Tips to beat insomnia

Hey readers,

I have suffered from insomnia on and off my life to have had some ways that have really helped me and I thought I would share with you. You may find them helpful, obviously, everyone is different.


One of the most obvious things to do is cut back on caffeine as that is a stimulant and that will keep you more alert. I recommend not having things like tea or coffee an hour before you go to bed as this can help slow down the mind and help you get you in a relaxed mood.

person holding white ceramic teacup with black coffee

Cold bedroom.

A cold bedroom is recommended as your body needs to drop below your core temperature to help initiate sleep. It is much easier to get to sleep when it is cooler because your body eventually will warm up. I have always found this really helpful to do. I sometimes open the window half an hour before to get that breeze going through.

Write down how you are feeling.

With insomnia, there could be a psychological reason why you are struggling to sleep. I find writing down your thoughts in a constructive way to help as writing it down is concrete rather than festering and going round and round in your brain. When you wrote down I feel a release and it really does help reduce anxiety, I might not have a cure but seeing it on paper makes me feel less stressed.

Watch something relaxing.

I find if I watch something serious or scary then that can trigger thoughts and cause me to have a restless sleep. I now much prefer to watch something light-hearted and preferably something to do with comedy as laughing is good for the soul and it helps you relax too.


Leave your electronics in another room because they are a devil a keeping you wide awake and alert. Plus it is difficult especially late at night on eBay *ahem*. It is better to read a book in bed if you feel the need to do something (not an e-reader).


Having a soak in the bath is a good way to relax and get you in a sleepy frame of mind. It allows you to soak your muscles.

woman s face on white liquid


Doing exercise is a great way of getting rid of any frustration and can help make you feel sleepy by all the physical working out you do.

Avoid naps.

Now having naps during the day is glorious. However, if it becomes a habit then it can really affect your sleeping pattern and could stop you from drifting off easy when it comes to bedtime. It is best if you can avoid naps as it really makes you want to sleep when it comes round to going to bed.

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Get up.

if you can’t sleep get up because there is no point just lying around waiting to go back to sleep when we all know it is not going to happen. It is more practical to come back to bed when you are feeling more sleepy. They do stay clear of the electronic devices.


Now if you feel that you do have a long-term problem and it is affecting your life then your best option is to go to speak to the doctors as they are the professionals and they can help you on a medical term.

Cheers for reading X

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35 thoughts on “Tips to beat insomnia

  1. Great post MHAT (as usual! 😉

    I’m no insomnia expert. My brothers a bit of an insomniac, and his biggest cure is exercise. He needs to get tired every day in order to fall asleep, otherwise he’s up all night. As for me, it’s all in the head. If my brain gets worked up about something stupid, then God help me. I find that I sleep much better when I’m happier (e.g. I’ve accomplished something meaningful during the day).

    Caffeine is a big no, no. If I have a coke in the afternoon even (e.g. 4pm), that’s it. I’ll sleep two hours later than usual. Caffeine no after 2pm!!!

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  2. Great tips, I do follow most of them. Especially the coffee and the screens. I’ve not thought about writing stuff down though, I think that could really help me, I’m always thinking way too much when I’m supposed to be sleeping. x

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  3. Insomnia is my life! There is no pill that helps and I have yet to find a natural remedy that helps me. I just go through cycles of not being able to sleep and then I crash for 14 hours straight! I have been that way for years and I just stopped fighting it! I use the extra time to work on my blogs and other things since staying off of my devices made no difference what so ever!

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  4. I think I do all your tips, they actually do work! I don’t have caffeine drinks after 1pm, exercise most days in some form and never have electronics in the bedroom. My windows are open to keep the room cool all year round. #TwinklyTuesday

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  5. I have switched to decaff tea and pretty much cut out fizzy drinks from my diet, I think this has helped me to sleep better. I have also started turning my laptop off earlier and read before I go to sleep, this has really helped to. In times of stress I still have trouble sleeping, but its a bit better at the moment.

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  6. I must say that I can have caffeine before bed time and sleep like a baby. On the other hand my husband can’t have caffeine before bed and he will be wide awake. I agree on the cold bedroom and having naps during the day – I can’t fall asleep when my feet is cold and having naps just throws my night time routine off course #TwinklyTuesday

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