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Hey readers,

Do you ever wonder about there being more to life than just living? Well, Psychic Future have carried out some research regarding psychic experience and found that actually loads of people have some psychic ability from small incidents to big ones. The kind of examples they have given are sensing a presence around you, feeling drained when meeting new people or experiencing deja vu. I think this is interesting when you look at the examples of what it means to be a psychic there are many variations. I think most people assume that when you think about psychic you have the image of a person just talking to a dead person.

final version.png

Research carried out about by Psychic Future have found that 40% of people who consider being psychic are scared to be psychic at first. I think one of the major themes regarding exploring the psychic world is that it is unknown and new, too many people stepping into something you probably haven’t done before can be scary because you are vulnerable.

However, Psychic Future have given some advice to any new people wanting to explore their psychic abilities is to have fun and enjoy, I think that is important as if you are relaxed and get something out of it then it makes it that much easier to grow and learn. It is also important to listen to yourself and how you feel and don’t ignore them sensations.

What do you think about psychic powers? Have you had any experience of being psychic and what kind of advice would you give someone considering being psychic?

Cheers for reading X

This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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