Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

First of to kick start the summer hols on day son decides to run in the kitchen with the tablet and accidently drop it on the floor. Restyling in leaving a wonderful massive crack on the tablet, excellent stuff.

We decided to try out the camping for one night this week and sadly I just couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t cope with the whole situation due to my autism. SO now I feel pretty crappy about myself about the whole situation that I am not good parent again because I cannot do what normal people do. I had a meltdown because of all the stresses and I worry that my husband thinks I’m a right diva but I’m not I just can’t cope with the situation. I am useless with change and dealing with new environments especially when it involves waiting around. It just a big massive trigger for me.

Cheers for reading X

16 thoughts on “Change

  1. You’re not a bad parent at all! We all have our limits, autism or not, you tried and that’s all you can do, not everything is possible. I know how you feel my mental health often limits what I can cope with and means the girls miss out on things but I try to stay positive by doing what I can cope with as much as possible xx

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  2. This doesn’t make you a bad parent at all, you’re a great mum. My kids have never been camping and aren’t too bothered by that so I’m sure yours will be absolutely fine. They can go when they’re older and make up their minds whether they like it for themselves then x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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  3. Uh-Oh! That is not good about the tablet….I think my girls breaking theirs would be my worst nightmare.

    Sending hugs! Don’t feel bad. Some people are not campers. I couldn’t do it and won’t….You at least tried! x

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  4. Oh what a shame you’ve had such a bad start to the holidays. I don’t blame you about the camping, I couldn’t handle it now, even though it’s something I used to love. It’s not for everyone and you most certainly are no diva, so stop being so hard on yourself. And remember there is plenty time to have fun this summer. x

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  5. Sorry to hear that you’ve had a difficult start to the holidays. I’m not a fan of camping either. You’re not a bad parent for finding it too much to cope with. I get times when I get very stressy over things and I can imagine that your autism makes those situations a little challenging. Hope that this week will be a better one for you x #WotW

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