Sleep tight

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Do you know that a survey carried out by Happy Beds surveyed 3,000 people and found that half of them said that they press the snooze button every morning?

Why is this happening then? Well, there are many factors that influence the desperate need for sleep in the morning. It could be poor sleeping habits when you sleep but don’t get the right the kind of sleep, you may have nightmares or disturbances that cause you to wake up. You could be jetlagged or it could simply still dark amongst other things.

Results from a survey of 3,000 people carried out by Happy Beds

The study carried out by Happy Beds that most people get between 6-8 hours. However, in some cases, 5% of the people questioned sleep just 4 hours. In the extreme cases, 1% say they have slept for 10 hours. With two-thirds of people would like to get more sleep indicating a problem with lack of sleep.

I think one problem that is common with being in this modern day era is technology. Taking your phone to bed as I have learned myself is a no-no. It affects my sleep and means that I miss out on a good quality night rest. Reflecting back when looking at my nighttime routine I have been guilty of using my phone at night. This learned behaviour meant that it impacted my day and not been as productive. I have taken longer than necessary to do certain tasks. With not getting enough sleep it meant that it messed up my ability to function and respond to everyday stuff not as good as if I had slept better.
When in bed I am not always comfortable due to not lying in a comfortable position that can cause me to pain in the day. Learning to make my bedroom a place where there is no technology during bedtime has been really beneficial. It also has made me have a better sleep, making me feel more energized and ready to face the days challenges ahead.

“Either way, our company ethos is ‘because everybody needs a good night’s sleep’ and, with help from the results of this study, we’re determined to help the sleep-poor feel more rested.” ~ Jay Richards

Scientists have coined the phenomena of inertia where if you press the snooze button too much you are sending false signals to the brain, that the first chimes were a false alarm. When you continue to press the button after it leaves your body in shock when the alarm goes off. This then causes the feeling of grogginess for several hours where it is unproductive and you are not getting the best out of your day.

One way to help you get a good night sleep is having a good mattress that isn’t old or has springs lose, making you feel comfortable and settled for the night sleep. Happy Beds can help you get the best mattress and topper for comfort and right size that you need.

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This post is sponsored. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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