Why having a web presence is important

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When you are a business the top thing to consider is having web presence on the internet. The main feature of web presence is to have an attractive and easy to navigate website. For business this really beneficial as this will be the first thing a potential customer will see.You need to grab their attention to keep them present and stay connected to your business.

Now if your a novice there is plenty of information online to learn the skill of web design, the downfall is that it takes time and if your business you may not necessarily have that time to research and learn. Hence why a lot of businesses seek a person or company that specialises in web design to make it successful and suitable for your business.

One such company who has a good reputation for web design is a company called Silky Ocean Studios. They specialise in web design and they take the stress the technical side away so you can concentrate on the business side. They also can regularly update your site which I think is an important aspect of web presence with making sure your website is as smooth and quick for customers to get around.

Beautiful websites that drives results

An example of one of the web designs Silky Ocean Studio has done is the above picture shot for a company called Direct Bifold Doors. As you can see making sure that your site is suited to the main theme of your business. Having a feature pictures that is clear on the services you provide will send a quick message to the customer of the sort of thing you offer. Having small chucks of information and image features for your web design is something important when it comes to web design. It only takes five seconds for someone to make a first impression and that may potential be a result of getting a customer or not.

Other key features when considering your web presence is making sure that it is clear where to access information such as contact details – who to contact and clearly explain how the customer can contact you. In this modern day having social media accounts and linking them up tot your webs page makes it even easier for your customer to see what you have to offer. Not to mention that it further gives that web presence on the internet. Do not forget search bar for the customer to clearly find something fast within that web page.

Having an about page can help give that extra confidence about the company and it can give understanding to the customer about what the business is about and how it has evolved to where it is now. What the business ethos is and why you thing company is the right business to chose.

Something that most people don’t really think about when it comes to information to provide on your web page is adding a google map of where your company is based and instructions on how to get to your business is really practical feature for the customer.

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This post is a collaboration with Silky Ocean Studios. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 


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  1. Web design has often scared me. However, when I started my blog I did a lot of reading and studying on my own. It can be done. #bloggerclubUK

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