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This weeks word of the week is

because there has been so much on. First my eldest had his sports day. Was really pleased that he is learning to not get blogged down with the whole winning but focusing on just enjoying the sports.

My youngest had his first taster session at school this week and he loved it. He loved all the activities and just being in the same school as his big brother. Both boys were happy to find that the youngest is going to be in the same reception class that the eldest when he frist started. Simple pleasures eh when you are young.

In other news my eldest had his school parents review to see how he has been getting on during the summer term. He has been meeting his targets which is good because we were worried. when my ds1 comes howne he frequently says that he gets zero for his spelling at least we know now that not to be the case and he is doing alright. The way his anxiety was really got us worried. So that gave us some reassurance.

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22 thoughts on “Events

  1. Well done to your eldest on meeting his targets and glad that he was able to enjoy taking part in sports day without focusing on winning. How lovely that your youngest will be in the same reception class that his brother was in. Sophie is starting school this year as well and will also be in the same reception class that Jessica was in. It is lovely to have that continuity x #WotW

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  2. Hi, What a relief that your son is doing better than he seems to think. Children are funny. Let’s hope enjoying the simple pleasures in life is a trait that stays with them.

    Thank you for popping by and linking up with #keepingitreal.


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