I am cool with my son wearing a dress

Hey readers,

My son last week started year two at school. During year one in the summer term, he decided he wanted to wear a dress. I and my husband said yes we have no problem with him wearing a dress. He loves it even though his school friends ask him why. That is fine because kids are curious and I can tell you after the novelty they soon weren’t bothered at all. I also want to say at any time he can choose to change as he has a spare shorts and tee-shirt in his bag.

Now that my youngest who also is a boy started school last week has also asked to wear a dress, he asked we said yes. Now both my boys wear dresses at school.

I have no problem with my boys wearing dresses, trousers, shorts whatever. I don’t see why people get so cut about it. Surely boys should have the exact same freedom as girls and vice versa. I think it is a shame that society is fixated on having to separate girls and boys because really there is no need, it is just beyond silly. I think if we stopped trying to fit out kids into boxes then there would be fewer problems in the world.  Like the old saying goes let kids be kids.


I believe as a parent my children can make their own choices, the only limit is obviously money otherwise go ahead chose what you want to be. I want them to have opportunities to express themselves and be their own person regardless of their gender. To me, if I didn’t let him wear the dress I deem that as sexist. Just because he is a boy he can’t wear it, why not?… let’s face it these gender divisions came from people’s attitudes that is all it is.

Do you know who got offended by my son wearing a school dress at school…. I can tell you this it certainly was not the children but the parents making a complaint. That speaks volumes really because children don’t care normally unless the family members have drilled it into them that this and that is wrong because you are a boy or a girl.

However, the problem of gender stereotypes doesn’t just happen with family and friends it goes deeper into society with the media that perpetuities these gender ideas of what is deemed the norm. Remember there was a time when girls could not wear trousers at school and now it is perfectly fine in most schools.

We Need to stop trying to make gender, it is fluid and kids need to be free to make their own choices and express themselves. It is the sexism in society that holds children back and causes problems with them not feeling good because they are a boy or girl. Why are people so focused on what gender you are. Surely we should focus on the individual and want they can offer rather than the fact my son is a boy and therefore can not wear dresses, it is just completely absurd you ask me. We need to change our attitudes by not focusing on if the child is a boy or girl but allowing kids to be free to be whoever they chose to be.

Cheers for reading X

52 thoughts on “I am cool with my son wearing a dress

  1. I think it’s fantastic…..I admit I did look twice when I saw this photo yesterday but so what if they wear a dress….My girls both wear trousers for school and that is fine so why can’t it be OK the other way around.. #MMBC

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  2. Good for you and your boys for doing what they feel is right for them! Children don’t judge at all, it’s only as they get older and have ideas thrust at them by parents and the media that they start to become prejudiced. #MixItUp

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  3. I think you are right, and your boys looks great. I adore their hair. My lad is growing his again now, I only had it cut originally when he started school and was kept on being mistaken for a girl! I guess I was confirming so he would fit in better 😦 My friend also has a little boy, aged 5 who has long blonde hair. It’s so sad that other people are so quick to judge, the other kids don’t mind for sure, it doesn’t bother them, so why should it bother the children?
    I hope your boys have a great term at school. x

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  4. Hmmm … admire your logic, but I just wonder at what cost> My son has always had long hair and maintains it despite much name-calling and insult. Now he wouldn’t dream, of cutting it … as much do with not giving in as actually wanting long hair. He is 13.

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    1. It depends on my son really as we give the choice and freedom. He doesn’t have to wear a dress but he wanted to. We ask if he is sure and of course he always has a different set of clothing in his bag. If he wanted to change could at any time. I admire anyone doing something because the want to do and being an individual X

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  5. Wrote a very similar post recently and totally agree with your viewpoint. My little man doesn’t wear dresses but loves pink, glitter and fairies. Some parents can’t seem to handle this. One guy online told me it was ‘bad parenting’ and I was opening his up to other ‘vices’ later in life 🤣. The kids don’t seem to care.

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  6. Good for you. They are still sticking to the correct uniform rules. So what if it’s a dress. Are they comfortable and happy? Yes. Job done. Same as it’s my choice to avoid wearing dresses at all costs. The only thing that is sad is that it is still a discussion and people still get all het about it. #TwinklyTuesday

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  7. Aw, your boys are too cute. I love that you let them where what they want. I don’t see why boys can’t wear dresses or skirts if they want to. Like you said, girls are allowed to wear trousers and more “boy” clothes now. And children often don’t care about these things unless they are taught to! They might be confused or curious, but then they get used to it. #bloggersbest


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  8. I think it is wonderful that you listen to your boys – their wants, and whys, and allow them to express themselves as they want to. It is crazy how strong gender stereotyping is. My son has long hair, which he has expressed wanting to grow since last summer. It is now finally the length at which it can be tied up (just about), something he was super excited about and now loves having it up each day – and more than a handful of times he has been mistaken for a girl ‘because of the long hair’. As if it isn’t very common for boys, and men for that matter, to have long hair!!! And I quite agree, it is always the adults/parents who have an opinion on these things (I’ve even had family members expressing concern for my son wanting long hair!!), never children – they are so open & accepting.

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    1. It is mad isn’t it. But also if you look at fashion and how easy we are led. E.g. It was absolutely fine in the late 70s and 80s for boys to have long hair etc attitudes have a big difference. I don’t get why people are concerned he wants it and at the end of the day it is only hair, it won’t come after you and murder you. Madness humans are. Good for you my son has grown his hair, his choice (within reason obviously) X


  9. I’m not surprised they wanted to wear those lovely, cool, floaty dresses during the hot summer we’ve just had! Given half a chance, I bet lots of boys would have picked comfort over stereotype! I admire your courage and openness. Your boys will grow up to be some of the most rounded, tolerant people in society so hats off to you! #TwinklyTuesday

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  10. It’s just dawned on me and I had to double check our schools uniform list – girls haven’t even got the option to wear trousers. Having said that, I’m sure I’ve seen girls in trousers at school. It seems very outdated! Thanks so much for sharing with #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again on Tuesday!

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  11. I love this so much! They both look fab and I absolutely love that the school is so cool with it, it really shows how far we’ve come and it’s so lovely that everyone is accepting amongst their peers. Thanks for linking up with the #bigpinklink this week.

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  12. Absolutely love this! Honestly, nothing annoys me more than this whole argument over what kids wear or play with. Who does it hurt? No one! People need to open up their narrow minds and just go with the flow. Live and let live. Rant over, thanks for linking up lovely xx #twinklytuesday

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  13. I love this post. I hate the idea of forcing kids to conform for fear of them getting picked out.
    Congratulations! Someone loved this post so much they added it to our #blogcrush linky

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