Save money on your holiday

Hey readers,

As parents, we all know that during the summer holiday it can be a bit more challenging on the old fiances especially when it comes trying to fork out a holiday for your family. I have found some ways to help save money when you take a holiday.

Go to the park.

I suppose this may sound random but last year I went away with my two boys on holiday to London. We all know that London can be experience especially when it comes to entertaining. But it doesn’t have to be, I and my husband took them to different things but do you know what my 4 and 6 years old wanted more than anything?…. they wanted to go to the park. Yes, we went to the park, hey it was different and to be fair London has some epic parks. They had the best of fun going to these parks and all we had to do was sort out a picnic. We already had travel passes so we went three in one day and traveled and to them, that was like the best day EVER! Don’t give in to the ideas of social media parenting where you have to spend an arm and leg, kids aren’t bothered, they love the simple things in life.

October holiday.

I know this may sound controversial for some people but it is ok not to have a holiday during the summer but maybe swapping the time for October holiday. It can still be mild but also save money going away during the not so popular times.

Travel at night.

If your traveling by plane, train or ferry get the nighttime slot because it is a lot cheaper and plus you can sleep so you feel traveling is a lot shorter then it actually is.

Book plane tickets Tuesdays.

If you are planning on booking plane tickets then make sure that you do it Tuesday night around midnight. This is because airlines often announce their deals on Monday evening and other companies are then trying to get a better deal so that they can get more business with being a more attractive deal for the customer.

Bring your own lunch.

If you know you are traveling then take your own lunch and snacks, so much cheaper then buying at service stations.


When considering going on a train then why not try switching to a coach as is much better savings. For instance, a trip in July from National Express from London to Paris cost £20 compared to the Eurostar which would cost you £99.

Research your holiday.

Preparation is key and before you go somewhere, check out what the place has to offer with regards to free attractions such as museums or free events that are happening in the area at the time when you will be there.


If you are planning on staying at a hotel then check in advance if you can because places such as Premier Inn offer cheaper rooms in advance for £25. Another thing is to check some hotels as they allow children under 16 to stay for free and they also let kids eat breakfast for free.

A great website to check out They are a website that specialises in low-cost holidays and all-inclusive breaks to the popular location such as Spain, Tenerife, and the Algarve and also offer fantastic deals to save you money.

What is your money saving tips?

Cheers for reading X

This is a sponsored post with Holiday Gems. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

26 thoughts on “Save money on your holiday

  1. Any tips that help save money whilst on holiday are fantastic, as in my experience going on holiday with children most of the time is spent walking around the shops looking for something that they can spend their money on!#anythinggoes@_karencennis

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  2. Some good tips here. Totally with you on the October thing – we’re going away to the Dominican Republic and we decided for Oct rather than July/August x #AnythingGoes

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  3. Great tips. We went on our holiday in the October half term last year and I saved us a small fortune. It was so much cheaper than during Summer and because it was Portugal we had the beautiful weather! Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales, do come back next week!

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  4. Holidays can be so expensive. I’m always look for ways to travel smarter and cheaper. I never heard about booking flights on Tuesdays, will have to try that. #TriumphantTales

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