to review books in this post. I am a strong believer that reading is a valuable skill for children and getting them excited about books is key. I have a variety of books that can give you a flavour of different styles that may be of interest to a child.

Children's book review

Mega Machine Reecord Breakers.




This book is non-fiction and it showcases mega machine record breakers. Each page is crammed full of information about the world’s biggest and fastest vehicles. There are stunning photographs to give you ideas of what the vehicles look like andthe pages are full of facts and statistics about the machines. The type of machines shown in the book is a giant crane that could lift 11 blue whales to a space probe that’s travelled 17,000 million kilometres and counting.

The Gloriumptious Worlds of Roald Dahl.




My eldest loves this book as he is a massive Roald Dhal fan. This book is for people who have read Roald Dhal as it provides information behind the scenes of the books. It can also be for new people who have not heard of Roald Dhal as it can give them insides of his books.

Of course, there are the classic illustrations from Queintine Blake – who has done all the drawers in the Roald Dahl books.

Special features included in the book are ‘The Oompa-Loompa Field Guide’ and a guide to Gobbbleffunk. The BFG’s language and provide wonderful extra detail. This book is recommended to all ages.

Ultimate Eye Twisters.




I loved books like this when I am younger. The thing that appealed to me most about this book is you can have it lying around on the coffee table and just dip into a page now and again when you feel like it.

The book is a fun packed gallery of crazy pictures that behold mesmerising optical illusions. Very well-illistrated pictures that are a fun, bright and simple explanation about each design. There is plenty of puzzles to keep children amused for hours with the mind-puzzling fun and challenges of visuary trickery. Perfect for any seven years or above.

How to Train your Dragon The Hidden World.




very popular kids film and TV show called How To Train Your Dragon and this book is based on that. This book is going to be made into a third film of the series which will be released 19th February 2019 (How To Train Your Dragon The Third World).

This book is the only augmented reality character guidebook. You can put your beast-riding skills to test as you fly your favourite DreamWorks dragons off the page and into your world. This book includes five 3d augmented reality dragons and their riders so you can interact with on your smartphone or tablet. This book is recommended for children aged 6 years and above.

Sharks – get up close to nature’s fiercest predators.


My son loves sharks so this is a perfect book for him as it shows realistic and quite terrifying pictures to keep children amused. Full of facts about the different varieties of sharks from Great White to Hammerhead and many more included. The information written about the sharks comes from the first-hand account of a marine biologist. Also, important information about the dangers of extinction and shark conservation. This book is recommended for 8-year-olds and above.

Amazing optical illusions.




nother fantastic optical illusions book which is jam-packed of endless puzzles for all the family to participate in. Various optical illusions and picture puzzles, that uses colour, angles and ambiguity t trick the eye. This is a great way to explore what the eye sees and what our minds see. This book is recommended for children 8 years and above.


Cheers for reading X

This is an advertisement feature. I was gifted the books in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Alternative Christmas present guide

Hey readers,

This guide is to help people who don’t want something traditional but a little bit different to get excited about this Christmas.

DNA testing Kit.

I will kick off with this interesting idea called Find my past DNA sampling kit. If someone that you know is interested in learning about your past history and relatives then this is the present for them.

It is basically you will receive a kit that includes activation code to set up an online account and this will be where you find out about your results. In the kit that will be sent directly via post in a box and inside there is a testing kit. You can’t drink for one hour after that time you swipe your mouth with the swab around anti-clockwise for about 45 seconds giving that enough time to collect some check cells. This then gets closed up ceiled in a bag and then you place it into the prepaid envelope to get your details tested.

Once the test sample is received you will be given details on your online account about information about past relatives, where they are from, what parts of the country they are from. Great if you want to find more about your family tree. Really simple to do and clear instructions on each step. The kits themselves are dispatched between 5-7 working days.

What the sampling kit looks like when recieved in the post.
dna sample 1
Inside the kit instructions, sealed envelope, swab, and pre paid envelope.
Taking a swab of my inside cell checks to send off to get tested.
pre paid envelope
This is what the sealed envolve looks like.

Mystery box.

Mystery Boxes

Next on the list is the very popular trend that has occurred on Youtube and that is a mystery box. You get to send a box of random items through on Firebox you can select the kind of items you want such as gadget, unusual,foodie etc. It is great fun because there is that thrill of not knowing what to expect and opening up is a big surprise. It can either go two ways – really amazing stuff or absolutely pants. But hey the surprise and not knowing is what it is about.

Frefall Abseil at The ArcelorMittal Orbit.

This idea is for the person in your life who is an adrenaline junkie and gets their kicks out of risking their own life. I present you freefall abseil at the ArcelorMittal Orbit in London. You can buy this experience from Red Letter Days. You can’t say this is not unique. What it comprises of abseiling down the tallest sculpture in the United Kingdom. It is located in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and showcases a stunning 115 metres in height. You can see iconic places such as the London Olympics. It is also a freefall abseil. Ascend to a platform on 80 metres up and take in the sky-high views of London. whilst being attached to the specially-designed safety system by expert Wire and Sky staff. Then take a deep breath, lean back and abseil down without touching anything until the ground is reached. Relish the scary yet exhilarating feeling of being mid-air and marvel at views of the Gherkin, St. Paul’s, the O2 Arena and more on the way down. The duration of the experience lasts for two hours of pure excitement.

Cheers for reading X

This is an advertisement feature. I was given a Living DNA kit for free in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.