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Hey readers,

I was lucky enough to get sent through the post some lovely art and craft items to review from PrintKick. If you have not heard of Printkick they are small UK business that started of selling ceramics, like cups and things in 2001.

With a recent upgrade to their website they have extended the range of products they offer, now they include kids/arts and crafts. Printkick has a new range of eco-friendly items with the focus of informing clients about the impact of the products on the environment.

Below I will give you a review of each product that I was sent.


First of my son tried out an apron that you colour in yourself. The apron also comes with colouring pens. The material is great to work on and the colour is bright enough to be seen. He really enjoyed personalising the apron and it helped kill an hour in the morning when it was too wet to go outside.




The art set is a lovely compact item, it includes a small paint set, pencils, crayons, rubber, and a sharpener. Perfect in size so you can take it away or also makes a perfect little gift for someone.

The colour in glasses I think was my sons favorite. The design was based on an island with coconut trees. The glasses also came with colouring pens and the pens were bright enough to see on the wood. The glasses were really sturdy and well made. Both boys did them together and they did it whilst I was cooking the dinner one evening. It kept them entertained and stopped them from squabbling, which for me as a mum was a blessing.




A lovely little treat for adults is this adult colouring book, it is compact with being all together in a holder (crayons and book). The designs are really pretty. It is great to put in your handbag and the cover is used from a reusable material which is great for the environment.

here was also a child’s colouring book and this is one of my son’s favorite things to do as he has autism so this helps him calm down when he is feeling angry. I actually had to go to A&E the other day and the boys had to come. I brought along this colouring book and it was perfect to keep them entertained whilst they waited for me to be seen.

inally, something a bit different is these colour in magnets. They are so cool and the boys loved colouring them in and placing them on the fridge. A great way to show off their artwork.

So, overall I am pleased with the products especially during the summer holiday as they have come in handy to help keep my boys entertained. I like the fact that the crafts aren’t too complicated as I have a 4 and 6-year-old plus both my eldest and myself have autism. So, these crafts are ideal as they are calming and don’t cause much stress, which is what you want during the holiday.

Cheers for reading.

I was given the items discussed in this post, however, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

28 thoughts on “Craft review

  1. They look lovely. It’s always nice when you have something left at the end of a project, and not just paper which is so easily damaged or lost. Mine is almost three so we are just getting into the stage of really enjoying making this. I’ll check these out. #STAYCLASSYMAMA

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  2. This was a pretty awesome craft that lasted over a span of a few days. It’s really nice to have when you are busy or are in need of a quick distraction. It’s a huge plus to know that it’s all eco-friendly. Thanks for sharing this cool idea!

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