Things to do when you are having a bad day.

Hey readers,

From time to time we all have bad days and that is ok. I have compiled some ways to help you when you are having a bad day. These tips are been successful for may so it is not just empty words.

Breathing exercises.

A way to help destress is to try out the breathing exercises and making sure you use deep breathes and use your lungs properly. Doing this exercises helps slow down you breathing and can be really therapeutic to just stop and focus on your breathing. Youtube is a brilliant source of visual aids to run through the step-to-step guide to do deep breathing.


Meditation is so useful to help calm you down, give you something to think about other than the negative feelings that you hold. It helps distract you and give you something to focus on that can help make you feel calmer and relaxed.

Hot bath

There is something about having a hot bath that really calms me down. I feel my muscles after been tense all day to soak them in hot water really beneficial. I just love after feeling really relaxed and putting on really soft PJs helps me chill out

Watch a film.

A brilliant way to escape is with a film and getting a nice throw to settle down. It is a great way to switch off because often I am feeling exhausted after a bad so relaxing with a film is a great way to unwind.


The internet is addictive, it has its positives with having a wealth of information, interactions and entertainment. The downfall is it can lead to obsessions or transfixion and makes you feel rubbish. This is not great when you already feeling pants. I find just turning my phone off for an hour or two really helps me just switch off and allows me that time to think by myself.

Feel it.

Sometimes, when you are feeling bad instead of running away from the emotions, it is just good to be mindful even though it can be challenging. It is ok to have them negatives feelings, it is ok to cry and be angry. It is much better to have it there rather than trying to block it out or go into denial. Feeling them emotions is more practical and it may take less time to have to own them. When you explore them emotions it allows you to understand and accept what is happening to you.

Blame game.

I know it is so easy to find anyone other than yourself to pass the blame on to and ok sometimes it may be another person’s fault. But that doesn’t mean that we have to hold on to that anger, it just causes negativity and by letting it go gives back that freedom to move forward.

What things do you do to help when having a bad day?

Cheers for reading X

30 thoughts on “Things to do when you are having a bad day.

  1. Great tips! Breathing is good, it gets me through a lot of panic, I am well rehearsed in breathing exercises. Then it’s a movie or a good book, anything to take my mind away from what is upsetting me x

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  2. I agree with all your steps. I will allow myself a good cry, feel all the feelings, get it out of my system. Then move on to breathing and meditating. A good hot bath always seems to escape me though, someone else always needs the bathroom so it isn’t very relaxing! #TwinklyTuesday

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  3. Do you know, I rarely think about a relaxing bath but I think I now might. I like to get stuff off my chest to someone who will listen or to watch or read something good. #MixitUp

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  4. When my mummy is having a bad day, she shuts the door on the world and sleeps (if she can) she doesn’t try to save the day and just gives up. No so sure this is the best way to deal with things though… #BloggerClubUK x

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  5. Great tips. For me, it’s music. I can really escape if I can stick my headphones in or be out in the car with the volume turned up loud. I honestly don’t think I could manage life without it. Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales!

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  6. One of my all time faves to do when I’m having a really bad day is get in the car and turn the music up so loud it goes through me. Going to bed is my other favourite, neither of which I get much chance to do! Lots of good tips in your list and comments, thanks for linking #twinklytuesday!


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