You are the artist

Hey readers,

When I think of the term ‘you are the artist’ I envision it as interpretation. I am mostly bad at interpreting quite frankly. That being said there are times when I see that I think outside the box. I don’t follow a linear movement of what is expected of me due to my autism. I can’t read faces but I can follow my intrusion. I feel it is my light that guides me and helps me move forward.

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They do say if you don’t have a strength with your senses then you are enhanced in other ways, I believe that to be true. I am not good at communicating, grammar is not my forte but my words are raw and I feel they have weight to them. I feel I am better with written words, I was mute when I  was younger and used poetry as a form of expression. Some may deem this as an art form and that is my calling. I love words, I find them powerful when writing down, maybe because I can take my time to think about what it is I want to say, maybe because I have so many ideas racing through my head I feel inspired. I am lucky that I have this art form. A few years ago I stopped writing, through a really bad trauma I took a change and started blogging, random stuff but it helped me greatly out a dark depression. It motivated me when I lost all hope when my hurt was so raw, words were my therapy. They gave me the strength to get up and carry on. Therefore I am grateful for having a love relationship with words, it has helped me heal and move on with my life.


8 thoughts on “You are the artist

  1. How on Earth can you say you are not good at communicating. You do so very powerfully in everything I read from you. You have become an absolute favourite of mine this year for your honesty and your wish to help others who struggle. Thanks hugely for linking up with #BestBootForward. I too love the power of words so we bond on that and other matters


  2. You write fantastically and I totally see where you’re coming from, so you’re definitely good with words! I’d love to read some of your poetry if you would ever like to share it with us too. Writing can help us, especially when we are having a hard time processing thoughts and fears. I know it has always helped me through hard times as a form of therapy. Thank you so much for joining in with #BestBootForward this week and we’re always here to support you if you need us!

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  3. That’s an amazing thing that you’ve done then if that’s your story. Writing does help sort things out in our heads especially when we don’t feel totally in control!


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