My Christmas holiday traditions

Hey readers,

Today I want to talk about Christmas traditions that I and my family partake in.

So, where do I Start I guess with Christmas Eve I tend to now tune in to Channel Four’s special Christmas movie they air each year. I have done this since the boys were little and it is just a lovely way to settle down in the eve before Christmas. Channel four are normally good at picking some really calm films perfect to watch just for bed. The kind of things are The Snowman and the snowdog or we are going on a bear hunt.

Image result for the snowman and snowdog

Along with watching Christmas Eve film, we make a luxury hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, yummy.

Each year my boys ‘help’ with putting up the Christmas tree whilst blasting out old classic Jazz Christmas songs, I also prefer that music and reminds me of my own childhood.

boy beside christmas tree illustration

On Christmas day I love to go for a family walk, normally ending up at a park. When we go to the park it is bizarre because it is so eerily quiet when normally it would be buzzing with kids everywhere.

Can’t be Christmas without an advent calendar to lead us up to Christmas. Nothing like getting a tiny chocolate in the morning, lol.

Every year we go visit Santa locally (it was the same one I went to as a kid so happy memories associated) so it holds happy memories not just for my children but for me as well. It is really fun as there is a Santa sleigh ride where you still in a sleigh and it moves. It is really pretty with the lights and the kids get all excited to go meet Santa.

My boys are now at that age where they love to write Christmas cards to relatives and friends. They love personalising it with their drawing and stickers – it is a lovely activity to do during Saturday afternoon.

Every Christmas I put up two stockings up for the boys to enjoy small little presents and random items, which ironically are some of their favourite things they get over Christmas.

This tradition is more of my husband’s thing, which is Christmas crackers at the table. Me personally I think they are a waste of money but I am sure I waste money on other things over Christmas. Nonetheless, the boys the surprise of the noise from pulling on crackers and we can have a laugh at the rubbish jokes that come with the crackers.

Going to school play at Christmas is magical to go and see as parents and see your little ones dressed up and singing Christmas songs. I always come away feeling cosy inside and the boys feel proud of all the effort they put into their roles.

Awful cheesy Christmas jumpers that are just glorious to wear during Christmas. My boys love Christmas jumpers especially when one of theirs has lights on it and sings songs, adds to the excitement of Christmas.

Finally, the last tradition is, of course, leaving a plate out for Santa that consists of a glass of milk, mince pie and a carrot for the reindeer. My kids after being super happy in the morning to see the plate empty bar a few crumbs, hehe.

Cheers for reading X

10 thoughts on “My Christmas holiday traditions

  1. Ah, it sounds like you have some lovely Christmas traditions as a family.

    We leave Santa homemade cookies & milk on Christmas Eve, decorate the tree together as a family, and also watch all the Christmas movies together. I love the family festivities within the month; so much to look forward to.

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