Hey, readers,

my word of the week is:

because it is now officially summer and boy does the weather let us know. This weekend has been busy with clubs and kids parties, my eldest has been super exhausted during the week due to hectic weekend shenanigans.

DS1 also got to see his school artwork on display in a local public venue last night and he was super chuffed that he got his work chosen for it. Not just that but this week at beavers he got his gardening badge, which he loves because the design on it involves a watering can.

DS2 has been enjoying nursery with seeing the dentist giving our information and an exciting visit from the fire engine. He has been so chatty now to everyone so it is lovely to see his confidence grow. He will soon be leaving nursery next month and start school in September with his brother.

Cheers for reading X

22 thoughts on “Summer

  1. I think it is great that everyone is blogging about topics relating to the fantastic weather that we are having this year, rather than the typical wet British summer , long may it continue, as we are long overdue a good summer in this country #keepingitreal@_karendennis

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  2. Well done to your eldest on his Beavers’ badge and on having his school artwork displayed. It is lovely to see that confidence growing in little ones. Sophie is also starting school in September. #WotW

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  3. We have been in the pool! It is swampy here in the northeast in the USA. Temps of over 100. The only way to stay cool. #keepingitreal

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  4. Hi, it’s a fun time of year to be busy, but I bet you’re counting the days until the school holidays! It sounds like your two have had a positive week and you can’t ask for more than that for them.

    Thank you for linking up with #’keepingitreal.


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