I have a chafing solution

Hey readers,

Its now summer and the weather is hot, hot, hot and nothing better than to get your summer clothing on but there is one problem and that is the dreaded chafing.

I am a big girl I won’t lie, I am size 22 but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to wear skirts, dresses or shorts. Now, I suffer from chub rub, whereby the top of my thighs sweat due to the heat and then this causes them to rub and burn with the potential to cause a great deal of pain. It is not fun. I mention I am a bigger person however, you can have chafing problems being smaller as well, but being fat really doesn’t help in this situations.

Well, I have tried a lot of products out but I am open to more options, that is why when smoovall said they can send me out a sample of the chafing spray to try out and write a blog post about my experience I was delighted.

I think the packaging is super cute, simple and does not shout hey I have chub rub. First of all, it is handy to have the spray in your bag when you are out and about, making it convenient and you can top easily making you comfortable throughout the day.

I have tried the spray a handful of times and during these times have been super hot and I mean HOT. As we have got a heatwave at the moment in the UK this product couldn’t come at a better time. To apply the spray you have to spray from the area that it is affected on the upper thigh. The consistency of the spray feels light and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. It has a pleasant smell which is a big deal because if you are going where it then you know you want a fragrance you enjoy.

The spray lasted all day, didn’t get patchy and my skin felt really smooth with the appliance on. When I returned home after I had been out for well over three hours, during that period I didn’t need to top up with a spray which is brilliant, saves money in the long run. There was no fiction and it made going out much more enjoyable. Ok, I can wear shorts or similar garments under my skirts but there is something refreshing about not needing to have to do that and feeling cooler without that option.

Guidance by Smoovall on how to apply the spray.

I shall be using this, well all summer for a start and then some. I found the spray a really good size as I could put in the bag if I needed to top up making it very convenient for me. Using this product for as a barrier to stop chafing really boosting my confidence to wear the clothes I want to wear in the summer without feeling uncomfortable out and about. I normally use E45 hand cream because it is good but short-lived so this chafing spray tops that for durability. So I would definitely recommend for anyone that suffers from chafing and what to feel comfortable in your own skin.

A single bottle of 80 ml Smoovall Skin Contact Spray contains an average of 30 spray applications. It is priced at £12.99 plus £1.99 for delivery, which is free on orders over £20.

Cheers for reading X

I have been gifted the chafing spray in exchange for a review of the product. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

25 thoughts on “I have a chafing solution

  1. It sounds like a great product. I’m a size 8 but the stickiness and sweatiness means bits of me keep sticking together, ugh! Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

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  2. You are quite right that chub rub can be experienced by all sizes, I find it bad enough so I empathise. I think this spray sounds fantastic. I like that the compact size means you can take it with you wherever you go. I hope this makes you more comfortable this summer, especially as it seems we will be getting lots of sunshine for once. Thank you for joining #ThursdayTeam

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