How to beat the winter blues

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I know it is not winter yet but it won’t be long before it is here with us. The clocks have already gone back and it slowly getting darker and darker meaning that we will not get as much sunlight as we once during the summer time. The weather is getting bitter with the cold air and this can really dampen some people moods. So, here are some ways that have been useful in beating the winter blues.


I know during the darker evenings there is nothing more appealing than to sit under a throw and curl up. However, one way that can stimulate them feel good hormones such as serotonin is exercise, you can just simply watch a exercise on YouTube you don’t have to leave the home. This can make you feel so much better and it might you go the motivation to do more stuff around the home.

Like I have said previously one of the triggers for a decreased drop in mood is not got getting enough sunlight during the day which means less vitamin D to brighten you up. One thing you might want to consider is getting a sad lamp which helps reduce the sad feelings associated with season affective disorder (SAD). It is a lamp that mimics the day light and the person should ideally be near it to work. It can brighten up the environment you are in and it effects the brain chemicals that is connected to your mood.


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Sleep is so important for your physical and mental health that is why it is important you make sure you get enough. Make sure that you have a comfortable place to settle and always leave your tech in another room, less likely to get distracted and then you can 100% focus on your sleep.

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Another great tip is even though it will be miserable outside wrap up warm and just do it as it will be really worth it. Going outdoors some exposure to light and blow some cob webs off too. You will feel much better after you have done it.

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Eat healthier.

As lovely as it is to eat them gorgeous gluttonous food such as chocolate and carbohydrates it is important to try to be mindful of eating healthy. With the food just mentioned the thing that attracts them is the instant hit and feel good factor they produce. The downfall is that it is instance what comes up must come down. Therefore triggering a slump like state which won’t do your mind any flavours in the long run.  Try snacking on fruit such as apples and grapes that give that sweet sensation but less like to make you feel like poop after.

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Sitting near windows whether at home or at work can help get that natural light needed to boast your mood during the winter periods.

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Do something that makes you happy whether it is having a soak in the bath or going to the cinema, focusing on something enjoyable can help make you feel a lot more positive.

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Cheers for reading X

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34 thoughts on “How to beat the winter blues

  1. I wrote about the classic book “Winter Blues” a couple of years ago. It’s a classic from the 1980’s when SAD was first defined. That is how I got a name for my low feelings in the dark winter up north. It explained why I moved to tropical Florida in the 1970’s and loved the bright sun. Great post! #mmbc

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  2. Great advice as usual Sam, I’m not sure I’m a winter blues sufferer as I do love the dark and cold weather, but only if I’m warm and safe inside. I do agree that you have to work harder to keep your mood up though, and grabbing whatever fresh air I can is a priority, no matter how cold it is. x

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  3. Great suggestions that really do work. I have to get outdoors in the limited daylight each day in winter and combine this with exercise which releases happy hormones. I could work harder on the healthy eating, I do like my sweet treats! #TwinklyTuesday

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  4. It was only recently that I discovered that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) actually existed as a recognised syndrome. A friends dad suffers badly and the family was even considering a second home in Cyprus they would go to in the winter months 9Nice if you can do that of course). I definitely feel different at this time of year, especially once the clocks go back. I try and remain busy, up early for runs, walk the dogs, kids things and Dads taxi, cinema date nights with my wife etc etc.

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