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My word of the week is:

because we have crammed so much in for the last week. We started with going on a day out on the Severn Valley stream train followed by fish and chips, perfect!

We then needed to sort out buying uniform for my youngest who will be started reception on Monday, eek. What a drag it was to get a uniform mind. We had to go to several different supermarkets to get all the bits and bobs. That was not fun and then we still ended up ordering online anyway. I am glad that it is all done now.

Still, not all doom and gloom we did treat the boys after weeks of begging from the youngest we took the boys to see The Incredibles 2. It is a brilliant film and was not disappointed, because I thought being the second one might be a bit rubbish but no was a bit disappointed.

Hope you had a good week.

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Back to school mum wishlist

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How close is it to September and gulp both my boys now will be at school. Obviously, I could do a back to school wish list but I thought I would make it fun by doing a twist with focusing on what I want, haha! Let’s face it, it is a massive change and I as a mother need to adapt to the change that is an academic term.

mums wish list

Let’s kick off then with the most essential item that I was a mum I think is important when you have children at school. It is no other than a diary, I can’t do digital ones so going to opt for the lovely paper version. I am one of the people that like specifics with regards to diaries. I basically like diaries that are a day a page, mainly so I can doodle. Let’s forget though there seem to be tons of important dates that if I didn’t have a diary I would totally forget to pay for or remember to bring something or other.

I really like this design, because nothing says you have your sh*t together then a posh looking diary (preferably with loads of stick notes popping out of the pages making it appears like you know what you are doing when really you know jack sh*t.

I am in love with this academic diary from getting personal . You can look all fancy and have your name on the bottom and it comes in a pretty design which tickles my pickle. I also like a page day kinda diary and what is even better is the other side is for notes, amazing.

Of course, to go with your diary you need pens as you can never have enough pens. There is something beautiful about buying new pens as it is a new academic year, which feels like a fresh start to all. Check out these gorgeous pens by with the playful words along the pen. Sweet Talk Assorted Pen Set

Now that both my boys are at school I an more tine so what better thing to buy then a new notebook. This is my change to get them ticks off my to-do list whilst catching up on all the non-child programmes you have missed because of the summer holiday. I love this fun A5 notebook from Ryman not just because it made me laugh because of the quote on the cover.

Obviously with all the free quiet time now would be the perfect time to crack on with reading some of them books you have been eagerly waiting to do. For me I really want to check out this newish novel by Sayaka Murata called Convenience Store Woman. It is basically a fiction book all about a woman’s experience of working in a inconvenience store in Japan.

Convenience Store Woman (Paperback)

With school term means making sure you are time to drop of your children and make sure you know what time is to collect them. That is why this lovely Swatch colourful watch would be perfect to jazz up your mum outfit for the school run.

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P.S. This is not sponsored, I just love the stuff in this post.

Jouellerie Review

Hey readers,

Jouellerie asked if I wanted to review some jewellery pieces of their website. On receiving the jewellery which was placed in a black pouch, which was a lovely touch to make it feel that extra special.

If you don’t know who Jouellerie are recently new internet jewellery site that offer a wide range of jewellery from earrings, necklaces and bracelets. They are normally in colours silver, gold or rose gold. So the choices really are yours. Not to mention the great news if you place an order over £20 then delivery is free plus the jewellery is reasonably priced.


Below are the items I have received and going to review.

Artemis necklace – Lovely solid necklace with a magnetic clasp. I am not massive fan of love hearts so was pleased when it is easy to take off, so you have the option of taking it on or off.


crown earrings -are pretty earrings and subtle in design. They are silver colour which is by far my favourite colour to wear in jewellery. I like the fact that they are not in your face. They are perfect for wearing if your going out for a meal say in the evening.

Ice set – is a gorgeous set of the bracelet (which is elasticated meaning it is more flexible to fit any wrist and be comfortable). The bracelet is chunky in size and made up of tiny little crystal. The crown earrings are delicate and small, perfect to add a sparkle to your outfit. Also, would make a lovely gift set for someone as well.

5 row pave bracelet – is a beautiful bracelet that consists of Rhodium plated for a high quality white gold finish. It is made up of five rows of encrusted glitter stones making sure you feel that extra sparkly.


Classic Onyx bracelet – is a very sparkly bracelet. I really like the rings in the middle of the bracelet offering a unique design. I also really like the magnet clasp and found it very strong in strength at keeping the bracelet secure on my wrist.


Cheers for reading X
I was gifted the jewellery in exchange for a review. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

this is becuase we have been to Wales for a few days this week to see my husband relatives and a little mini break as well.

I am so glad a few days off normal life becuase I just felt a bit monotomonoud.

We have visited the beach, which nothing beats good old fresh sea air. Lovely walks around the Welsh countryside and just a generally change of scenery. The boys have loved going away and to them it feels like an adventure. Seeing new things and doing something different is always fun for my boys.

We went to visit a copper mine so that was a something different and a good experience to see how things have changed over time.

Let’s not forget to mention my boys love of getting to stay for at a Premier Inn which to them is the ultimate treat.

Hope you have had a good week.

cheers for reading X

How to survive a rainy summer holiday day

Hey readers,

We all know we were lucky with the heat in some ways because at least it was dry and you get a sh*t load of washing done in a flash. However, the tides are turning and the risk of rain is high as we still have two weeks left of this holiday. So, how do us parents get through them dreaded wet days, let me tell you how…

Watch a movie. 

Now is an ample opportunity to not feel guilty about the tv on as most parents will be in the same boat. So, why not get an update with the latest hits and sit back and rest them tired parent eyes. Can’t beat cosy cuddles when it is raining cats and dogs outside.


One of my kids’ favorite things to do is play with a den. As long as you have chairs or a table or even to cover, this can be great entertainment, especially if you have siblings. Simple pleasures make happy children.

Muddle Puddles.

Don’t be afraid to go out in the rain. Kids love getting their wellies on and jumping in muddie puddles. It doesn’t matter if they get dirty just take some spare clothes or you can change them at home.

boy jumping near grass at daytime

Take a bath. 

Do you know that sometimes when we are staying cooped up indoors with my boys do you know what I give them? A bath…that is right and they love it, especially if there are lots of bubbles. I give them a bath in the afternoon to chill them out a bit. It is a great way to kill a bit of boredom and before you know it you have killed a shed load of time by filling up the bath, doing the bath and then drying them off.


Books are great for imagination and such a calming activity for children. The can help read the book if they are old enough and it is an easy way to have a discussion and chat about what the book is all about etc.


My boys love baking in the kitchen and not just for the prospect of licking the spoon when we have finished mixing all the ingredients together. They feel proud of their achievements and you can have the treats when you watch a movie.

pizza kitchen recipe rolling pin

Paint outdoors. 

What kid doesn’t love painting, a fun way to incorporate this is to give your child a brush, paper, and paint then they are free to go wild outside. They get fresh air, your crafting so no guilt. Life is good.

Indoor picnics. 

Picnics are not just for when you outdoors, you can have a lovely picnic at home on the floor. I guarantee this will go down a hit. Just place a picnic blanket on the floor and bring the goodies along, such an alternative way to eat indoors.

close up photography of yellow green red and brown plastic cones on white lined surface

When it is raining is a perfect time to spend some quality time at home with your loved ones and what better way to do something together than to do some of the board games up in the loft.

What kind of things do you do when you’re at home with the kids on a rainy day?

Cheers for reading X

Save money on your holiday

Hey readers,

As parents, we all know that during the summer holiday it can be a bit more challenging on the old fiances especially when it comes trying to fork out a holiday for your family. I have found some ways to help save money when you take a holiday.

Go to the park.

I suppose this may sound random but last year I went away with my two boys on holiday to London. We all know that London can be experience especially when it comes to entertaining. But it doesn’t have to be, I and my husband took them to different things but do you know what my 4 and 6 years old wanted more than anything?…. they wanted to go to the park. Yes, we went to the park, hey it was different and to be fair London has some epic parks. They had the best of fun going to these parks and all we had to do was sort out a picnic. We already had travel passes so we went three in one day and traveled and to them, that was like the best day EVER! Don’t give in to the ideas of social media parenting where you have to spend an arm and leg, kids aren’t bothered, they love the simple things in life.

October holiday.

I know this may sound controversial for some people but it is ok not to have a holiday during the summer but maybe swapping the time for October holiday. It can still be mild but also save money going away during the not so popular times.

Travel at night.

If your traveling by plane, train or ferry get the nighttime slot because it is a lot cheaper and plus you can sleep so you feel traveling is a lot shorter then it actually is.

Book plane tickets Tuesdays.

If you are planning on booking plane tickets then make sure that you do it Tuesday night around midnight. This is because airlines often announce their deals on Monday evening and other companies are then trying to get a better deal so that they can get more business with being a more attractive deal for the customer.

Bring your own lunch.

If you know you are traveling then take your own lunch and snacks, so much cheaper then buying at service stations.


When considering going on a train then why not try switching to a coach as is much better savings. For instance, a trip in July from National Express from London to Paris cost £20 compared to the Eurostar which would cost you £99.

Research your holiday.

Preparation is key and before you go somewhere, check out what the place has to offer with regards to free attractions such as museums or free events that are happening in the area at the time when you will be there.


If you are planning on staying at a hotel then check in advance if you can because places such as Premier Inn offer cheaper rooms in advance for £25. Another thing is to check some hotels as they allow children under 16 to stay for free and they also let kids eat breakfast for free.

A great website to check out They are a website that specialises in low-cost holidays and all-inclusive breaks to the popular location such as Spain, Tenerife, and the Algarve and also offer fantastic deals to save you money.

What is your money saving tips?

Cheers for reading X

This is a sponsored post with Holiday Gems. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.